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sureprep™ rna purification kits imagine the possibilities 1 comprehensive isolate rna from a wide variety of tissues and cell types 2 advanced fewer steps time saving 3 efficient capture all rna species including small and mirna sureprep kits utilize spin column chromatography with a proprietary resin for capturing all sizes of rna molecules from plant and animal tissues cultured cells fungi blood bacteria and yeast the truetotal™ and small rna purification kits have the broadest application coverage specific procedures such as isolating nuclear and cytoplasmic rna or purifying rna from leucocytes are optimized in other sureprep kits additionally we offer a kit that permits the recovery of rna dna and protein from the same biological sample fisher competitor bioreagents m 1 2 3 4 6000 nt— 1000 nt— 500 nt— 200 nt— 25 nt— note the small molecular weight rna isolated by fisher bioreagents truetotal rna kit lanes 1 2 versus

for detailed product information to view a complete protocol and to order related reagents please visit your distributor website fisher bioreagents sureprep line of rna purification kits gives you thirteen options to maximize your success in rna sample preparation cat no product name no of preps applications bp2800-50 sureprep truetotal rna purification kit 50 total rna isolation including sirna and mirna from a varity of samples bp2801-25 sureprep small rna purification kit 25 enrichment of small rna by removing large rna species for studying gene expression level and function of small and mirna bp2802-50 sureprep rna/dna/protein purification kit 50 separation and purification of total rna genomic dna and protein from a single sample in 20 min using the same column bp2803-50 sureprep urine exfoliated cell rna purification kit 50 isolation and purification of total rna from urinary tract exfoliated cells obtained from urine sample bp2804-50 sureprep urine bacterial rna purification