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tl specifications tl specifications engines engine type valvetrain displacement liters horsepower rpm sae net torque lbs-ft rpm sae net redline tl tl sh-awd tl tl sh-awd tl tl sh-awd tl tl sh-awd tl tl sh-awd 24-valve sohc vtec® v-6 variable valve timing and lift electronic control vtec® for intake 3.7l also exhaust valves 4 valves per cylinder with a belt-driven single overhead camshaft 3.5 3.7 11.2:1 280 6200 305 6300 254 5000 273 5000 6800 6700 20 29 23 mpg 18 26 21 mpg premium unleaded 91 octane pgm-fi multi-point programmed fuel injection system drive-by-wiretm throttle system direct ignition system with knock control cast aluminum alloy with aluminum cylinder liners cast aluminum alloy 4-valves-per-cylinder pent-roof combustion chamber design ulev-2 100,000 miles no scheduled tune-ups compression ratio epa fuel economy ratings city/highway/combined tl sh-awd mt 17 25 20 mpg required fuel19 fuel injection throttle control ignition engine block cylinder head emission rating tune-up interval3 © 2012 acura