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deceptively civilized among the design influences for the tl s exterior was the look and feel of a high-end watch as with a fine timepiece the closer you look at the tl the more intricately textured and detailed different elements become from the use of gloss-black details to the matte-black mesh that calls to mind the aggressiveness of past tl designs everything works together it is this level of detail that makes the tl more intriguing and ultimately that much more special to its

in the tl technology is designed to work intuitively and elegantly many of the systems recognize your intimate needs and react even where there is no contact this includes the available voice-activated navigation system complete with zagat survey ® restaurant reviews as well as available xm navtraffic ® and navweather tm information.3 voice recognition can also be used with the available acura/els surround ® premium audio system which includes song by voice ® technology that lets you verbally call up music stored on your connected ipod ®4 or the vehicle s built-in hard drive it s all part of the philosophy that the most powerful technology is the easiest to

while the tl may look like a pure design statement it is strictly speaking a purpose built machine as such every element has been fashioned to be authentic to its purpose from the sweep of the dashboard to the angle of the rear spoiler nothing is superfluous nothing unnecessary e nthusiasts cherish the car for its cutting-edge gadgetry and the current model does not disappoint edmunds.com

stainless-steel exhaust finishers provide the ideal punctuation for the vehicle s elegant yet aggressive nature the two key words in designing the tl were `sophisticated workmanship think of an italian suit maker who really gets into the details of his work damon schell lead exterior

the 6-speed automatic smoothly channels the revs which are strong and come on in silky fashion autoweek 2 the 3.7-liter engine features machined aluminum/silicon cylinder liners for increased strength and heat transfer mechanical etching inside the cylinders exposes the silicon crystals helping reduce friction for better performance the tl sh -awd also offers driving enthusiasts an available close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission that lets you keep the shift points exactly where you want them one of the thrills of driving a high-performance sport sedan is exploring the vehicle s potential the tl s speed-sensitive steering and sport-tuned suspension give you a lot of room for fun the tl sh -awd extends the performance parameters even further with the addition of acura s exclusive super handling all-wheel drivetm sh -awd® accelerate through a curve and sh awd can send up to 100 of available rear-wheel power to the outside wheel and then turn that wheel slightly faster

navigation system gives you access to over 7,0 0 0,0 0 0 points of interest premium materials and quality construction give the elements of the cabin a solid substantial feel outfitted to keep you informed as well as inspired while the sport-tuned suspension and available super handling all-wheel drive work to keep you firmly connected to the road systems like the available acura navigation system keep you connected to the world beyond its destination database contains over 7,000,000 points of interest from the nearest gas station to local hotels and cultural destinations the system can even dial for a reservation through your compatible bluetooth®-enabled cell

explore the tl special edition from the outside in the new 2014 tl special edition with a 3.5-liter vtec® v-6 engine is designed to remain aggressively elegant a distinctive rear spoiler unique badging and exclusive 18-inch allow wheels all accentuate the tl specials edition s sporty exterior lines inside you ll find beautiful leather-trimmed surfaces with contrast stitching a standard keyless access system with smart entry and pushbutton ignition sink back into the edge of your seat the tl special edition it s the best kept secret on the

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owner benef its when you purchase a vehicle with the exceptional quality of an acura you expect service and support to be of the same caliber after all a premium automobile is only part of the ownership experience with acura you also get a commitment to personalized care to attentive service this commitment is apparent the moment you first enter an acura dealership and for years down the road it comes from a belief that every aspect of owning an acura should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience acuralink owners mobile app use your smartphone to connect with an acura agent at the push of a button access a full range of acura roadside assistance services using your ® including comprehensive android ® device or iphone towing lockout assistance battery jump-start tire change and fuel delivery with your phone s gps technology providing your exact location you can use the app to view scheduled time of arrival and contact information for the dispatched service provider the app also

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