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the 6-speed automatic smoothly channels the revs which are strong and come on in silky fashion autoweek 2 the 3.7-liter engine features machined aluminum/silicon cylinder liners for increased strength and heat transfer mechanical etching inside the cylinders exposes the silicon crystals helping reduce friction for better performance the tl sh -awd also offers driving enthusiasts an available close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission that lets you keep the shift points exactly where you want them one of the thrills of driving a high-performance sport sedan is exploring the vehicle s potential the tl s speed-sensitive steering and sport-tuned suspension give you a lot of room for fun the tl sh -awd extends the performance parameters even further with the addition of acura s exclusive super handling all-wheel drivetm sh -awd® accelerate through a curve and sh awd can send up to 100 of available rear-wheel power to the outside wheel and then turn that wheel slightly faster dramatically improving the vehicle s turning force to help the tl and its driver achieve a higher level of control the choice of two potent engines gives you two ways to generate pulse-quickening power both the 280-hp 3.5-liter and the tl sh -awd s 305-hp 3.7 liter engine utilize acura s signature vtec ® technology for uninterrupted power throughout the rpm range compared with the previous 5-speed automatic the 6-speed automatic transmission in the tl provides not only quicker acceleration but also improved fuel efficiency.6