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owner benef its when you purchase a vehicle with the exceptional quality of an acura you expect service and support to be of the same caliber after all a premium automobile is only part of the ownership experience with acura you also get a commitment to personalized care to attentive service this commitment is apparent the moment you first enter an acura dealership and for years down the road it comes from a belief that every aspect of owning an acura should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience acuralink owners mobile app use your smartphone to connect with an acura agent at the push of a button access a full range of acura roadside assistance services using your ® including comprehensive android ® device or iphone towing lockout assistance battery jump-start tire change and fuel delivery with your phone s gps technology providing your exact location you can use the app to view scheduled time of arrival and contact information for the dispatched service provider the app also offers a priority emergency button for urgent situations visit the apple itunes store or shop google play to download this free app acura limited warranties 13 all acura vehicles and any acura genuine accessories installed by the dealer at the time of vehicle purchase have a 4-year 50,000-mile limited warranty acura vehicles are also covered by a 6-year 70,0 0 0-mile limited powertrain warranty in addition outer body rust-through is covered by a 5-year unlimited-mile limited warranty acura has always had a penchant for seeing what s beyond the next horizon now it s your turn the available acuralink ® satellite communication system gives you a look ahead ­ whether it s up the road or even days into the future services like the available acuralink real-time traffic and weather,tm 4 with its one and three-day forecasts help you plan your next move even while you re focused on the here and now acuralink is also your connection with acura delivering a wealth of information like quick tips and updated feature guides to help you get the most out of your new vehicle s many sophisticated systems when the system is paired with a bluetooth®-compatible phone,3 you can also get information on required services as they approach and can schedule maintenance right from your car with the automated appointmentstm feature 1-800-to-acura operators are available 24 hours a day to help answer your acura questions acura financial ser vices 14 fr om leasing and financing to protecting your vehicle after your warranty expires to helping you determine which acura fits your budget acura financial services® afs provides you with the convenience options and service to complement your life for more information go to www.acurafinancialservices.com owners.acura.com the online help doesn t end when you take possession of your vehicle your complimentary acura owners personalized website gives the most current information about your vehicle provides tips on how to care for your acura lets you keep a personalized maintenance record sends you service reminders and lets you schedule service appointments online acura care ® additional peace of mind can be had with the acura care program ­ comprehensive vehicle and travel protection beyond the initial warranty period see your acura dealer for all the features and benefits available with this program acura.com learn more about acura vehicles including the latest specifications see photo galleries and technology videos and find out how our vehicles compare to the competition you can also build and price your acura see current offers and even get a quote from an internet-certified acura dealer total luxur y care ® tlc ®15 acura s commitment to your satisfaction doesn t end with the delivery of a world-class vehicle as an acura owner you ll enjoy an array of services like the acura concierge,tm for 24-hour weather information insurance claims assistance or to help you plan a trip trip-interruption benefits like alternative transportation lodging and meals and a 24-hour roadside assistance program accessories when it comes to personalizing choose acura genuine accessories that are crafted to the same strict levels of quality as the rest of your tsx see your acura dealer for a complete list of accessories or go to acura.com years ago our engineers took on the challenge to meet the stringent emissions standards of the u.s clean air act and used the phrase blue skies for our children as a passionate rallying cr y to devote themselves to this effort blue skies for our children represents our environmental vision of a society where future generations can experience the joy and freedom of mobility while living within a sustainable society .