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rlx sport hybrid shown in crystal black pearl rlx sport hybrid the all-wheel-drive rlx sport hybrid is the most powerful and technologically advanced vehicle we’ve ever

performance welcome to the industrial evolution sport hybrid sh-awd super handling all-wheel drive it took a new level of technology to push the already advanced world of sports handling even further this cutting-edge hybrid system delivers a driving experience like no other—incredibly responsive power delivery and precise sure-footed handling rlx sport hybrid shown in cr ystal black

straight-line–full-throttle acceleration deceleration/regenerative braking this system’s benefits are just as dramatic sport hybrid sh-awd when it comes to handling in a tight curve the rear electric motors independently from a standing start the sh-awd system apply positive and negative torque to the can use the rear motors to drive the rear rear wheels this torque-vectoring effect wheels because they’re electric these helps rotate the sport hybrid through turns motors are able to deliver all their torque with precision in wet weather sh-awd instantly which translates to dramatic monitors speed wheelspin driver input acceleration off the line should you need and more to distribute power to the wheels this kind of acceleration at speed the with the most traction and whenever you’re gasoline engine and all three electric braking or coasting the ever-efficient system motors kick in simultaneously to deliver captures kinetic energy and uses it to it quickly

-in toe-in performance rlx shown in silver moon metallic while braking each rear wheel adjusts inward increasing stability as a turn begins the inner rear wheel adjusts to help direct the vehicle precision all-wheel steer acura’s precision all-wheel steer p-aws allows each rear wheel to adjust its toe angle independently to optimize stability on any road p-aws pairs with the agile handling assist dynamic braking system to raise maneuverability and control to new heights toe-in toe-in toe-in neutral neutral as as a turn begins thethe inner a turn begins inner rearrear wheel adjusts to help wheel adjusts to help direct thethe vehicle direct vehicle toe-in toe-in toe-in toe-in toe-in neutral neutral neutral toe-in toe-in while while braking braking each each rear rear wheel wheel adjusts adjusts inward inward whileincreasing cornering both rear wheels stability increasing stability as as aa turn turn begins begins the the inner inner rear rear wheel wheel adjusts adjusts to to

design see what others don’t jewel eye led headlights another industry first acura’s jewel eye led headlights consist of ten separate led lamps designed to mimic natural sunlight providing brighter and sharper illumination at night than halogen or hid lamps wider angles 0o 0o 7o 14o

design rlx sport hybrid shown with ebony interior dual personal structure here technology design and ergonomics come together to create a unique personal space an automatic memory system remembers driver’s seat steering and mirror positions as well as phone climate and navigation settings leather-trimmed front seats adjust twelve ways offering lumbar support and multiple levels of personal climate control leather seats craftsmanship extends to every detail of the interior such as seats with available premium milano leather the hard science of personal

design rlx shown with ebony interior cl ass-leading rear legroom acura rlx 38.8” with its 38.8 inches of legroom the midsize rlx is even dual-opening front center console audi a6 37.4” lexus gs 36.8” more spacious than some full-size sedans such as the smart design where you’d least expect to find it this clever engine noise by emitting opposing frequencies at the jaguar xf 36.6” lexus ls and the audi a8 rear occupants also have console offers hinged lids on both the front passenger and same time acoustic glass absorbs and deflects outside bmw 5 series 36.1” their own climate zone with independent center console driver’s sides so whoever needs it has instant access to distractions even the alloy wheels use a noise-reducing mercedes e-class 35.5” controls the advance package includes rear seat what’s inside design that dramatically lowers tire noise dual-level heating serene interior acura’s active sound control cancels

technology rlx sport hybrid shown with ebony interior ask the right questions and the answers take you unexpected places head-up displ ay on demand multi-use displ ay navigation to help keep the driver’s eyes focused on the road the rlx designers started from scratch devising an the focal point of the instrument panel is a wide eight-inch the rlx sport hybrid’s head-up display projects intuitive touch screen with all the controls you need at any color screen that combines audio information and real-time power distribution turn-by-turn navigation given time its centerpiece is a striking seven-inch color navigation functions when properly equipped its intuitive instructions driver-assistance alerts and phone book on demand multi-use display touch screen that puts the high-resolution display puts virtually every control you need information directly onto the windshield audio system and other features close at hand at your

technology rlx shown in silver moon metallic 14 krell industries premier maker of ® s p e ak e r s high-end audio equipment took on the challenge of delivering concert-quality sound in an automobile the result is an available fourteen-speaker system featuring the same output transistors the you will hear everything but compromise company puts in its critically acclaimed amplifiers for those who prefer to feel like they’re alongside the musicians in the recording studio we offer the amazing els system developed by ® seven-time grammy award –winning ® recording engineer elliot

safety assistive technology advanced compatibility engineering ace using a network of connected structural elements ace distributes frontal crash energy more evenly throughout the vehicle this not only helps reduce the forces transferred to the passenger compartment it also helps disperse the forces transferred to the other vehicle in an impact collision mitigation braking system cmbs to help reduce the likelihood or the severity of a frontal impact the available cmbs’s radar can determine the distance and speed of objects detected directly ahead if you don’t slow down cmbs automatically tugs at your seat belt and lightly brakes the instant the system determines it’s too late to avoid a collision cmbs will tighten the seat belts further and brake firmly forward collision warning fcw† in the rlx when you’re traveling fluid thinking shaped by the firmest steel above 10 mph a camera installed near the rearview mirror will trigger both an audible alert

rlx shown in graphite luster