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super handling all-wheel drive by continuously directing acceleration highway cruise joining forces with engine power to match driver input sh-awd agile handling assist® weight distribution available traction actively applies braking to any of the and other conditions sh-awd provides four wheels independently this helps seamless power transitions and supreme the tlx pivot through every corner control and the new lightweight sh-awd more accurately aiding vehicle system continuously determines the system in the tlx uses torque vectoring stability maneuverability and control optimal level of power distribution torque distribution the available sh-awd to add or subtract rotational momentum between the front and rear wheels with a surgically precise nudge the result as well as between the rear wheels is enhanced performance that simply can’t based on an analysis of wheel speed be matched by front rear or conventional steering angle lateral g-force and all-wheel-drive systems

there are always four ways home integrated dynamics system the integrated dynamics system ids gives you four modes normal efficiency-boosting econ sport and sport sport raises shift points dials up throttle response stiffens the steering feel and makes the p-aws and sh-awd systems more aggressive while active sound control asc tunes up the natural engine note for those times when only the utmost in performance will do sport goes further blipping the throttle and rev-matching downshifts to punctuate gear changes and help preserve the balance of the car in t e g rat e d dy n amic s sy st e m tlx v-6 shown with accessory led fog

harnessing the one-t wo punch transmission the tlx transmissions can rev-match downshifts for smoother performance and both feature steeringwheel-mounted sequential sportshift paddle shifters for quick manual-style gear changes tlx models with the 4-cylinder engine feature the world’s first 8-speed dual-clutch transmission dct with a torque converter a dct allows lightning-fast gear changes as one clutch governs odd gear numbers and the other even the result is direct responsive action a torque converter amplifies torque for more immediate response and smoother delivery on v-6 models the smooth-shifting 9-speed pushbutton automatic transmission marries performance and comfort accommodating diverse driving scenarios with a wide range of gear ratios 8-speed dual-clutch transmission dct shown dual-clutch 8 9 s peed automatic s p

track sweet track racing heritage we’re back on the track with the tlx gt race car a phenomenal sedan that shares more than 400 production engine parts with the tlx including the engine block and heads crankshaft direct-injection fuel system and valvetrain components whether on the track or on the street we apply the same passion to creating vehicles that deliver super handling—performance that is technically audacious reassuringly precise and utterly

els premium audio heard loud and clear surround yourself recording engineer elliot scheiner with studio-quality sound for lovers as the tlx took shape elliot worked of audio performance we offer the closely with acura engineers to available 10-speaker els ® studio tune the system to precisely match premium audio system developed by its interior space and preserve the seven-time grammy award®–winning integrity of the

connect integrate navigate you can be in sync stay in the loop with destination protect all protect services with your car even when you’re apart link you can speak to an operator while you drive aha integrates including enhanced roadside acura connect acts as a remote request information and have your favorite web content between assistance are available 24/7 and gives you vital vehicle stats directions sent instantly to your your phone and car like weather drive with peace of mind knowing flash your lights lock and unlock navigation system directions can updates and yelp reviews acuralink features such as acuralink your car or check tire pressure fuel also be sent to your car from also makes it easier to safely text assist and automatic collision level and more remotely it also your desktop or mobile device and check emails while you’re behind notification can help in a serious gives you information and 24/7 live acuralink real-time traffic with the wheel situation

advanced compatibility engineering using a network of connected structural elements the advanced compatibility engineeringtm acetm body structure distributes frontal crash energy more evenly throughout the vehicle this not only helps reduce the forces transferred to the passenger compartment but it also helps disperse the forces transferred to the other vehicle in an impact in addition to ace the front door areas keep out bad energy are composed as a single piece of hot-stamped ultra-high-strength steel it’s just one of many ways the tlx body is designed to help absorb and redirect energy to protect its

2017 acura tlx 2017 acura tlx specifications engine tlx tlx v-6 tlx v-6 sh-awd engine type direct injection 4 cylinder direct injection v 6 direct injection v 6 2.4 3.5 3.5 206 6,80 0 290 6,20 0 290 6,20 0 displacement liters horsepower rpm sae net torque lb -f t rpm sae net 182 4,50 0 valvetrain variable cylinder m anagement™ vcm ® compression ratio 267 4,50 0 267 4,50 0 16 -valve dohc i-v tec ® 24-valve sohc i-v tec ® 24-valve sohc i-v tec ® — • • 11.6:1 throt tle control 11.5:1 11.5:1 tlx tlx v-6 tlx v-6 sh-awd m acpherson strut front suspension • • • for ward collision warning fcw system m ulti link rear suspension • • • 26.0 24.7 26.0 25.4 26.0 24.7 collision mitigation braking system™ cmbs™ with head up warning — a a • • • lane depar ture warning ldw system t t a — lane keeping assist system lk as t • road depar ture mitigation system —