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super handling all-wheel drive by continuously directing acceleration highway cruise joining forces with engine power to match driver input sh-awd agile handling assist® weight distribution available traction actively applies braking to any of the and other conditions sh-awd provides four wheels independently this helps seamless power transitions and supreme the tlx pivot through every corner control and the new lightweight sh-awd more accurately aiding vehicle system continuously determines the system in the tlx uses torque vectoring stability maneuverability and control optimal level of power distribution torque distribution the available sh-awd to add or subtract rotational momentum between the front and rear wheels with a surgically precise nudge the result as well as between the rear wheels is enhanced performance that simply can’t based on an analysis of wheel speed be matched by front rear or conventional steering angle lateral g-force and all-wheel-drive systems whether out on yaw rate the rate at which the tlx the track or simply turning onto your street rotates clockwise or counterclockwise as weight shifts to the rear of the tlx during hard acceleration the sh-awd system transfers up to 44 of the power to the rear wheels to take advantage of available traction cornering when cornering on dry surfaces up to 70 of the torque is distributed to the rear torque vectoring allows up to 100 of the power to distribute to the outside rear wheel improving control and helping rotate the tlx through the turn lane change for increased stability during lane changes the sh-awd system transfers power to the inside rear wheel for better fuel efficiency up to 90 of the power is sent to the front wheels when cruising in a straight line slippery road under slick conditions sh-awd actively sends power to the wheel with the most traction.