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agile handling assist antici pat e s yo urevery move agile handling assist ® uses active braking to aid in the accurate tracing of your desired line through a turn the system can brake individual wheels as needed effectively using brake torque vectoring to directly control the vehicle’s rotation working jointly with amplitude reactive dampers— dual-valve suspension technology that reacts to the road and available super handling all-wheel drive—the mdx’s highly precise handling feels more like that of a sports sedan than a sevenpassenger luxury suv it also happens to be the lightest in its class,1 in some cases by more than a thousand pounds to reduce weight and increase rigidity the body structure features lightweight materials such as ultra-high-strength hot-stamped steel aluminum and magnesium and less weight equals more performance which is why we cut every unnecessary ounce off-road use not recommended with mdx sport hybrid sh-awd mdx sh-awd with advance package shown in white diamond pearl.