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sport hybrid sh-awd supercar-inspired performance when independent thinking and worldclass engineering intersect amazing things happen and sport hybrid sh-awd is the latest result of our uncompromising pursuit to build the world’s most innovative vehicles sport hybrid sh-awd is a groundbreaking electric-torque-vectoring all-wheeldrive system we’d argue is the world’s most advanced in fact the mdx system uses some of the same next-gen technology we developed for the new nsx—including the twin motor unit tmu and battery pack—all working to provide instant-response acceleration and precise handling to deliver a more direct connection between driver and vehicle the sport hybrid sh-awd system consists of a powerful v-6 engine and three electric motors—a direct-drive motor paired with a rapid-shifting 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and a rear twin motor unit for individual instant torque vectoring the vehicle is tuned to supply positive or negative torque instinctively based on driving conditions and the driver’s input resulting in dynamic acceleration direct response and precise handling in all conditions and unlike even the most advanced awd systems the mdx’s electric sport hybrid sh-awd system delivers torque vectoring while off throttle providing always-on and instant precision and performance cornering regeneration when cornering the rear twin motor unit allows for instant torque transfer side to side in the rear independently applying positive or negative torque to each wheel this torque-vectoring effect directly controls the yaw rotation around a vertical axis twisting the mdx through corners tightening its line and precisely tracing the driver’s desired path when braking coasting or cornering the everefficient system captures kinetic energy and uses it to recharge its advanced lithium-ion battery acceleration highway cruise from a standstill sport hybrid sh-awd uses the rear electric motors to deliver torque instantly translating to dramatic acceleration off the line during light acceleration only the rear twin electric motors operate under more aggressive acceleration the gasoline engine and all three electric motors kick in simultaneously to maximize performance at low cruising speeds the system can operate in electric-only mode with power being sent to only the rear wheels at higher speeds up to 100 percent of the power is sent to the front wheels when cruising in a straight line slippery road sport hybrid sh-awd monitors speed wheelspin driver input and more to actively and instantly distribute power to the wheels with the most traction or send negative torque to a specific wheel to act as a stabilizing force.