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ac e b o dy structure the outer braces red are designed to transfer impact load toward the center of the frame where the energy can be distributed around the cabin area more evenly this enhanced frontal-crash-energy management helps reduce the forces transferred to the reinforced cabin blue and can help to more evenly disperse the forces transferred to other vehicles in a collision ace incorporates extra bracing at the front corners yellow to absorb and distribute impact energy from narrow-offset collisions to the primary crash structure tlx v-6 sh-awd with a-spec package shown in san marino red 4 5 x acura’s advanced compatibility engineering™ ace body structure is designed to absorb and disperse frontal impact energy so less force is transferred to what really matters the people inside but we didn’t stop there crash compatibility is designed into the structure as well so in the event of a frontal collision the occupants of all vehicles involved are better protected stronger than traditional-grade automotive steel