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signal to noise ratio thd 100 240 v 50 60 hz 100 240 y 50 60 hz 30 x 30 mm long and long switch mode power supply signal to noise ratio high power low frequency amplifiers low range high range high power low frequency power supplies 12 v dc 95 mm x 7 mm 16 pin to 16 pin connecter welcome to our world dc to dc in ear monitor systems black and white catalog cardioid condenser microphone professional headset microphone noise cancellation headset microphone mp3 cd players mp3 cd player 3 pin female mini xlr connector rf short circuits rf short circuit 7 pin xlr male connector powder coat powder 6 band graphic equalizer band graphic equalizer sd memory card connector usb memory sticks 32 ohm impedence speaker multi pin connectors wall mounted speakers 5 pin to 3 pin xlr low pass filter low pass filters 6 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr 6 pin xlr to 6 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 4 pin xlr 4 pin xlr to 3 pin xlr low pass filter audio audio low pass filter 200 w power amplifier connector d connector 2 meter low pass filter subwoofer on off switch 6 channel power amp xlr f to xlr f remote control remote switch 4 pin xlr male to 4 pin xlr male 6 meter low pass filter 4 pin xlr male to 3 pin xlr male 4 pin xlr female to 4 pin xlr female 4 pin xlr female to 3 pin xlr female

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product highlights 2015 table of content line arrays premium series 10 road series pa speakers premium series ddq series stinger® series gt series play series pro series 14 18 26 40 46 50 complete pa systems ® curv 500 series portable array system s 54 am 8 8-channel automatic digital mixer s 140 maui 5 ultra portable column pa system with mixer s 64 ® contractor series installation speakers s 106 vibz series mixing consoles with dfx compressor s 148 road buddy 10 battery powered bluetooth loudspeaker with mixer and wireless microphone s 90 ® u500 series wireless microphone system s 154 curv 500® series maui® series dave® 8 series dave® g3 series battery powered speakers 54 62 74 82 wireless systems 88 installation speakers sat g2 series contractor® series 100 106 in-ear monitoring pa power amplifiers premium sp series deep2 series xs series dj series 116 122 126 130 signal processing 134 mixers am 8 zone series vibz series u500® 154 win 42 series 160

pa speakers stinger g2 series ® stinger g2 series active passive multifunctional speakers ® built to last bass reflex design built in a sturdy multiplex cabinet and fitted with road ready metal front grilles re-defining multitalent suitable for mobile applications live and monitoring as well as permanent installation stinger 8 a g2 8 passive active pa speaker 800 w down to the smallest detail evolution never stops the ld systems evolutive carrying handles offer a secure and ergonomic grip from all sides for easier transport 28 you’re in control 2 band eq for optimal tone control mic and line inputs on xlr/jack combo connectors and xlr line output the speakers are fitted with threaded inserts allowing the use of rigging hardware wall mounting and swing brackets the stinger g2 series also offers a wide range of optional accessories stinger 10 a g2 10 passive active pa speaker 1000 w stinger 12 a g2 12 passive active pa speaker 1600 w stinger 15 a g2 15 passive

pa speakers play series play series active pa speakers with mp3 player including remote control versatile and rugged the active loudspeakers ldplay12a and ldplay15a offer comprehensive connectivity and setting possibilities for many types of applications like school kindergarten church sports field multimedia presentation party room and so on full control take control of your sound with the integrated 5-band graphic equalizer and the infrared remote control easy handling ready to play simply plug in your usb-stick or sd-card and let the music play connectivity for external sound sources like microphone cd-player mixing board is also integrated ergonomic handles and a 35 mm standard stand support complete the extensive features of the play series specifications model name type components frequency range power output rms peak max spl controls indicators dispersion connectors usb/sd-card-player controls usb/sd-card-player connectors cabinet material dimensions w xhxd weight 48

complete pa systems maui series ® maui 28 maui 28 mix compact column pa systems with and without mixer elegant design be heard in every corner purpose designed for quick and easy setup the discreet and elegant aesthetics of the maui 28 fit into virtually any decor ultra wide 120° horizontal dispersion and extended vertical directivity with reduced level drop ensure maximum coverage the result is consistent sound across the listening area and the same audio experience for everyone in the audience in the mix the maui 28 mix versions feature a 3-channel mixer that provides connectivity for 3 sources simultaneously including microphones line level and hi-z sources e.g guitar laptops and mp3 players it features level controls for each input and the subwoofer as well as a master volume control a new monitoring experience high feedback resistance allows you to place the maui 28 close behind you providing you and your audience with the same sound maui 28 maui 28 w compact column pa

battery powered speakers road series road buddy battery powered bluetooth loudspeaker with mixer and wireless microphone ® connect almost any audio source the integrated mixer sports 3 channels with individual volume controls a 2-band eq plus adjustable echo and master volume it delivers up to a stunning 480 watts of class d peak power and comes in 6” and 10” woofer versions less wire more freedom the road buddy incorporates an uhf receiver operating in the license free 863 865 mhz band and features a slot for an additional unit available as accessory it comes with a choice of handheld or headset wireless microphones versatile media player a major road buddy feature the built-in bluetooth® player also supports usb storage devices and sd cards and includes multiple genre specific presets for instant eq adjustment ready for take off a rechargeable battery pack provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation with built-in wheels and extension handles for carting

installation speakers contractor series ® contractor series 2-way wall mount speakers ® cwms 42 b 100v 4 2-way wall mount speaker 40 w cwms 42 w 100v 4 2-way wall mount speaker 40 w flexible mounting the included bracket provides universal options for speaker mounting and orientation the ultimate allrounders the wall mount speaker series is designed for a wide range of unobtrusive audio installations in hotels restaurants bars lounges training and conference rooms shopping centres and for home use wide range with 4” and 5” models in black or white and 100v versions the wall mount series has the right speaker for you cwms 52 b 100v 5.25 2-way wall mount speaker 30 w cwms 52 w 100v 5.25 2-way wall mount speaker 30 w cwmss 5 b 100v 5.25 2-way wall mount speaker flat 30 w cwmss 5 w 100v 5.25 2-way wall mount speaker flat 30 w fully scalable is this a tablet no this is an ultra thin wall mount loudspeaker with attractive looks and a depth of only 37 mm

amplifiers dj series last night we saved a djs life dj series pa power amplifiers engineered for uncompromising performance the straightforward dj series power amplifiers are the convenient choice for driving passive loudspeakers and subwoofers in portable and installed sound systems where budget is a major consideration compact and lightweight the dj series class ab design rugged construction and comprehensive protections provide long-term durability and reliable operation in a wide variety of applications p budget no-frills class ab power amplifiers p rugged construction and reliable performance p soft start and comprehensive protections 130

mixers vibz series vibz series mixing consoles with dfx and compressor specifications item number number of channels mono mic/line input channels mono mic/line input connections frequency response mono mic input amplification range mono mic input channel insert channel crosstalk s/n ratio mono mic input amplification range mono line input impedance mono line input s/n ratio mono line input frequency response mono line input mono channel equalizer treble mono channel equalizer mids mono channel equalizer bass phantom power low cut compressor stereo channels stereo line input channels frequency response stereo line input amplification range mono line input channel crosstalk impedance stereo line input s/n ratio stereo line input stereo channel equalizer treble stereo channel equalizer mids stereo channel equalizer bass main section aux/effect send channels stereo aux return channels stereo tape output channel stereo tape input channel balanced stereo main outputs unbalanced stereo main

wireless systems ws 1000 g2 series ws 1000 g2 series 96 channel uhf true diversity wireless systems ready to go duplex gap technology all ws 1000 g2 systems come with a rugged transport case made of abs plastic offering optimal protection and storage the ws 1000 g2 true diversity wireless microphone systems work in the license free uhf frequency band 823 832 mhz and 863 – 865 mhz ws 1000 g2 hhd dynamic handheld set ws 1000 g2 hhc condenser handheld set headset set ws 1000 g2 bph ws 1000 g2 bpl lavaliere set ws 1000 g2 bpw wind microphone set guitar set keep it simple the threaded connection allows to swap the microphone head of the handheld transmitter from dynamic to condenser effortless and in no time automatic free channel selection transmit across a soccer field the channel scan function assists you in finding and tuning to a transmission frequency without interference this frequency is then transmitted simply and conveniently from receiver to transmitter via an infrared

in ear monitoring mei one series my band my sound my mei mei one series in ear monitoring system with the highly affordable mei one series wireless in-ear systems traditional monitor wedges and side fills are a thing of the past including a beltpack receiver transmitter with mono and stereo modes and comfy earbuds the mei one systems are available in three single-channel fixed frequency versions which can be operated side by side sending a full monitor mix to the whole band is easy as abc with the entry-level mei one series using a single transmitter and any number of beltpacks p entry-level in-ear monitoring p three single-channel fixed frequency versions p mono and stereo modes p single transmitter with multiple beltpack operation facility 192

ah ld 03.15 20.000 product catalog 2015 find your dealer www.ld-systems.com www.facebook.com/ldsystems www.youtube.com/ldsystemsvideos blog.adamhall.com ld systems® is a registered brand of the adam hall group the information contained in this publication including numerical data has been prepared as a general guide to the products but intending buyers and users must satisfy themselves as to the suitability and the safety of the products for their particular purposes and duties no responsibility is assumed for any errors herein the company reserves the right to alter the designs and material specifications of products shown in this publication without