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excess flow check valve excess flow check valves automatic strapping machine hot melt gun bench mounted cutter semi automatic welding machines staples and staples guns excess flow gas valve tensioners for polypropylene and polyester strap strapping machine strapping machine semi a pigeon holes shrink wrapping machines pigeon hole strapping machine semi automatic electric stapler heavy duty staples shredding machines pallet bands polyester strapping tools paper cutter dispenser crane scales crane scale kraft paper box propane gas dispensers medical adhesive tapes pallet wrapping machine gun holsters gun holster propane gas regulators propane gas regulator industrial propane regulator double sided tape dispenser tab locking mailing boxes propane gas valve 13 x 7 x 4 kraft box propane gas cylinder propane gas prices reinforced paper tape anti static pink industrial propane regulators fork lift battery charger self adhesive non skid rubber propane check valves hand tools for plastic strapping general purpose machine gun 3m caps flexible cable excess flow valve pricing 381 kg to pounds hand held power hammer snap on 2000 8 02 mild steel plate unit weight digital measuring weighing scales storage for polythene bags furniture size storage bags 50 drawer metal storage box

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electronic parcel scales · low cost · simple operation · battery or mains · 25 50 and 100kg capacity · bench or wall · large clear display · mild or stainless steel platform · compact design · robust construction · versatile display · kg or lb flexibility weighing in operation · platform 305 x 315 x 56mm high · cable length 700mm · display size 270 x 93 x 40mm · 240v power adaptor for mains · prices based on stainless platform platform scales · versatile weighing platform and indicator · stainless steel platform 500 x 500mm · crisp backlit lcd · display hold dynamic weighing and auto on/off facility · bi-directional rs-232 interface · adjustable non-slip feet for levelling · rechargeable battery pack and mains adaptor included platform scales · versatile weighing platform and indicator · stainless steel platform 900 x 600mm · crisp backlit lcd · display hold dynamic weighing and auto on/off facility · bi-directional rs-232 interface · adjustable non-slip

mailroom/packaging tables the basic system is to choose one of the table options below that have a variety of shelves cupboards and drawer options there are two sizes of table tops you can then add sorter units to fit onto the table or standalone these sorter units require shelf packs to suit your required compartments · epoxy powder coated green framework with beige melamine table top and panels · supplied flat packed simple to assemble with all instructions supplied ref 91805063 91805071 description size wxhxdmm table with cupboard adjustable shelves 1200x900x800 table with undershelf sides 1600x900x800 price £755.52 £353.22 complete mailroom system 91805071 91805063 mailroom pigeon hole units · choose a `shell sorter unit to fit the table top or for standalone use with pre-drilled shelf holes supplied flat packed takes just minutes to assemble · finally choose multiples of shelf packs to fit the sorter shells to make as many pigeon holes as required shelf fixings supplied

ergonomically designed units based on either 1600mm or 800mm long units all are adjustable in working height from 700 920mm it is easy to add on sections to increase your packing area as required tidy bench station economic packing station chip dispenser unit comprising table 800 x 800mm with lower shelf tool box drawer with guides two shelves one with dividers and vertical supports comprising table 1600mm wide x 800mm deep with 1200mm wide paper cutter brackets to house mandrel for kraft paper two shelf sections top one with dividers vertical supports lower brackets and mandrel kit for bubble or corrugated add on chip section table 800x 800mm and scaffold and underside hessian catch bag ref 60/105 price £613.68 hopper and valve 12 x 15 cubic foot capacity ref hpv/1 price £382.52 15 cu ft bag capacity of s shaped polystyrene loosefill chips ref 60/252 price £562.50 ref 60/251 price £934.61 ref 4516 price poa mobile cutter stand packing table modular units packing table with

stretch film and dispenser stretchfilm is a cost effective way of protecting goods on pallets from damage dirt and rain use for pallets being stored or moved in transit · choice of light duty film and two types of dispenser sr500 ref pp17 pp20 42525025b sr50c hsr500 description film 400mm x 300m light duty 6 roll carton film 400mm x 300m heavy duty 6 roll carton hd black security film 500mm x 250m 6 rolls universal hand dispenser heavy duty hand dispenser hsr500 price per carton £48.58 £61.95 £58.85 £14.54 £26.52 stretch film on extended hand grip core premier quality stretch film which contains no harmful dyes or additives produced from food and drug fully approved resins it is harmless environmentally friendly and completely recyclable fulfils the demand for contact with food according to warenwent fda bga standards the core is extended both ends these act as hand grips so obviating the need for separate dispenser tool use straight from the supply carton 6 rolls per pack

packers band and buckle system the complete self-contained system for the smaller user the box contains 800 metres of 12mm wide lightweight strong polypropylene strapping and 200 buckles breaking strain 135kg easy to use instructions for positive package and parcel banding strap and seal kit designed as a portable dispenser for strap and seals contains 800mx12mm wide top quality polypropylene strapping and 300x12mm galv metal seals strap is easily drawn from a slot at one end of the handle grip pack and the seals from the built-in drawer 12/ssk ref 12/sbk pb12 item complete system box buckles only 1,000 price £23.61 £19.01 ref 12ssk price £22.12 machine strapping polypropylene strapping used in conjunction with semi automatic and fully automatic electric strapping machines heavy usage for multiple operations friction weld seal hand strapping polypropylene strapping for use with hand operated strapping tools choice of sizes and breaking strains dependent on type of goods and

we have designed a range of kits that make the use of polypropylene strapping easy by combining all of the popular tools strapping and seals we are able to offer kits to suit any type of application kit comprises 1 x medium duty combination tool ref 3012c/p 1 x strap and seal kit ref 12ssk which contains 800m of 12mm strapping x 300 metal seals ref polyprop kit 1 price £115.40 kit comprises 1 x tensioner cutter ref 3215/bt 1 x sealer for 12mm seals ref 3212/bs 1 x strap and seal kit ref 12ssk which contains 800m of 12mm strapping x 300 metal seals ref polyprop kit 2 price £83.77 kit comprises 1 x medium duty combination tool ref 3012c/p 1 x floor standing dispenser ref psd 1 x 2000m reel of 12mm wide strapping 120kg breaking strain ref p12/120s 1 x box of 1000 metal seals 12mm ref 12/25/disp ref polyprop kit 3 price £161.14 kit comprises 1 x medium duty combination tool ref 3012c/p 1 x mobile trolley dispenser ref pmd 1 x 2000m reel of 12mm wide strapping 120kg breaking

dispenser trolley for oscillated wound steel strapping · suitable for strapping widths 13 -19mm · complete with built in seals holder · easy to dispense fully mobile and safe in use dispenser trolley for ribbon wound steel strapping · suitable for strapping widths 13-19mm · complete with built in seals holder · easy to dispense fully mobile and safe in use ref owm price £160.79 ref rwm/30 price £110.25 steel strapping tensioner tool for strapping tensioning up to 19mm width around parcels or pallets use either horizontally or vertically in conjunction with sealer and seals ref price 4219/st £67.41 steel combination strapping tool suitable for 13/16mm steel strapping v/m seals ref price 13/16/sc/1 £299.25 sealing tools easy to use for all sizes of seals 3 models for 13/19mm widths ref strapping width mm 4213ss 13 4216ss 16 4219ss 19 price £27.55 £30.49 £32.83 sealless steel strapping combination tool · no need to use seals · tool crimps the two ends of strapping

removals and storage boxes · no tape is needed to assemble · extra strong triple layered base · 25kg capacity · supplied in packs of 10 boxes · choice of two sizes removals kit · contains all you need to move home or office in a single box 3 x large removal boxes 2 x small removal boxes 5 x sheets of `fragile bubble 1 x packing paper 1 x roll of tape bubble blanket roll · bubble wrap designed for furniture and glassware · double laminate film with anti-scratch lining and write-on outer surface · 600mm x 5m rolls sold in a pack of 8 · colour white ref 97280001 9751buc01 size lxwxh mm 400x320x330 650x350x370 price £30.61 £40.69 ref 51292026 one kit price £44.95 ref 9744bbl01 pack quantity 8 price £39.91 documents enclosed packs · adhesive backed envelopes to hold packing lists invoices or documentation · 1000 per pack · available printed `documents enclosed or plain with no wording red/black or clear respectively · several size options ref 4302001 4301001 9742dee30

safety cutters and knives co1 ref psc/auto pcc psc/1 co1 psc/1 pcc psc/auto type replaceable disposable disposable replaceable price £1.44 £1.44 £1.44 £10.86 description multi purpose cutter with automatic spring retractable and reversible blade cutter removes the tops of corrugated cardboard boxes blade has 3 depth settings extra safe cutter for strapping banding stretchfilm shrinkwrap string etc opens taped boxes spring loaded blade safety cutter for string tapes and strapping opens taped boxes and staples hot melt sealing and bonding pneumatic glue gun pneumatic spray gun can even be used on heat sensitive areas solvent free use on areas of up to 1 sq metre variable spray pattern 43mm glue slugs dispensed at 4.2kg per hour lightweight but powerful lightweight slim profile and sensitive trigger control ideal for accurate placement of adhesive ready for use 4/5 minutes self regulating for steady adhesive flow totally enclosed and double insulated for full safety will operate on

foam protectors polypropylene rope · foam edge protection for desks tables mirrors and pictures etc · opening sizes to suit diameter of protection ref 41907021 41907022 41907011 41907012 type channel length channel length corner sections corner sections · re-usable if treated with care · easy to fit and remove · polypropylene high quality hank rope · 15 lengths of 15m long x 4mm dia per pack · colour yellow · multi usage opening size mm 15-25mm 1m l 25-35mm 1m l 15-25mm 100x100 25-35mm 100x100 pack qty 24 20 240 240 price £30.77 £36.97 £21.70 £24.80 ref 2657003 size 15m x 4mm colour yellow pack qty 15 price £34.10 stretch pallet bands · low cost · simple to use · holds stacked cartons on pallets and prevents slipping · ideal to hold edge protectors in place · incredibly strong with non slip grip · okay to use and re-use · supplied in boxes for dispensing · no expensive machinery · secures the pallet load insitu · minimises stock damage and speeds up productivity