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Order Toll Free at 4 Locations Nation-Wide 1-800-558-0411 WI Browse Our Store On-Line at CONNECTORS ADAPTERS 106 AES AMPHENOL 83-1SP-1050 (PL-259) Male coax plug 83-1SP (PL-259) Silver-plated coax plug VAN GORDEN SILVER PLATED (PL-259) Teflon AMPHENOL PL-259 REDUCING ADAPTERS 83-185-RFX For RG-58 83-168-RFX For RG-59/8X AMPHENOL 83-1R (SO-239) UHF panel receptacle SHAKESPEARE PL-259CPG (PL-259) No strip, Solderless male coax plug for RG-8X RG-58/AU SHAKESPEARE PL-258CPG No strip, solderless splice for RG-8X RG-58/AU AMPHENOL 83-878 UHF single hole bulkhead receptacle AMPHENOL 82-202-1006 Male for 8214/ 9913/9913F 34025 Male for RG-58 VAN GORDEN N CONNECTOR Male EZ-install type for 9913/ 8214 AMPHENOL 82-24 Type-N panel receptacle AIM 26-8011 Type-N chassis mount AMPHENOL 31-002 Male for RG-58 31-012 Male for RG-59/8X AIM 27-8470 Dual chassis mount AMPHENOL 31-221 Female chassis socket AMPHENOL 83-1T UHF T-connector adapter (M-358) AMPHENOL 31-28 BNC female to PL-259 AIM 27-8120 BNC female to PL-259 AMPHENOL 4400 SO-239 to Type-N male AIM 26-8015 Type-N male to SO-239 COAXIAL ADAPTERS AMPHENOL 83-877 UHF double male adapter HOUSE OF DEALS SMA-872 SO-239 to SMA adapter AIM 27-8130 BNC double male AMPHENOL 2900 SO-239 to BNC male adapter AIM 25-7420 BNC male to SO-239 26-8017 BNC male to N female AIM 27-8140 BNC T (2 fem., 1 male) AMPHENOL 83-1AP UHF right angle (UG-146) AMPHENOL 83-1J UHF double female (PL-258) AMPHENOL 82-64 Type-N right angle adapter AIM 25-7365 BNC female to SO-239 AIM 26-8016 BNC female to N male AIM 26-8010 Type-N double female AIM CPAD-207 Chassis mt SO-239 double female AIM 29-3855 BNC female to SMA male AIM 29-4140 SO-239 to mini PL-259 AIM 26-8014 N female to UHF male Prices for items on this page can be found under CONNECTORS in the Price Guide. UHF CONNECTORS General purpose and, with the use of optional reducing adapters, accommodate a wide range of applications. Rated for up to 300 MHz. Impedance is non-constant and voltage rating is 500V peak. TYPE N CONNECTORS Constant 50& impedance, excellent performance up to 11 GHz and 1,500V peak. Internal gaskets provide better weather resistance than the standard UHF type. BNC CONNECTORS Miniature, lightweight connectors for RG-58/59 type coax. Quick disconnect bayonet coupling, small size and low cost. Rated for up to 4 GHz. Impedance is 50& nominal. Voltage rating is 500V peak. MICROPHONE DIN CONNECTORS VANCO CBC-8P Panel mount 8-pin male KENWOOD 7-PIN DIN plug 8-PIN DIN plug 13-PIN DIN plug PHILMORE 61-608B 8-pin female mic plug VANCO CBC-4 4-pin female mic plug CBC-5 5-pin female mic plug CBC-6 6-pin female mic plug HOUSE OF DEALS AP-115 1/4" metal stereo plug HOUSE OF DEALS AP-135 3.5mm stereo mini phone DALBANI 15-0293 3.5mm mono plug (5-pin shown)