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weather pack crimpping tool amp 24 pin lock ring kit 8 pin to 3 pin adapter 9 pin to 8 pin adapter 6 pin to 8 pin adapters 8 pin to 4 pin adapter 4 pin to 8 pin adapter 8 pin to 9 pin adapter 6 pin to 4 pin adapters 6 pin to 4 pin adapter 6 pin to 7 pin adapter 8 pin to 4 pin connector 4 pin to 2 pin 5 pin to 4 pin connector 4 pin to 8 pin 3 pin to 7 pin 5 pin to 4 pin 6 pin to 7 pin 4 pin to 4 pin 12 pin to 12 pin connector 19 34 x 10 12 x 5 34 the number of production metri pack 280 vanguard planter monitors metri pack 150 john deere planter monitor metri pack 630 connectors john deere 750 radar adapter cables john deere tractor wiring harness weather pack pins 6 pin metri pack universal tractor wiring harness cigarette lighter plug cigarette lighter plugs 3 pin deutsch connector liquid control valve tractor wiring harness cigarette lighter plug adapter foot pedals switches 4 pin trailer plug 3 pin trailer plug ford tractor wiring harness cigarette lighter outlets cigarette lighter 4 outlet 24 cigarette lighter plug custom cigarette lighter plug 4 pin relay connector 1 pin connector sealed connector 8 pin relay connector 12 pin deutsch plug pin socket crimping tool 18 ga wire ez guide 250 suction mount used parts john deere

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contents precision farming 3-10 adapter kits for deere seedstar® 4-5 isobus the new standard for agriculture 6 planter 7 strip till 8 liquid control 9 spreader control 10 precision ag accessories 11-16 connectivity 12-13 data storage and transfer 14 ram mounts 15 power strips connectors and cables 16 seed monitoring 17-28 vanguard monitor console pricing and accessories 18-19 grain drill systems 20 planter systems and air drill systems 21-22 vanguard harness and sensor kits 23 replacement seed tubes 24 planter replacement sensors 25 drill and air seeder sensors/adapters 26 seed monitoring accessories 27-28 the harness shop 29-36 tool bar harness 30 folding and specialty planter 31 extension harness 32 extension cables amp mate-n-lock® harness 33 vanguard planter monitor adapter and “y” cables 34-35 worksheet for custom harness 36 distance sensors gps sensors radar radar cables 37-44 tractor radar connectors 38

convert your liquid applicator to an isobus system with the dickey-john iso conversion kit you can control the liquid rate and sections sprayer liquid rate control all harnessing and modules needed to control an existing dickey-john or raven fast valve and flowmeter $1879.00 precision farming liquid control sprayer liquid rate boom section control this kit includes all of the harnessing and modules to control an existing dickeyjohn or raven fast valve and flowmeter as well as the additional section control module and harnessing to hook up to existing boom valves $2334.00 all harnessing and modules needed to control an existing dickey-john or raven fast valve and flowmeter for liquid and anhydrous $2009.00 additional features boom valves liquid control valve toolbar liquid rate and section control flow meters this kit includes all of the harnessing and modules needed to control an existing dickey-john or raven fast valve and flowmeter as well as the additional section control module

ram mounts are the answer to mounting problems in agricultural vehicles… be it tractors combines sprayers or even a laptop in your pickup truck there are hundreds of ram mount components below are the most popular ag applications but are not limited to just these call us for solutions that will best fit your needs abcdefghjklmnopq precision ag accessories ram mounts new uty d heavyunt mo part no description list price a r2020 hd laptop computer mount b r2031 universal monitor mount 43.70 $235.00 c r2032 ag leader integra/insight/edge/versa mount 51.61 d r2034 universal pda mount 39.37 e r2040 heavy duty monitor mount w 2¼ ball 79.58 f r2037 keypad mount for ez-guide lightbars 72.17 g r2038 h.d dual suction cup mount 23.87 h r2039 h.d triple suction cup mount 46.63 j ram-201u-b ram arm 3 18.45 k ram-201u ram medium arm 6 20.38 l ram-201u-d ram long arm 9 34.55 m ram-2461u square base 16.19 n ram-238u diamond base for ez-guide 250/500 and cfx-750 10.58 o ram-111bu rectangle

seed monitoring air drill systems there are many configurations of air seeders on the market today below is only a representative sample of the many solutions we offer give our customer service department a call at 1-800-258-2415 to get a quote on your specific make and model seeder typical pricing shown below is for deere 1990 ccs style machines as well as 4 and 6 tower manifold systems pricing shown is for 1990ccs configuration unless noted add “t” suffix to denote tower manifold as in 1890 systems population only systems complete system including console harness sensors seed tube adapters and instructions product number description list price vm-2690-8t monitor system w 8 population sensors 4 manifold $2434.40 vm-2690-12t monitor system w 12 population sensors 6 manifold 2929.60 vm-2890-24 monitor system w 24 population sensors 4700.20 vm-2890-36 monitor system w 36 population sensors 6392.80 add suffix “t” and specify number of towers when used on 1890 type

seed monitoring seed monitoring test equipment and accessories all new for 2014…a complete tool box of diagnostic devices a must for every farm shop and all service technicians • the vanguard sensrtest comes with a brand new feature the ability to send a signal from the row harness to the monitor to simulate seed flow from the sensor point now not only can you check the function of the seed sensor but verify the harness all the way to the monitor • the vanguard seed simulator provides signals to most monitors and consoles to verify the ability to detect and monitor seed pulses simply connect to your monitor and power it up our simulator will generate pulses for 16 rows and the operator can check correct sensor voltage row fail all rows fail and row overplant for population monitors add the radar simulator for speed input • the radar simulator not only provides a speed input for testing population monitors but is a “must-have”

the harness shop vanguard planter monitor adapter cables it’s easy to select your adapter find your monitor console plug type in the first column then find the type of harness connector you have in the second column in the same section as your monitor the part number and price will be to the right of the harness number planter monitor 37 pin dj style 37 pin jd style computer trak 10 pin 34 2 – 10 pin 12 pin 2 – 12 pin early riser harness part no list price 10 pin 37d10 $70.00 2 – 10 pin 37d210 88.00 12 pin 37d12 70.00 2 – 12 pin 37d212 88.00 37 pin jd 37d37j 88.00 10 pin 37j10 70.00 2 – 10 pin 37j210 88.00 12 pin 37j12 70.00 2 – 12 pin 37j212 88.00 37 pin dj 37j37d 88.00 12 pin 10a12 59.00 37 pin jd 10a37j 70.00 37 pin dj 10a37d 70.00 37 pin jd 210a37j 88.00 37 pin dj 210a37d 88.00 10 pin 12a10 59.00 37 pin jd 12a37j 70.00 37 pin dj 12a37d 70.00 37 pin jd 212a37j 88.00 37 pin dj 212a37d 88.00 37 pin dj er10037d

for interchangeability of monitors distance sensors select prefix– from left column and –suffix from right column “y” cables monitor part no radar/tractor connector part no list price raven 1693 std dj case magnum amp -0001 $66.00 hiniker 1694 square magnavox jd w-pack -0002 66.00 dj jd case 1695 7000 8000 series jd m-pack -0003 66.00 all dj built monitors 1695 2 pin john deere cab -0004 48.00 rawson accu-plant 1696 ford nh case /genisis -0005 66.00 mid-tech 1697 cat series a b -0006 66.00 cat series c challenger -0007 66.00 case 4wd steiger w-pack nh -0008 66.00 dj radar jd square to dash -0010 66.00 challenger mt fendt -0041 66.00 distance sensors vanguard distance sensors 1695-0004 $48.00 double outlet monitor smart box 1696-0004 $66.00 triple outlet monitor rawson smart box most hiniker models need h-100 splitter examples of popular radar “y” cables connect a common seed monitor into existing radar running a digital dash

connectors amp amp cable clamps and accessories part ac358 part ac062 part ac070 part ac322 part ac138 part ac512 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $9.00 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $9.00 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $9.00 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $9.50 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $9.50 amp cable clamp pkg of 1 $10.00 part ac007 part al004 part al009 part al016 part al037 amp cable clamp extender pkg of 1 $8.00 amp 4 pin lock ring replacement pkg of 1 $5.50 amp 9 pin lock ring replacement pkg of 1 $6.00 amp 14/16 pin lock ring replacement pkg of 1 $6.00 amp 24/37 pin lock ring replacement pkg of 1 $6.50 part as504 part ap332 part as331 part ap332l part as331l amp sockets used w 57 pin connectors pkg of 60 $17.00 amp pins 18-22 ga wire pkg of 12 $12.50 amp sockets 18-22 ga wire pkg of 12 $12.50 amp pins 18-22 ga wire pkg of 50 $40.00 amp sockets 18-22 ga wire pkg of 50 $40.00 part ap099 part as101 part ap261 part as740 part ad013 part ad017 amp pins 16-18 ga wire pkg of 12 $15.00

connectors deutsch deutsch hd series repair kits includes housing and terminals part d0301k part d0302k part d0991k part d0992k part d0971k part d0972k hd14-3-16p 3 pin round receptacle pkg of 1 $18.00 hd16-3-96s 3 pin round plug pkg of 1 $18.00 hd10-9-1939pe 9 pin receptacle pkg of 1 $30.00 hd16-9-1939se 9 pin plug pkg of 1 $30.00 hdp24-24-9se-l015 9 pin receptacle pkg of 1 $80.00 hdp26-24-9pn-l017 9 pin plugreverse pkg of 1 $80.00 part d0973k part d0961k part d0962k part d1411k part d1412k part d1413k hdp26-24-9se-l015 9 pin plug pkg of 1 $92.00 hd34-24-91pn-059 9 pin iso receptacle pkg of 1 $102.00 hdb36-24-91sn-059 9 pin can plug pkg of 1 $102.00 hdp24-18-14pn 14 pin receptacle pkg of 1 $45.00 hdp26-18-14sn 14 pin plug pkg of 1 $45.00 hdp26-18-14se 14 pin plug pkg of 1 $45.00 part d1821k part d1822k part d1937k part d1938k part d2921k part d2922k hdp24-24-18pnl015 18 pin receptacle pkg of 1 $52.00 hdp26-24-18snl015 18 pin plug pkg of 1 $52.00

farm productivity introducing the newest gac technology grain moisture algorithm with fast infrared temperature compensation the dickey-john grain analysis computer model 2500 gac 2500 is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analyzers the gac 2500 uses the newest analysis technology 149 mhz to provide ntep certified results reducing the number of grain calibrations required to deliver precise moisture results is a key benefit of this technology the gac 2500 will also accommodate special calibrations specifically developed for specialty crops such as walnuts almonds and coffee the gac 2500 reduces your analysis time at the grain terminal by using a quick easy-to-use touchscreen operator interface and providing improved data storage and share processing benefits and features include field proven to work with all leading scale systems utilizes the latest 149mhz technology to bring you ntep certified results with faster analysis time