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replacement parts for cessna these seat rails have only pilot holes drilled in the rail base allowing the installer to exactly match the aircraft floor rivet pattern the manufacturer discovered while installing and developing our replacement seat rails that the seat rail attachment hole pattern was not consistant from aircraft to aircraft even small inconsistancies in the hole locations in the aircraft floor make installation of new seat rails very difficult for this reason all these seat rails have only a few smaller pilot attachment holes drilled at the factory this allows the installer to precisely locate the attachment holes to match the holes in the aircraft floor all special sized or machined attchment holes are factory machined to finish dimensions it is necessary to install all required fasteners when seat rails are installed after studying countless worn and failed seat rails these rails were designed with 15 more metal in critical areas the result is more crack resistant durability strength and longer life installation tip the aircraft floor is subject to corrosion from moisture under the seat rails be sure to remove and treat any corrosion before installing the new seat rails description part no price description part no price as0511293-3 05-00367 $194.95 as0411545-2 05-00346 $98.75 as0411545-1 05-00345 $153.95 as0511293-4 05-00368 $115.95 as0511293-2 05-00366 $220.95 as0411545-3 05-00347 $49.75 as0511240-4 05-00354 $118.50 as0411545-4 05-00348 $84.75 as0410219-2 05-00328 $141.95 as0511240-2 05-00352 $193.95 as0410219-1 05-00327 $155.95 as0511240-3 05-00353 $214.95 as0410230-2 05-00329 $219.95 as0511240-6 05-00356 $137.65 as0410230-3 05-00341 $188.95 as0511240-7 05-00357 $270.95 as0410235-6 05-00344 $148.95 as0511240-8 05-00358 $296.95 as0410235-1 05-00342 $156.95 as0511240-9 05-00359 $190.95 as0410235-2 05-00343 $156.95 as0511243-4 05-00362 $65.50 as0511000-14 05-00331 $162.95 as0511243-5 05-00363 $69.85 as0511000-15 05-00332 $196.95 as0511243-6 05-00364 $73.50 as0511293-1 05-00365 $148.50 as2414002-1 05-00414 $73.95 as2414002-2 05-00415 $73.95 seat rails for cessna aircraft the universal safety foot is a secondary seat stop for both pilot and co-pilot seats for the 100 200 earlier cessnas prevents the seat from sliding backwards when the pins are not engaged in the seat rails meets the requirements of the mandatory compliance cessna issued owner advisory seb07-5a dated 5-14-2007 this advisory requires all earlier 100 200 model cessnas to have a secondary seat stop installed within 24 months from the date of the advisory issued as a no hazard installation approval by the faa dated 4-27-2006 the safety foot can be installed by the owner/operator of the aircraft due to its simple design the safety foot can be installed in about 45 minutes and in most cases the seats do not have to be removed from the aircraft clamped to the seat frame and integral with the existing seat retention and operating mechanism of the aircraft three allen wrenches and a setting gage are the only tools required for the installation the setting gage is provided in the kit along with detailed instructions the product is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase p/n 05-04104 $175.00 universal safety-foot cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv fuel strainer seal kit kit contains gasket and 3 o rings approved for cessna models 180h j k p/n 05-01705 $13.75 fs-kt-2 fuel bowl kit faa-pma kit contains 1 mc0756009-8 gasket 1 mc07560081 fuel bowl 1 mcm83248/1-010 o-ring 1 mcm83248/1-111 o-ring 1 mcm83248/1-138 oring 1 mc0756015-1 washer 1 mcs1573-3 nut p/n 05-04425 $135.95 fs-kt-3 fuel strainer rebuild kits kit contains 1 fs-kt-1 gasket kit 1 mc07560081 fuel bowl 1 mc0756015-1 washer 1 mcs1573-3 nut 1 mc0756010-11 plunger 1 mc0756011-1 standpipe 2 mcs145027 a7-032 washer 1 0756012-1 spring p/n 05-04426 $324.50 fuel strainer plunger mc0756010-11 special electro polished shaft for longer o-ring life mcfarlane s blue viton rubber tip will outlast the original in any fuel p/n 05-04424 $89.50 fuel strainer assembly kit contains gasket kit fuel bowl 2washers nut plunger standpipe spring and top assembly approved for cessna models 182h j k l m n p q r p/n 05-04111 $864.00 fuel strainer and cable kit kit contains gasket kit fuel bowl 2 washers nut plunger standpipe spring top assembly filter and strainer drain cable approved for cessna models f182p q p/n 05-04112 $758.95 fuel strainer bowl engineered to last manufactured using improved materials for added strength and gold anodized for corrosion resistance computer machined not die cast p/n 05-01704 $110.95 fuel strainer kit for cessna aircraft completely new rudder pedal rudder pedals for cessna aircraft less money and longer life bronze bushings at the pivot points resist wear and vibration for longer pedal life precision cast heat treated aluminum alloy power coat finish for durability and corrosion protection faa-pma direct replacement for cessna part #1460320-1 model ap2000-01 pn 05-04165 $121.95 re-bushed rudder pedal model numbers 0760678-1 0760678-2 and 1460320-1 faa approved repair for magnesium rudder pedals worn and elongated pedal holes are reamed and fitted with bush ings for a longer life bronze bushings resist vibration and corrosion wear longer than the magnesium casting fits most single engine cessnas from 1963-1981 except for model 188 model 0760678-1-r pn 05-04166 $97.25 40.00 core model 0760678-2-r pn 05-04167 $70.75 40.00 core model 1460320-1-r pn 05-04168 $83.25 30.00 core core credit eligibility large hole dia max <0.490 small hole dia max <0.275 pedals worn beyond these limits are not eligible for core credit rebushed pedals may be returned for core credit but must follow the same criteria fuel strainer standpipe the last one you will buy stainless steel no more corrosion pits or stripped threads costs less p/n 05-00281 $109.95 for the cessna cardinal 177rg aircrarft mcfarlane s blue vulcanized viton rubber tip will outlast the original in any fuel all metal one piece design eliminates the flimsy c-clip model serial no replaces 177rg 177rg0001 thru 177rg1366 2016021-4 f177rg f177rg0001 thru f177rg0177 2016021-4 1 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177rg0001 thru 177rg0282 and f177rg0001 thru f177rg0062 2 each required for aircraft serial numbers 177rg0283 thru 177rg1366 and f177rg0063 thru f177rg0177 cessna 177rg fuel reservoir drain plunger this is screw kit specifically for the cessna 150/152 seat rails this #10 structural screw kit contains all screws and nuts required to install four seat rails 150/152 seat rail screw kit sr150-screw-kit p/n 05-04613 $249.85 kit contains 40 ms27039-1-08 screw 10-32 x .531 2 ms27039-1-09 screw 10-32 x .594 2 ms27039-1-17 screw 10-32 x 1.094 40 ms21044n3 nut nylon lock p/n 05-04107 $21.65 one side is embossed with a surface texture for improved locking strength and to make sure the washer does not slip while tightening features up to four times the locking power for less faa approved using stronger material than the original allowing the standard washer to be eliminated designed with six tabs instead of two easier to use cessna 180 182 185 188 205 206 207 210 310 320 411 and 414 model aircraft p/n 05-01742 $6.50 cessna motor mount block lock washer aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 203