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oil filters adapters oil drain valves cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv k&n powersports oil filters are `tuv product endorsed and `tuv factory production monitored this means every k&n oil filter is equal to or will exceed all oem specifications our filters contain a modern synthetic filter media designed for ultimate flow with less pressure drop yet engineered for outstanding filtration to meet or exceed all oem specifications all k&n powersports `spin-on oil filters feature a heavy-duty metal can with a 17mm nut affixed onto the end that allows for easy installation and removal the 17mm nut is crossed-drilled so racers can safety wire the filter to their bike k&n oil filter kn-141 p/n 08-06231 $9.75 k&n oil filter kn-142 p/n 08-00691 $9.75 tach cable champion oil filter ch48109 1.75 champion oil filter ch48108 b&c sd-8 2.70 k&n oil filters makes aircraft oil changes easy the hand actuated valve when attached to the oil drain port permits engine oil changes from the ground without removing the engine cowling the spring loaded e-z drain valve cannot be accidentally opened actuation of the valve requires a combination push/twist motion it also contains a dual seal arrangement which combines both an o-ring metal-to-metal seal to prevent accidental leakage of oil through the valve faa approved for use on the engines listed incorporates fine aeroquip quality hose installation eligibility listing furnished with each unit engine application thread price cont c-90 o-200 go-300 io-360 ae99950g tsio-360 o-470 io-470 tsio-470 5/8-18 $219.95 io-520 tsio-520 gtsio-520 ae80666h cont o-300 late c-145 1-18 $687.50 ae80664h lycoming engines 1/2npt $169.95 valve o-ring all models ms28775-011 $0.23 ea interface o-ring ae99950g ms28775-113 $0.26 ea ae805555h ms28775-118 $0.21 ea not to be used on piper models pa-28r-200 pa-28r-201 pa-28rt-200 aeroquip e-z oil drain sump valves part no this 90° spin on oil filter adapter is faa approved for replacement of existing oil pressure oil 8 amp alternator screens or spin-on filter adapters on lycoming 0-235 o io lio aio aeio-320 o io lio ho return from oil coolhio tio aeio-360 o io hio er must use 45° fitting to clear oil filter tio lti aeio-540 io-720 series engines it is cnc milled to oil cooler from solid aluminum billet and fits perfectly without interference with the magnetos vacuum pump or the mechanical tach drive adapter kit comes complete with new gasket new aluminum washer for the vernatherm new copper gasket for the oil temperature sensor sealant for the gaskets new lycoming bolts for mounting the adapter wt 4lbs uses ch48108 or ch48109 filters adapter kit w stc for certified a/c p/n 08-00195 $447.00 adapter kit w/o stc for homebuilt a/c p/n 08-00196 $385.00 required items b&c oil temp probe adapter p/n 08-07092 $14.50 b&c vern-a-therm opening plug p/n 08-07093 $49.75 b&c model bc700 lycoming oil filter adapter cessna continental oil filter adapter kits part no aircraft application price 0450404-202 c150 a150 f150 fa150 fra150 $932.00 0556010-200 c172 f172 $963.00 1250922-201 c180 c185 c188 t188 $629.00 1250922-200 c205 c206 u206 p206 207 $559.00 all the continental spin on adapter kits above require the following items in addition to the adapter oil filter p/n ch48110 $21.75 nut p/n 1250405-1 $304.95 an123883 o-ring p/n 08-04930 $3.65 changing engine oil has never been easier with the saf-air oil drain valve no wrench is needed to remove the drain plug a simple push and turn of the saf-air valve locks it in the open position the valves are made completely from aluminum stainless s6250 steel parts faa pma approved part no engine application thread price s6250 cont same as aeroquip ae99950g 5/8-18 $79.50 s1000 cont same as aeroquip ae80666h 1-18 $85.75 p5000 lyc same as aeroquip ae80664h 1/2npt $85.75 m12175 rotax 912 914 12mm x 1.75 $38.75 s7516 cont lo-520-e 3/4 16 $84.50 p7500 franklin engines 3/4 npt $84.75 s5020j jabiru 2200 3300 1/2 20 $38.75 m20150 subaru 2.2l 2.5l 20-1.50mm $41.50 f62 saf-air oil drain sump valves lycoming spin-on filter adapter kits aircraft application all applicable engines except models shown in table below lw-13744 0-235 series lw-13745 io-720 with 1200 series series magnetos 08-00513 0-320-h lw-14969 lw-13743 lw-13904 part no price $697.00 $648.00 $611.00 $1,431.00 perfect for a close clearance engine oil drain application such as on the piper arrow these low profile oil drain valves are designed to clear retractable landing gears other restrictions the valve is very affordable and can be rebuilt it is a simple procedure to sample or drain hot oil the valve is made from 360 brass 302 stainless steel faa pma approved mfg no part no engine application thread price f62 05-00981 continental 5/8-18 $114.95 f10 05-00982 pratt whitney 1-18 $114.95 f50 05-00983 lycoming 1/2-18 npt $114.95 this is exactly what lancair iv owners have needed for their continental engine forget the huge mess when changing oil engineered to fit and will not interfere with the retracted nose strut finally makes oil changing simple and easy in your lancair iv fits any 5/8 18 thread drain plug brass and steel construction yellow zinc plated dust cover provides protection between changes drains via hose directly into container p/n 08-01298 $97.50 saf-air low profile 2-piece oil drain sump valves low profile oil drain valve for lancair all engines with dual magnetos includes converter $671.00 plate assembly and does not include filter all lycoming spin on oil filter adapter kits above include adapter oil filter assembly adapter plate gaskets attaching hardware lw-14969 kit also contains oil cooler bypass valve assembly 2 elbows 2 oil seals for oil cooler installations saf-air oil drain valves designed to provide sport plane builders and owners several improvements over the standard lycoming oil screen or filter hardware this device locates the filter in the vertical plane for two unique advantages 1 the filter is now in free space permitting installation with tight engine to firewall clearance that would otherwise be limited to an oil screen 2 the filter is easily accessible without contortions or broken knuckles 3 when it is time for filter changes a prick punch in the top of the filter allows oil to drain back to the sump such that none is spilled during removal no accessory case lower cowl or nose gear cleanup is required after filter removal kits include housing filter o-ring and washer exper oil filter housing kit ch48109-1 filter p/n 08-00977 $309.95 exper oil filter housing kit ch48108-1 filter p/n 08-00976 $309.95 exper adapter only p/n 08-00975 $289.00 stc d oil filter housing kit ch48109-1 filter p/n 08-01237 $329.95 stc d oil filter housing kit ch48108-1 filter p/n 08-01236 $333.95 stc d adapter only p/n 08-01094 $309.00 casper labs lycoming 90° oil filter housing changing hot engine oil has never been easier with the saf-air oil drain valve no wrench is needed to remove the drain plug a simple push and turn of the saf-air valve locks it in the open position the valve is made completely from anodized aluminum and stainless steel components these materials are used throughout the aircraft industry due to their strength and durability faa pma approved description s7516 p7500 p5000 m20150 part no 05-00984 05-00985 07-00879 05-00987 price $84.50 $84.75 $85.75 $41.50 description s6250 s5020j m12175 s1000 part no 06-00637 05-00986 07-00876 07-00880 price $79.50 $38.75 $38.75 $85.75 334 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice