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oil systems christen 801 inverted oil system christen 806-4 breather tee christen 809 breather adapter christen 803 oil separator standard lycoming breather port plugged overboard breather line standard lycoming oil pick-up tube sump screen removed christen 804-v sump fitting christen 810-s oil strainer fitting christen 802 oil valve this accessory kit for lycoming engines provides normal engine lubrication with minimal oil loss during aerobatic flight it functions as a selfcontained extension of the normal engine oil and breather systems can be installed in a few hours without engine disassembly part no 801-4 801-6 811-v 811-a description for four-cylinder engines includes 802 oil valve with plug wrench and plugs for unused ports 803 oil separator 806-4 breather tee and product manual which provides detailed instructions for application weight 4.75 lb installed for six-cylinder engines same as 801-4 kit but is supplied with 806-6 breather tee weight 4.75 lb installed for vertical-screen sump engines includes 810-s oil strainer fitting 810-r oil return fitting 804-v sump fitting vertical type with crush gasket and ms20822-10d elbow weight 0.50 lb installed for horizontal-screen sump engines includes 810-s oil strainer fitting 810-r oil return fitting 805 sump plug with insertion tool 804-a sump fitting angular 360° swivel-type with crush gasket and wrench for swivel clamping screw weight 0.36 lb installed for horizontal-screen sump engines includes 810-s oil strainer fitting 810-r oil return fitting 805 sump plug with insertion tool 804-s sump fitting straight-type with crush gasket weight 0.33 lb installed for engines with forward breather ports such as the o-235 and o-290 models includes 809 breather adapter with gasket an84212d hose elbow and ms20913-6d plug for forward breather port weight 0.53 lb installed for addition of oil ports to engine sumps includes two 812 weld bosses and quantity of 5 silicon-aluminum welding rod type 4043 weight 0.12 lb installed same as 812-2 kit except with only one 812 weld boss for addition of single sump port weight 0.06 lb installed stainless steel spring wire installed inside breather hose to permit relatively sharp bends without collapsing or kinking 10 x 47/64 weight 0.12 lb installed stainless steel spring wire installed inside breather hose to permit relatively sharp bends without collapsing or kinking 10 x 63/64 weight 0.12 lb installed all hoses and fittings required for deluxe show-plane quality installation on four-cylinder engines includes aeroquip braided stainless steel hose for oil lines mil-h-6000 rubber-fabric hose for breather lines thin abrasive cut-off wheel for professional-quality hose cuts an and ms fittings blue anodized aeroquip hose end fittings blue and red anodized and miniature stainless steel hose clamps all materials are factory new no surplus weight excluding hose 1.53 lb installed a high-quality welded and powder-coated aluminum assembly designed to save oil vs direct overboard crankcase breathers in normal flight operations features an extrahigh-volume design offering enhanced inverted flight performance in entry-level aerobatic aircraft allowing oil to be retained and returned to the engine during shortduration inverted and limited negative g maneuvers the angled design makes it a perfect fit for sonex aircraft angled firewalls while retaining compatibility with traditional vertical firewall installations in other aircraft comes with comprehensive installation instructions suitable for a wide-range of engine installations p/n 08-07107 $106.95 aero conversions oil separator cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps price $988.00 $1,025.00 $359.50 $527.00 these kits for sump mods come with fittings and welding rod aluminum sumps most 4 cyl one boss p/n 08-00789 $35.00 two boss p/n 08-00790 $65.00 magnesium sumps most 6 cyl one boss p/n 08-00791 $60.00 two boss p/n 08-00792 $95.00 raven weld boss kits raven basic inverted oil system 811-s $446.95 809-k 812-2 812-1 813-4 813-6 $267.95 $159.50 $88.25 $95.50 $16.25 5 5 4 4 raven systems consist of the valve with three pipe plugs tank mount and clamps the tank is constructed from aluminum and is tig welded using stainless steel internal parts prevent corrosion valve is machined from solid aluminum and all parts are power coated black or white valve is 5-1/2 h x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 weighs 1.85 lbs 5 tank is for 4 or 6 cylinder applications 4 tank is for 4 cyl applications only tank-black p/n 08-00796 $724.00 tank-white p/n 08-00800 $735.00 tank-black p/n 08-00797 $784.00 tank-white p/n 08-00801 $724.00 raven inverted system vac adapters these vac adapters are machined from solid aluminum with anodized finish furnished with a seal installed and complete with an fitting and gaskets vac-4 for 4 cyl lycomings p/n 08-00785 $198.95 non-acc y vac pad oil p/u p/n 08-00786 $74.80 807-4 $1,433.00 807-4 economy hose fitting kit 807-6 economy hose fitting kit $607.00 these kits include same items as aviat factory kits but are packaged by aircraft spruce $627.00 10-page detailed manual describes system operation procedure for selecting proper components for each engine model p/n 05-20600 $17.50 ea these sump fitting kits come with specialized fittings washers o rings needed to install the kit sump kit for horizontal screen 4 or 6 cyl lyc p/n 08-00787 $427.00 sump kit for vertical screen 4 or 6 cyl lyc p/n 08-00788 $279.00 raven sump fitting kits multiple port gravity operated ball valve it is cast aluminum with textured white epoxy enamel finish and all internal steel parts are cadmium plated normally installed on firewall or on engine mount designed for fittings to be installed either at side or front or both requires 3 an816-10d nipples for hose connection wt 1.75 lbs installed p/n 08-06745 $349.00 features welded aluminum construction with a textured white epoxy enamel finish all internal parts are cadmium plated and unit includes stainless steel positioning clamps normally installed on fire wall or on engine mount requires 2 an84212d or -16d hose elbows and one an823-10d hose fitting wt 2.8 lbs installed applicable to all lycoming engine applications used to replace a worn out or broken oil separator on christen 801-4 systems only p/n 08-06740 $446.00 christen oil valve christen oil separator for engines that have horizontal oil filters this system will eliminate the problem of oil dripping down into the engine and on the firewall while the filter is being removed a tray is supplied that catches the oil coming from the engine flange and filter while it is being unscrewed the oil in the tray pours down a hose connected to the bottom of the tray the filter can now be removed and thrown away includes the welded aluminum tray oil filter wrench and hose full set of instructions included p/n 08-00974 $59.75 slime fighter bv aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 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