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needles ­ grommets ­ plates martin fabric clips cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv brush width 1/2 1 2 capstrip web used to secure fabric to metal ribs in wings and control surfaces replaces rib-stitch cord or p-k screws provides a more secure and streamlined installation drastically reduces covering time faa-approved for aircraft listed easily adapts to homebuilts with metal ribs spacing between clips 3 spacing may be reduced to 1-1/2 on highperformance aircraft by using 2 wires with clips inserted in alternate holes that are spaced 1-1/2 apart fabricated from stainless steel wire supplied in 25-ft continuous coils 25-ft coil p/n 09-19400 $15.50 3 curved needle 3c p/n 09-18705 $2.75/ea 6 curved needle 6c p/n 09-18710 $2.70/ea 12 curved tip needle 12c p/n 09-18720 $21.40/ea 12 straight needle 12 p/n 09-18725 $6.95/ea 18 curved tip needle 18c p/n 09-18730 $22.15/ea needle assortment includes 1 each of the following 3 curved 6 curved 12 curved 12 straight 18 straight p/n 09-18735 $38.00 made from the highest quality steel heat treated nickel plated 2-1/4 curved 18 gauge p/n 09-18300 $1.26/ea 4 straight 15 gauge p/n 09-18400 $2.70/ea 10 straight 13 gauge p/n 09-18500 $3.05/ea 14 straight 13 gauge p/n 09-18600 $7.75/ea 18 straight 12 gauge p/n 09-18700 $4.65/ea used to hold fabric in place temporarily in covering operation plated steel 1-1/2 l 100 pins p/n 09-18850 $4.29 used on some aircraft models to attach fabric to metal wing ribs and empennage ribs instead of rib lacing truss-head type a self-tapping sheet metal screws size #4 x 1/4 stainless steel phillips head p/n t4x4 $0.03/ea stainless steel type a phillips p/n 4rx1/2ss $0.04/ea stainless steel type a phillips p/n t4x6 $0.04/ea 1/8 diameter used to seal tubing vent holes p/n 04-01496 $0.08/ea rib lacing sewing needles rib stitch needles installation kits aircraft model aeronca-champion piper all models stinson taylorcraft stc no sa150s0 sa126s0 sa615s0 original equipment part no 09-19500 09-19600 09-19700 09-19800 feet req d 225 175-250 175 225 t head pins screws all install kits $38.95 no clips are included order separately if clips are used to secure fabric on controls add 50 ft individual spring steel clips used to attach fabric to metal ribs eliminates rib stitching 5 discount on purchase of 100 p/n 09-19900 $0.78 tac rags pick up dust like a magnet use tac rags in final cleaning or dusting of surface before applying enamel lacquer or synthetic paints wipe surface gently to remove all dust lint and fine sand particles from metal wood or plastic surfaces tac rags are anti-static epoxy compatible and remain soft and tacky indefinitely individually packaged.size 18 x 36 p/n 09-20000 $0.85 ea $9.18/dzn this 3mtm tape is particularly suitable for pin striping multicolor and other custom painting applications it is a thin conformable green polypropylene film tape with a special finish that resists paint runoff the adhesive adheres instantly and offers good holding power resists lifting and curling stretchable and easy to handle provides an extremely fine color-line separation for decorative painting of aircraft scotch no 218 1/8 x 60 yds p/n 09-20200 $12.90 1/4 x 60 yds p/n 09-20300 $9.65 3/8 x 60 yds p/n 09-20350 $18.90 1/2 x 60 yds p/n 09-20400 10.95 cessna-type fabric clips ad-41h closed-end blind pop rivet blind rivets tac rags use these 1/8 dia pop rivets to attach fabric to the ribs on champion/bellanca aircraft 100 rivets p/n 09-18900 $22.35 3mtm fine-line paint tape aluminum washers may be use in place of original plastic washers under screws and pop rivets to attach fabric to metal wing or empennage ribs plastic 1/8 i.d x 1/2 od p/n 09-19000 $29.50 aluminum 0.128 id x 1/2 od x 0.016 p/n 09-19100 $7.30 manufactured from virgin cellulose acetate butyrate resin grommet part no o.d i.d type flat an231-1 1-1/4 3/8 flat an231-2 3/4 5/16 price each $0.19 $0.18 price grommet part no o.d i.d each type seaplane an231-4 1-1/8 $0.18 aluminum 09-19110 3/4 1/4 washers drain grommets 3/4 x 60 yds p/n 09-20500 $13.95 less 10 on 6 rolls assorted · less 15 on 12 rolls assorted natural undyed bristle with smooth unpainted wood or polyethyle handles unaffected by paint dopes thinners or solvents part price number each 09-21100 $0.27 09-21200 $0.43 09-21300 $0.56 discount less 10 on 50 brush part width number 2-1/2 09-38825 3 09-38803 4 09-38804 15 on 100 per size price each $0.57 $0.86 $2.10 depressed center less 15 on qty of 100 per part no plastic rings 4-5/8 o.d x 3-1/2 i.d x .050 thick molded from virgin cellulose acetate butyrate resin to be cemented to fabric as inspection plate retainer 20 discount on 100 or more p/n 09-19200 0.55 ea glued over inspection rings to prevent accidental removal p/n 09-18750 5.25 ea wood brushes inspection rings inspection ring patches inspection plates domed concave aluminum snap-type plate has single clip riveted across full diameter snaps to the ring at 2 contact points plate is 4.75 dia p/n 09-19300 $1.93ea $164.05/100 recessed recessed center and flanged-edge design will not creep off center due to vibration in propwash areas 4-3/4 dia x .020 aluminum will not twist or vibrate p/n 09-18740 5.45 ea horse hair with metal handle #1 3/8 wide p/n 09-21400 $0.24 ea $3.65/dz #2 1/2 wide p/n 09-21500 $0.37 ea $3.65/dz grade b fabric patches for quick repairs on grade b dacron covering smooth edge 2.5 dia also available in dacron which are more durable less noticeable on aircraft exterior less 10 for 12 or more grade a cotton patches p/n 09-17700 $5.50/ea dacron dollar patches p/n 09-17705 $0.98/ea ceconite c101 p/n 09-00162 $7.75/ea ceconite c102 p/n 09-00163 $7.75/ea pf p-103 med p/n 09-18750 $5.25/ea p99 heavy duty p/n 09-00164 $7.75/ea acid or glue brushes dollar patches this is a clear window aircraft inspection cover that is a cover replacement for a 3.5 inspection ring the plate is made from lexan plastic can be used with an inspection hole size of 3.38 minimum up to a 3.56 maximum and should not be installed on aircraft traveling at speeds in excess of 250 knots it can be cleaned with standard aircraft windshield cleaners p/n 09-02114 $8.85 clear aircraft inspection plate cover 394 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice