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gyros cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv 5000b-36 sigma tek s attitude gyros are selected as standard equipment by aircraft and autopilot manufacturers worldwide they are the recognized industry leaders offering features and options that improve safety and enhance pilot convenience the unique warning flag and cageable options are significant features extremely useful upgrades for owners of light general aviation aircraft the warning flag model instantly alerts the pilot to a loss of pneumatic power especially important during busy operations when panel scanning is focused on the attitude gyro the unique cageable attitude provides for quick erection and display alignment a high priority for aerobatic aircraft owners and for aircraft operations that require short stops sigma tek s highly reliable and proven attitude gyros are available with electrical pitch and roll outputs for autopilot and other stabilization applications arinc style bezel display graphics colors inclinometer internal lighting and various panel tilts are all available options sigma tek gyros can be customized for compatibility with any instrument panel an air operated instrument which indicates compass headings through 360 degrees the gyro is functional during dives climbs or banks up to 55 degrees displacement from level flight dial has matte white numerals and markings on a dull black background vacuum port and air inlet ports 1/4 npt gauge port 1/8 npt size 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 x 6-1/2 wt 2.6 lbs standard equipment in production cessna and piper aircraft new manufacture all lighted units must purchase light tray separately model 4000b unlighted p/n 4000b $941.00 model 4000b-31 lighted tray sold separately .p/n 10-00588 $1,080.00 model 4000b w heading bug p/n 10-00469 $1,170.00 4000hr-3 w/bug tray sold separately p/n 10-00095 $1,363.00 model 4000c autopilot dg p/n 4000c $1,697.00 sigma-tek directional gyro vertical card vacuum rc allen directional gyros vertical card vacuum rca11a-8 rca11a-15 the rca-11a series of vacuum directional gyros utilize and air driven precision gyro that controls a vertical rotating azimuth gimbal the r.c allen model rca11a has been designed to provide a long life of accurate operation even when subjected to severe operating requirements this instrument is engineered with a minimum of machined parts providing lower initial cost and lower maintenance cost through its lifetime the rca11a is non-tumbling within ±85° limits in pitch and roll and can be easily installed in any 3 1/8 panel cut out full freedom design allows accurate indication even after extreme maneuvers stainless steel is used at wear points with aluminum investment and die casting a knob is provided to reset the gyro when compared to the magnetic compass the rca11a-8 features the standard display meets of exceeds all requirements of faa tso c5c and aeronautical standard as397 dimensions length 6.7 height 3.4 width 3.4 weight 2.3 pounds model no description part no price rca11a-8 standard display 10-01370 $759.00 rca11a-8f standard display with flag 10-01680 $857.00 cardinal heading markers n s rca11a-15 10-00390 $883.00 e w piper/cessna display rca11a-16b rca11a-17b rca11d-4 rca11d-5 rca11d-7 standard display lighted 14 10-01369 $972.00 volt standard display lighted 28 10-01389 $796.00 volt single pointer 400hz autopilot 10-01117 $1,494.00 with heading bug dual auto pilot with heading 10-03430 $1,494.00 bug with heading bug only 10-02931 $1,375.00 lighted gyro is compatible with s-tec autopilots s-tec model 6406 gyro only p/n 10-00587 $2,126.00 accessories 14 volt light tray p/n 10-00111 $54.75 28 volt light tray p/m 10-00112 $54.75 sigma-tek 4000d-6 directional gyro these units are factory-overhauled gyros that are like new and carry the same warranty as a new units provided installation is within 6 months of factory ship date full replacement warrarnty is 12 months from date of installation exchange core must be a like core and the core must be returned no later than 20 days from the invoice date to receive core credit like cores include any 4000b series sigma tek/edo-aire core as exchange for a 4000b-30 any 5000b series sigma tek/edo-aire core as exchange for a 5000b-36 all lighted units must order light tray separately 4000b-30 description sigma-tek model no our pn core price attitude gyro 5000b-36 10-03360 $275.00 $525.00 directional gyro 4000b-30 10-03359 $275.00 $519.00 sigma-tek factory overhauled gyros replace troublesome learjet dn-101 or dn-104 gyros with dependable 10,000 hour sperry/honeywell gyros the insight gyro 4000 is based on the best heading system in the industry the sperry/honeywell c-14a the c-14a rotors are equipped with long life ceramic bearings rated for 10,000 hours combining the c-14a with special interface circuitry in a compatible package the gyro 4000 is a plug-in replacement for the old jet dn-101 or dn-104 stc d for learjet 23 24 25 28 29 31 35 and 55 dn-101,104 equipped learjets as a direct replacement p/n 11-05199 $8,893.00 insight gyro 4000 the rca15 series electric directional gyro employs and electrically driven gyro motor and is a direct reading azimuth indicator rotor run up time is 3 min they have a built in inverter which converts aircraft dc power to the required ac voltage and frequency may be used in both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft and is easily installed in standard 3 1/8 panel cut out power failure flag drops into view when pictured is supply voltage is lost or has dropped below a level rca15ak-1 for proper operation of the gyro azimuth indication range 360° altitude operation -1,000 to 40,000 feet internal 3 phase inverter prodeces high starting torque and increases gyro roto speed internal lighting provides even light distribution at any intensity level calibrated to an accuracy of 3° maximum drift error after 10 minutes of ±1.5° scorsby motion electrical requirements starting current 14 vdc 2.4a max running current 14 vdc 1.2a starting current 28 vdc 1.4a max running current @28 vdc .6a reccomended circuit breaker 3a dimensions:length 6.7 width 3.4 height 3.4 weight 2.3 pounds meets of exceeds all requirements of faa tso c5c and aeronautical standard as397 model rca15ak-1 rca15ak-2 rca15bk-1 rca15bk-2 rca15ak-16 rca15ak-17 rca15bk-16 rca15bk-17 description 14 vdc lighted 14 vdc 28 vdc lighted 28 vdc 14 volt 400hz 5k 14 volt,heading bug only 28 volt 400hz 5k 28 volt,heading bug only part no 10-01681 10-01390 10-01682 10-00501 10-02530 10-02529 10-02533 10-02532 10-00791 10-04623 price $2,195.00 $2,089.00 $2,195.00 $2,079.00 $2,889.00 $2,738.00 $2,889.00 $2,738.00 $24.95 $149.95 rc allen directional gyros electric accessories ms3116e8-4s mating connector mini slip indicator add to your new or current 444-0011-0 this electric gyro horizon replaces 444-0007-01 438 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice