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gyros engineered as a primary or standby artificial horizon in fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters this indicator s single connection makes installation a snap this indicator is standard equipment on many oem aircraft including the beech baron and bonanza featuring 10-32 volt dc operation antireflective glass long-life lighting and 7,500 hours mtbf this is a cost-effective and safe alternative to unreliable vacuum systems 4300-311 10/32v lighted 0-20° without btty p/n 10-00751 $3,395.00 4300-313 10/32v lighted 0-20° delta p/n 10-03899 $3,395.00 emergency power supply md420 p/n 11-05540 $2,075.00 mid-continent instruments electric attitude indicator this gyro horizon is controlled by an air driven precision gyroscope to present the pilot with pitch and roll information through the full 360° pictorial presentation leads to faster interpretation of airplane attitude a zero pitch adjustment knob is provided dims 3-1/8 x 3-1/8 x 8 max similar to air italia gyros nontso d for experimental aircraft only p/n 10-22955 $577.00 gyro with 8° tilt p/n 10-02242 $671.00 falcon attitude gyro vacuum cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv falcon attitude gyro electric features · weighs just 1.8 lbs ­ one pound less than most electric directional gyros · multi-voltage 10­32 volt dc remains valid until the aircraft main battery discharges to 10vdc · direct replacement for many aim205 and rc allen rc15a units · designed specifically for use in high vibration applications · warning flag monitors rotor speed and power input · anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces fatigue · approved to faa tso-c5e and rtca do-160e · requires less than half the power of standard dg units · long-life led lighting user selectable to 5 14 or 28 volt input · one year limited warranty specifications power input 10­32 vdc current rating at 14 vdc start 1.4a max run 0.44a nominal at 28 vdc start 0.6a max run 0.22a nominal lighting internal led lighting switchable to 5 14 or 28 vdc input wired through main connector weight 1.9 lbs length 4.7 inches mtbf 2,500 hours mating connector ms3116f8-4s ,mounting rear panel mount in standard 31/8 round panel cutout 3300-10 no lighting p/n 10-02821 $3,295.00 3300-11 14v led lighting p/n 10-04773 $3,706.00 3300-11 28v led lighting p/n 10-04774 $3,706.00 mating connector ms3116f8-4s p/n 10-00791 $24.95 mid-continent instruments 3300 electric directional gyro this factory new electric attitude gyro fits the standard gyro instrument cut-out features push-to-cage knob low power/power failure flag longer life reliability due to lower operating temp black case black adjustment knob bright yellow/green airplane marker with sky blue/brown ground dial roll loop without worry size 6.4 wt 2.4 lbs power 14vdc req ms3116e8 connector included non-tso d for experimental aircraft only description artificial horizon 14v artificial horizon 14v lighted artificial horizon 14v 8° tilt artificial horizon 14v 8° tilt lighted artificial horizon 28v artificial horizon 28v lighted connector for electrial gyro part no price 10-04671 $1,525.00 10-04672 $1,598.00 10-04673 $1,499.00 10-04674 $1,598.00 10-00102 $1,598.00 10-00103 $1,733.00 10-00791 $24.95 size 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 model no gh02e-3 gh02e-3l gh02e-3a 3-1/8 gh02e-3al 3-1/8 gh02e-3b 3-1/8 gh02e-3bl ms3116e84 pin 4s falcon directional gyro vacuum fly with confidence and peace of mind with the lifesaver® gyro even if every other system in your aircraft s avionics panel goes dark the lifesaver powers on the only attitude indicator with a selfcontained battery backup it delivers one full hour of emergency attitude reference 1 hr of precious time to pull you through when trouble strikes and all other power fails optional sli p indicator can be installed anytime no removal of gyro necessary benefits field replaceable lighting anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces fatigue battery life 3 years in average aircraft environment 10-32 vdc replacement for use in either 14 or 28v aircraft may be installed in place of an existing turn coordinator or turn and slip indicator per faa advisory circular ac91-75 14v gyro with battery p/n 10-00750 $4,075.00 slip indicator p/n 10-00764 $223.95 remote battery mounting kit p/n 10-00763 $241.95 replacement battery pack p/n 10-01054 $249.95 3/32 front mount adapter p/n 10-00765 $86.75 1/2 front mount adapter p/n 10-00766 $151.00 mid-continent instruments lifesaver electric attitude indicator the vertical rotating azimuth card is controlled by a precision gyroscope air-driven the directional gyro will give correct heading information through ±60° of aircraft attitude in roll and pitch 360° in yaw a caging knob is provided to reset the gyro to the magnetic compass similar to air italia gyros nontso d for experimental aircraft only p/n 10-22950 $576.00 falcon directional gyro electric the directional gyro is a gyroscopic navigation instrument designed to provide the pilot with a constant directional reference that is not subject to characteristics of a magnetic compass that cause errors the vacuum type is operated by the air flow generated by the aircraft s vacuum system while the electrical type is operated by the aircraft s power supply non-tso d for experimental aircraft only part no price 10-01798 $1,519.00 10-01796 $1,549.00 10-01799 $1,578.00 10-01822 $1,526.00 size model no description 3-1/8 dg02e-3h 14v with heading indicator 3-1/8 dg02e-3hl 14v lighted with heading indicator 3-1/8 dg02e-3bh 28v with heading indicator dg02e3-1/8 28v lighted with heading indicator 3bhl falcon gyros can tolerated some aerobatic flight but aerobatics can reduce the life of the gyro it is recommended that the gyros be rem oved when the aircraft will be performing extensive aerobatic maneuvers the falcon electric gyros have caging knobs but the vacuum gyros do not the high quality electric attitude indicator replaces the turn and bank and may be installed in the same panel location freeing up crowded panel space installation of these units is straight-forward it has an inclinometer for use in standard rate turns and a failure warning flag to indicate loss of gyro rpm when used together with the castleberry emergency power unit model epu 28-24rmt this instrument provides the pilot with a welcome margin of insurance in case of aircraft electrical power failure features · inclinometer · power failure flag · pull to cage knob · backlit · standard 3 1/8 in diameter model no description part no price 300-14el 14v gyro 10-02823 $2,395.00 300-14el 14v gyro with 8° tilt 10-02828 $2,195.00 300-14el 28v gyro with 8° tilt 10-02829 $2,385.00 300-14elp 300-14el with auto pilot outputs 10-02826 $3,592.00 please specify at time of order 14 or 28v or tilt if desired light tray required castleberry electric attitude indicator tso d emergency power supply model epu 2824rmt that can replace some older non tso d units made by terra and aim that are no longer in production this unit provides a 24 vdc output up to 5 amps for 30 minutes for emergency buss power to operate the standby attitude gyro with extra capacity of up to 4 amps for other critical instrument or avionics this is economical insurance in a 7.5 pound package for aircraft frequently involved in ifr operations emergency power supply epu-2 p/n 11-05822 $1,272.00 epu connector p/n 11-07713 $71.00 rack mount and connector for epu-2 p/n 11-05823 $286.00 component maintenance manual p/n 11-00187 $441.95 castleberry emergency power back-up epu-2 aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 439