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gyros ­ standby vacuum systems cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the mini gyro offers big features in a compact package at half the cost of the competition the mini gyro not only saves panel space but also time and money an ideal standby instrument this tso-approved indicator has 10-32 volt dc operation and is an attractive alternative to vacuum systems it features unique led lighting selectable to 5 14 or 28 volts remote emergency power supply available for this indicator p/n 11-05540 standard airplane dislplay p/n 10-01721 $3,395.00 delta airplane display p/n 10-01722 $3,395.00 slip indicator inclinometer p/n 10-04775 $218.95 emergency power supply p/n 11-05540 $2,075.00 a gyro instrument can start giving false information in less than one minute and it is important that the pilot become instantly aware of a vacuum loss the volt vac alert monitors instrument vacuum and electrical voltage should either fall below set values the system will provide an instantly recognizable voice warning directly in the pilots headset and then flash a light positioned within the normal gyro scan area providing him with instant recognition of a problem the volt vac alert is stc pma approved p/n 10-00393 $479.95 mid-continent instruments mini 2-inch attitude indicators volt vac alert 400 series replacement clutches for rapco standby pneumatic systems are available in 12 volt or 24 volt they can be purchased either new or as an overhauled exchange a core charge will be added to the purchase price of exchange units and refunded with the return of a repairable 400 series core description description price 400 new clutch 12v 10-02656 $766.00 400 exc clutch 12v 10-23949 $428.95 remanufactured exchange rapco standby pneumatic clutch replacements short stops engine off less than twelve minutes and some aerobatic maneuvers may cause your attitude gyro to tumble or precess from its vertical reference when the rotor is spinning the gyros normal erection system is slow and can take several minutes to correct a large erection error this non-locking caging feature allows the pilot to quickly align the gyro display and rotor to gyro case reference the attitude gyro should only be caged for quick alignment during straight and level vfr flight using well defined earth horizon for reference or prior to take off all lighted gyros must order tray separately p/n description price 5000b standard gyro unlighted non-cageable $939.00 5000b-f standard gyro w/vacuum failure flag non-cageable $1,152.00 5000m-1 with caging knob 0° panel tilt $1,695.00 5000m with caging knob 0° panel tilt lighted $1,598.00 5000m-2 with caging knob 8° panel tilt $1,552.00 5000m-5 with caging knob 8° panel tilt lighted $1,656.00 5000b-46 with inclinometer 0° panel tilt $1,295.00 5000b-45 with inclinometer 0° panel tilt lighted $1,465.00 5000b-51 with inclinometer 8° panel tilt $1,295.00 5000b-53 with inclinometer 8° panel tilt lighted $1,895.00 5000m-3 with caging inclinometer 0° panel tilt $2,079.95 5000m-6 with caging inclinometer 0° panel tilt lighted $2,033.00 5000m-4 with caging inclinometer 8° panel tilt $1,979.00 5000m-7 with caging inclinometer 8° panel tilt lighted $2,081.00 10-00111 5000b light tray 14v $54.75 10-00112 5000b light tray 24v $54.75 the revolutionary vac-2 adapter provides a direct replacement for the lycoming vacuum pump pad adapter casting the vac-2 design provides a standard vacuum pump pad with provision for inverted oil pick-ups normally there is a t fitting mounted on the firewall that supplies the inverted oil for many engines when this t fitting is used the oil pressure will drop down into the yellow on the oil pressure gauge for three to five seconds when inverted on some aircraft this drop in oil pressure will cause the prop to cycle because of lack of oil pressure with the vac-2 adapter installed you do not have this drop in oil pressure by using the vac-2 adapter you have 1 the best inverted oil pickup 2 a stock vacuum pump pad adapter used in place of christen t fitting the vac-2 comes complete with oil seal installed gaskets and ms 20822-10d fitting just slip vacuum pump gear assembly and washer into vac-2 and install on engine the standard lycoming vacuum pump gear assembly and washer will fit into the b c adapter gear and washer shown are not included vac-2-4 for 4 cylinder engines p/n 07-06790 $185.00 vac-2-6 for 6 cylinder engines p/n 07-06795 $185.00 manufactured by precise flight inc this standby vacuum system svs v is a new solution to the old problem of in-flight vacuum pump failures it operates on a differential between manifold pressure and ambient pressure which is directed through a shuttle valve system to drive the flight instruments when the vacuum pump fails the pilot simply turns on the svs system and adjusts engine power settings while observing the instrument suction gauge to obtain adequate differential to operate the instruments kit includes low vacuum light and installs in 2-4 hours stcd for most aircraft this kit can provide peace of mind on all flights and if that pump ever fails can be a real life saver p/n 10-00400 $485.00 sigma tek cageable attitude gyros vac-2 vacuum pump adapter the instrument source warning indicator for pressure systems is designed to alert pilots of the loss of pressure prior to the gyros tumbling this early warning can be critical in giving the pilot enough time to react to the situation properly and avoid spatial disorientation the kit connects to the pressure gauge via a tee fitting and will only work on aircraft equipped with pressure systems this generally is confined to various beech bonanza models please double check your system type before ordering this kit this kit is not stc d but is usually installed as a minor modification p/n 11-08458 $79.95 vacuum pressure warning light kit vacuum warning indicator standby vacuum system svs v the precise flight vacuum warning indicator will provide the pilot with immediate warning of failure of the vacuum system providing valuable time prior to gyro failure an inexpensive system that can alert the ifr pilot immediately in the event of vacuum failure p/n 11-02205 $79.95 venturi 2 venturi this small aluminum venturi provides 2 hg vacuum for operating turn/bank indicator has 1/8 npt port use 1/4 tubing for hookup wt 3.5 oz p/n 15045 $47.50 4 venturi this venturi develops 4 hg suction from double-throat venturi and 10 long horn used to operate a directional gyro or gyro horizon when operating a directional gyro there is sufficient capacity to also operate a turn/bank all aluminum construction may require a suction regulator wt 0.9 lb p/n 15050 $66.85 9 venturi this super venturi is similar in appearance to the 4 venturi but with redesigned air passages and a recontoured long 11-1/4 horn it pulls enough vacuum to operate a gyro horizon directional gyro and a turn/bank must be used with a suction regulator p/n15052 $69.75 aero safe guardian i standby vacuum/pressure systems the aero safe guardian i standby pressure system is designed to provide the pilot with the most reliable standby source of instrument air available for single engine aircraft stc d for most bellanca beech cessna and piper single engine aircraft specify aircraft make model year and serial number when ordering vacuum system p/n 10-00267 $2,033.00 pressure system p/n 10-00268 $2,159.00 prices subject to change without notice 440 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823