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turn coordinators ­ turn banks used in many production aircraft incorporates an electrical gyro turn indicator with an inclinometer the inclinometer by movement of a ball in relation to the lubber lines indicates the slip angle of aircraft while in a turn the airplane on the dial rotates with reference to the indices a power failure flag drops into view whenever the supply voltage is lost or when voltage has dropped below a level acceptable for proper operation of the gyro operates on 14 to 28v dc new manufacture first installation requires electrical connector and clamp dimensions length 6 1/5 in max width 3 3/8 in max height:3 3/8 in max weight 1.9 lbs meets or exceeds requirements of faa tso c3b description unlighted mating connector ms3106a-10sl-3s lighted 14v mating connector ms3106a-10sl-3s lighted 28v mating connector ms3106a-10sl-3s mating connector cable clap model rca82a-11 rca83a-11-14 rca83a-11-28 ms3106a-10sl-3s ms3057-4a part no 10-01372 10-00485 10-01685 10-00789 10-00959 price $798.00 $942.00 $899.00 $13.95 $4.60 rca turn coordinator 3 inch indicators built-in voltage regulator allows it to be used in either 14v or 28v systems small compact unit and weighs only 1.2 lbs incorporates a small power out warning window which is black when normal current is being supplied but turns red in the case of electrical power failure this turn and bank is now being used in many production aircraft new installation requires electrical connector and cable clamp new manufacture by electrical gyro corp size 3-3/8 x 3-3/8 x 3-3/4 long unlighted p/n 1234t100 $979.00 14v bezel-lit p/n 10-22614 $1,183.00 28v bezel-lit p/n 10-22628 $1,183.00 ms3106a-10sl-3s electrical plug connector $13.95 ms3057-4a cable clamp $4.60 the unit is an electrically-driven gyroscope the inclinometer by movement of a ball in relation to the lubber lines indicates the slip angle of the aircraft while in a turn a power flag drops into view whenever the voltage drops below a level which is required for proper operation of the gyro it incorporates a built-in voltage regulator so it can be used with either 14vdc or 28vdc power supply system it has a dc-ac-dc converter power supply 10-30vdc electrical consumption max 1.0a at 11-26vdc max 0.35a at 26 to 30vdc operating range 2 min turn weight 18 oz 0.5 kg length approx 5 inchesunlit p/n 10-22515 $1,059.00 mid-continent instruments turn slip electric cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv falcon turn bankelectric engineered for a long service life the new b model turn coordinator features a proven ac rotor powered by a solidstate inverter this creates less heat behind the panel by utilizing a brushless rotor design this instrument has one of the top ratings in the industry ­ 4800 hours mtbf a direct replacement for most 3-pin turn coordinators it is perfect for use in high-performance aircraft and cold-climate applications the well-known z models are an industry standard value priced and reliable they are in more aircraft than any other brand all 3-inch turn coordinators operate from 10 to 32 volts dc for convenience and reliability 1394t100-7z 10-32v unlit p/n 1394t100 $728.00 1394t100-3z 14v lit p/n 10-22514 $896.00 1394t100-10rb cessna kap 140 autopilot p/n 10-02311 $1,575.00 ms3106a-10sl-3s electrical plug connector .p/n 10-00789 $13.95 ms3057-4a cable clamp p/n 10-00959 $4.60 note 3a 8a models have brushless rotors to reduce air noise mid-continent instruments turn coordinator electric certified to faa tso c3b oem standard proven reliablity includes power warning indicator features ·4500 hours mtbf more than double the original z design· brushless ac rotor operates on 14 or 28 vdc ·proven reliability through halt highly accelerated life testing requirements and oem usage since 1999.· improved off warning flag pulls out of view when rotor is up to speed · is a direct replacement for the popular 1394t100-7z and most standard 3-pin turn coordinators 1394t100-7b unlighted 12-32v p/n 10-02108 $874.00 28v unit 14v bezel lighting p/n 10-01024 $1,036.00 unlighted g300a autopilot arc p/n 10-02653 $1,580.00 1394t100-14rb low wing turn coordinator autopilot for use on low wing aircaft p/n 10-04022 $1,575.00 3-1/8 cut out 3-3/4 long small and lightweight excellent for homebuilt aircraft for 14v or 28v systems features power out warning flag unlighted includes electrical plug connector and cable clamp unlit 0° panel p/n 10-22510 493.00 unlit 8° panel p/n 10-02261 $498.95 lit 0° panel p/n 10-02262 $599.00 lit 8° panel p/n 10-02263 $584.00 connector ms3106a-10sl-3s p/n 10-00789 $13.95 cable clamp ms3057-4a p/n 11-04969 6.75 the basic flight instrument for co-ordinated turns available in two styles rectangular model fits easily in cramped panel space square model matches a 2-1/4 instrument hole fits on either side of the panel both feature finely crafted metal cases and precision ball and tube assemblies square p/n 10-03812 $89.95 rectangle p/n 10-03857 $89.50 in turning instantly register slightest departure from the correct banking angle bank scale has white markings on black background new manufacture available in 2 models 10°-10° scale 2.25 between mounting holes.p/n 10-00600 $103.95 20° 20° scale 5 between mounting holes p/n 10-00700 $62.75 mid-continent instruments turn coordinators electric b models instrument is powered by an electrically driven dc precision gyro with an inclinometer it gives the pilot turn and bank information the rca56 series is an all volt instrument with a power warning flag a black or white ball inclinometer and either lighted or nonlighted dimensions length 6 1/4 in max width 3 3/8 in max height 3 3/8 in max weight 1.9 lbs meets or exceeds requirements of faa tso c3bnew manufacture by a.i.d rc allen new installation requires plug connector cable clamp rca56-3b unlit p/n 10-01684 899.00 rca56-3bl lit p/n 10-02138 876.00 plug connector p/n ms3106a-10sl-3s 13.95 cable clamp p/n ms3057-4a0 4.60 rca turn bank electric similar to the air driven model but the gyroscope is electrically driven connection is by electrical plug power 14 or 28v dc new manufacture 28v 4 min turn yellow markings p/n 10-03429 $1,180.00 14v 2 minute turn p/n 10-00499 $2,000.00 14v 2 minute turn 14/28 v lit p/n 10-02587 $1,235.00 plug connector p/n ms3106a-10sl-3s $13.95 cable clamp p/n ms3057-4a $4.60 an5820-1 turn bank indicator completely overhauled and certified to faa requirements fresh matte-white dial markings with doghouses power 1.8 to 2.2 hg vacuum produced by a 2 venturi or vacuum pump size 3.25 x 3.25 x 4.75 long weight 1.5 lbs 1 year warranty.p/n an5820-1 $526.00 consists of an overhauled and certified turn bank indicator 2 venturi hoses fittings and instrument screws p/n 10-00300 $593.00 rca miniature turn/bank electric an5820-1 turn bank vacuum falcon turn coordinator electric turn bank kit winter slip indicators widely used in the turbo-prop market as standard equipment this dependable instrument fits into the tightest panel space the ac brushless rotor offers great reliability internal lighting options of 5 14 and 28 volt offer greater flexibility these were factory installed on the dehavilland dash 8 and boeing chinook ch47 14v turn slip p/n 10-00305 $1,858.00 28v turn slip p/n 10-00310 $1,858.00 plug connector p/n ms3106a-10sl-3s $13.95 cable clamp p/n ms3057-4a $4.60 mid-continent instruments turn slip indicator 2-inch bank indicators ball type this in-dash mounted inclinometer is lightweight and fits a standard 2-1/4 instrument hole used on kitfox aircraft ideal for virtually any homebuilt p/n 10-00705 $53.00 falcon 2-1/4 inclinometer aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 441