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airspeed indicators altimeters 3-1/8 airspeeds are supplied and marked in mph and knots scales indicators feature 360 degrees sweep for easy reading at a glance all winter airspeeds come complete with mounting screws size 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/4 2-1/4 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 3-1/8 range 0-75 mph style pitot part no price 10-02920 $291.95 winter airspeed indicators p/n 10-03897 0-100 mph pitot 10-02925 $259.95 0-120 mph pitot 10-02930 $306.95 0-160 mph pitot 10-02935 $364.00 0-75 mph venturi 10-02940 $272.95 0-75 mph pitot 10-02945 $269.95 0-100 mph pitot 10-02950 $290.95 0-120 mph pitot 10-02955 $386.95 0-160 mph pitot 10-02960 $398.00 0-200 mph pitot 10-02965 $369.95 0-200 mph venturi 10-03897 $312.95 the mini altimeter is a remarkable instrument through the use of an accurate single pointer design the 0-5,000 and 0-10,000 altimeters are able to squeeze precision and reliability into a 2-1/4 instrument which is less than 2 deep all altimeters are designed with kollsman windows glass faces precision jewelled movements and a rugged combination metal and plastic case static porting is standard 0-5000 ft altimeter inches p/n 10-24100 $373.95 0-5000 ft altimeter millibar p/n 10-24105 $449.50 0-10000 ft altimeter inches p/n 10-24115 $365.95 0-10000 ft altimeter millibar p/n 10-24125 $330.95 winter miniature altimeters cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv customizable range markings can be added to match aircraft operating handbook affordable certified 2-inch instrument which can be used as standby or primary indicator combine with a mid-continent md15 altimeter and 4200 attitude indicator for a complete standby package designed for tight panel applications approved to faa tso-c2d integral long life 5 14 or 28 volt led lighting anti-reflective glass enhances visibility and reduces pilot fatigue rear-mounted in standard 2 1/4 cutouts horizontally vertically or individually designed and built in the usa one year limited warranty model md25-160 md25-200 md25-260 md25-300 md25-350 md25-400 2-inch 2-inch 2-inch 2-inch 2-inch 2-inch description 20-160 knots 40-200 knots 40-260 knots 40-300 knots 40-350 knots 40-400 knots lighted lighted lighted lighted lighted lighted part no 10-04761 10-04763 10-04764 10-04765 10-04766 10-04767 price $1,420.00 $1,420.00 $1,420.00 $1,420.00 $1,420.00 $1,420.00 mid-continent instruments airspeed indicators through the use of an accurate single pointer design the 0-10,000 altimeter is able to squeeze precision and reliability into a 3-1/8 instrument which is less than 2,2 deep designed with a kollsman window glass face precision jewelled movements and a rugged combination metal and plastic case static porting is standard weight 230g p/n 10-03831 $259.00 the series 2000 digital altimeter is a precision instrument providing altitude readings from -100 to +30700 feet in 10 steps a standard 3-1/8 instrument powered from 11­35v dc uses a highly visible backlighted liquid crystal display displayed data includes altitude baro ref vertical speed a programmable altitude alert function combines both audio and visual led outputs an oxygen alert cautions when over 12500 feet all data is output in computer compatible rs-232 format model 2000 devices display pressure in hg while model 2001 units are in mbar 2 options can be added to the basic 1 model oat 2 includes temperature sender and also computes and displays density altitude mode c 4 is a standard tso-c88a compatible encoder both options are included in the 3 versions wt 8 oz depth behind back of instrument panel 3-7/8 2-yr factory warranty model 2000-1 2000-2 2000-3 2000-4 p/n 10-24040 10-24050 10-24060 10-24070 price $399.50 $498.95 $597.00 $498.95 model 2001-1 2001-2 2001-3 2001-4 p/n 10-24041 10-24051 10-24061 10-24071 price $405.95 $499.95 $597.00 $498.95 winter altimeter 3-1/8 inch taskem 2000 digital altimeter designed for hang gliders but can be mounted on low speed aircraft as an airspeed indicator easy to read mounting bracket clamps to 7/8 or 1 1/8 dia tube short bracket is 3 long long bracket 15 long wind meter 0-55 mph p/n 10-04100 $18.85 wind meter 0-80 mph p/n 10-04105 $18.85 short bracket p/n 10-04200 $5.75 long bracket p/n 10-04300 $6.75 hall windmeter air speed 60 mph kit 2 round with 303gw sender with 510a-1 propeller 323b mount 205-ss-ss 5 cable and 692b-323 bullet case with 323b mount 2gm60r p/n 10-01295 $177.95 westach airspeed kit k2m6rh yellow red green and white pressure sensitive just pull off backing and place on instrument lens p/n 10-03905 $2.95/set operating range decals unlike mechanical altimeters the taskem 5000 is insensitive to the high vibration of 2-stroke engines frequently used on ultralight aircraft this has literally shaken many mechanical altimeters the 5000 is all solid state and can withstand severe shock and vibration without damage it has a full 4.5 digit liquid crystal lcd display with large 1/2 high characters because the lcd uses direct drive it is easily readable from most viewing angles and does not disappear when viewed from an angle or does not washout in bright sunlight includes a backlight for night or dusk viewing the altitude range extends from below sea level to well above the need for supplementary oxygen the limits are -1000 to 19,990 ft 305 to 6,093 meters increments are in 10 ft 1m steps the instrument is powered from dc in the range of 7­30v and is protected for accidental polarity reversal a 9v battery is a common power source and a battery holder for this is provided on the back external to the case an alkaline battery will provide over 40 hours of operation without the backlight illuminated the backlight is not powered in the on power switch position to conserve battery life feet p/n 10-24010 $265.95 meters p/n 10-24020 $265.95 designed for general aviation use the altilert is a portable device to help the pilot maintain an assigned or desired altitude it s use is simple fly to your desired altitude and turn the unit on the altilert learns your current altitude by sampling barometric pressure just like your altimeter and stores this information as your altitude drifts an error signal is generated at approximately 100 ft or 50 ft in precision mode the red indicator flashes quickly and is accompanied by a piezo horn the horn can be silenced by pressing the push button switch alarms will clear upon return to your original altitude a new desired altitude can be set by turning the unit off and back on at any time specifications · size 1.5 h x 4 l · wt 5 oz including battery · battery 9v not included · battery life 24 hrs · dual sensitivity levels ·audible alarm p/n 10-01727 $149.00 taskem 5000 digital altimeter altilert altitude alert the vector combines an altimeter vertical speed indicator barometer compass and a precision timepiece in one compact wristwatch-sized case the instrument allows altitude measurement in feet or meters up to a max 27,000 ft accurate to plus or minus 10 ft it also provides instantaneous vertical ascent descent rates in either feet/second or meters second the backlit display is easy to see in all lighting conditions the barometer displays current barometric pressure and trends for accuracy and deviation adjustment to correct for differences between true and magnetic north reliable accurate this new instrument provides time day and date as well as three daily alarms a stopwatch and countdown timer the unit is also waterproof to 100 ft.p/n 10-19325 $199.00 vector wrist-top computer aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 451