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instrument mounting adapter kits instrument mounting kits instrument adapter kits cm wp kits come with special self-locking black pan head screws nylon washers and alignment guide pin precision machined nut ring instrument mounting kit designed to slide on from the back side of the instrument using the alignment guide pin inserted through a screw hole pulling on the alignment pin from the front side of the panel allows you to hold the instrument in correct alignment in the panel specially designed self-locking pan head black brass mounting screws and nylon washers are then easily installed from the front countersunk self-locking black brass screws are also available extra screws washers are sold in packs of 12 the nylon washer keeps from chipping the instrument panel all self-locking screws are extra long to accommodate the extra thickness of light wedges and internally lighted instruments nut rings can be installed without removing hoses tubing or electrical connections designed to replace grasshopper nuts pma d alignment guide pin sold separately p/n 10-03696 model mk-01 mk-02 mk-03 mknr-05 mknr-06 ap-01 description 3-1/8 std 3-1/8 alt/vsi 2-1/4 std pan head screws countersunk screws accessories alignment mounting kit part no 10-00335 10-00336 10-00337 10-00338 10-00339 10-03696 price $8.65 $8.65 $8.65 $9.87 $9.50 $1.75 me ha cnc machined from aircraft grade aluminum the adapter face is raised .075 to give the flush panel look easy to install and easily painted see www.aircraftspruce.com for specifications model description part no price mk-620 3-1/8 blank 10-00340 $13.50 mk-621 3-1/8 alt/vsi blank 10-00341 $13.50 mk-622 3-1/8 alt/vsi plug 10-00342 $19.75 mk-623 3-1/8 to 2-1/4 10-00343 $19.75 mk-624 2-1/4 blank 10-00344 $13.50 mk-630 ki525 blank 10-00345 $13.50 mk-631 ki525 to 2-1/4 10-00346 $19.75 mk-632 ki525 to 3-1/8 10-00347 $19.75 mk-633 ki525 to 3 ati 10-00348 $17.75 mk-640 3 ati blank 10-00349 $13.50 mk-641 3 ati to 2-1/4 10-00350 $19.75 mk-630 3 ati to 3-1/8 10-00351 $19.75 ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv take the frustration out of mounting instruments with the use of superior panel technology s ez nuts adhesive tape securely holds nut ring in place no realignment if instrument is later removed aluminum bezel is treated to prevent corrosion the pressed in stainless steel inserts eliminate the problem of striped threads simply cut off one corner if only three screws are needed save labor time when compared to grasshopper nuts includes four 1-1/2 non-magnetic black oxide stainless steel pan-head screws stronger than brass includes four black nylon washers to prevent marring of the panel 100 degree countersunk screws available and are sold in packs of eight 3-1/8 bezel p/n 11-01830 $8.95 2-1/4 bezel p/n 11-01831 $8.95 black-oxide stainless steel countersunk screw package set of 8 p/n 11-06546 $3.95 black-oxide stainless steel pan head screw package set of 8 p/n 11-09911 $2.95 ez nuts instrument mounting system by spt pitot tube covers pitot tube booty ­ durable leather-like cover provides optimum protection velcro strap attaches booty to 5/8 or 11/16 dia l-shaped pitot tube bright red remove before flight streamer made of flame-proof weather-resistant national aerospace material p/n 15210 $5.95 slip-on pitot tube cover ­ not shown same as above except is slip fit over 1/4 or 1/2 dia pitot tube red remove before flight streamer is attached to cover made of flame-proof and weather-resistant national aerospace material p/n 15220 $6.95 these hinged pitot tube protectors open automatically in take off at speed of about 40 mph and close automatically at end of landing roll model no 1 2 3 4 part no 10-02000 10-02100 10-04968 10-04969 fits pitot tube sizes 1/4 o.d 1/2 o.d 3/16 o.d 3/8 o.d price $7.65 $7.65 $7.65 $7.65 pitot tube protectors remove before flight ribbon this 3 x 24 orange vinyl streamer with black letters features a grommet for a clip ring to attach anywhere on the aircraft high visibility fire resistant material p/n 15200 $6.85 pitot shields are a fail-safe pitot tube cover that will protect the pitot tube from contamination by insects debris and ice while the airplane is on the ground it is friction-fit to the pitot tube and has a calibrated flat-plateforward design that upon reaching a specific velocity will release from the pitot tube and fall harmlessly away allowing for normal airspeed indications the cover utilizes eva foam that is uv resistant and stable at temperatures reached by heated pitot tubes it is a highly visible color with the words remove before flight printed and visible from all directions this pitot tube cover is soft but tough it will not damage aircraft surfaces when it comes off during ground roll nor will it be a potentially hazardous foreign-object on the runway for 5/8 pitot tube p/n 10-00491 $19.95 for 3/4 pitot tube p/n 10-00492 $18.95 for piper pitot tube p/n 10-00493 $18.95 degroff s pitot shields aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without 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