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concorde batteries cm wp me rg-25 rg-25xc rg-35a rg-35axc rg-24-11 rg-24-11m rg380e/44 since their introduction in 1986 several styles of rg® batteries likewise known as vrslab slab or agm batteries have been developed by concorde battery corporation concorde battery has a dedicated research and development department that is continuously improving and refining its recombinant gas product line formed in 1977 concorde s factory was dedicated to manufacturing dry charged vented or flooded electrolyte aircraft batteries in 1985 concorde developed it s first recombinant gas battery with absorbed glass mat separators now with the proven reliability of concorde s recombinant gas rg® aircraft batteries and great acceptance in both military and commercial appllications over 90 of its manufacturing has been changed over from dry charged to rg® production note the stc for some aircraft is available at an additional cost please call 877-4-spruce 777823 if applicable to your aircraft concorde sealed lead acid batteries ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv concorde s line of sealed lead acid batteries is designed with larger positive and negative plates for more capacity and greater starting power even at sub-zero temperatures they feature real aircraft quality terminals patented copper alloy internally threaded terminals brass terminal bolts with conical silicon bronze lock washers recommended 70 pound terminal torque more than 20 higher capacity than earlier models and a molded carrying or lifting handle these valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries feature fully aerobatic sealed construction no spillable electrolyte or flammable gas emissions xc or axc in the model number indicates extra cranking power and m in the model number indicates manifold venting battery connect amp our our amp part no part no battery type connect type type hour volt part no price type hour volt part no price rg-25 sealed lead acid a 22 12 11-03879 $188.95 rg-12lsa sealed lead acid a 11.00 12 11-09455 $218.95 rg-25xc sealed extra crank a 24 12 11-03880 $216.95 rg24-15 sealed lead acid a 13.60 24 11-03878 $479.00 rg-35a sealed lead acid a 29 12 11-03881 $238.95 rg24-15m sealed lead acid a 13.60 24 11-04951 $479.00 rg-35axc sealed extra crank a 33 12 11-03882 $254.00 rg24-16 sealed lead acid a 13 24 11-05112 $469.95 rg-24-11 sealed lead acid a 11 24 11-03876 $429.95 rg24-20 a 19 24 11-00174 $595.00 rg-24-11 m sealed lead acid a 11 24 11-03877 $449.00 rg380e/44 sealed lead acid e 42 24 11-03883 $2,457.00 concorde platinum series lead acid batteries cb25 cb25xc cb35axc cb35a cb24-11 cb24-11mxc the platinum series® battery line from concorde features more cold cranking amperes for one minute at 0°f and more 30 minute emergency capacity than any other brand platinum series® batteries provide more one hour capacity than any other brand as well as more high rate performance these batteries utilize real aircraft quality copper alloy terminals with silicone bronze bolts and conical washers the batteries listed in the chart below which are not described as platinum are the original series of concorde lead acid batteries battery warranty applicable to gill and concorde the manufacturer will replace with a new battery without charge except for transportation any battery which fails in service within 90 days addition of any chemical other than water or battery grade sulfuric acid voids this warranty after expiration of service guarantee adjustment will be made on pro-rata basis based on unused months of service batteries that are broken discharged or fail due to freezing or abuse are not covered part no 11-06405 11-05837 11-01571 11-01572 11-06244 11-03776 11-03769 11-03771 11-03772 11-03773 battery type cb25 with acid cb25 without acid cb25xc with acid cb35axc with acid cb35axc without acid cb-35a with acid cb-35a without acid cb24-11 with acid cb24-11 without acid cb24-11m without acid ampere hour weight lbs 20 ah 20 ah 25 ah 34 ah 34 ah 29 ah 29 ah 10 ah 10 ah 10 ah -22.0 28.5 -32.5 -28.5 -27.0 28.0 volts 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 24 24 24 price $198.95 $189.95 $224.95 $269.00 $262.95 $245.95 $229.95 $433.95 $417.95 $448.95 concorde battery electrolyte acid 2 qt p/n 11-04749 10.95 3 qt p/n 11-04750 16.75 note some installations may vary and require airframe or battery box modification some applications may require field approval verify correct battery model for your aircraft before ordering there may be a charge for stc paperwork on certain batteries free ups ground shipping in 48 states no ups hazardous charge pay price of battery that s it full mfg warranty shipped same day ordered batteries up to 50 lbs rg-443 battery rg-380e/40l battery rg-500 battery rg valve regulated sealed lead acid battery lear-jet models 40 45 stc #st01173wi faa-pma supplement #59 emergency battery ica calls out the first cap check at 12 months or 2000 hrs subsequent checks at 12 months or 1000 hrs 24v wt 27 lbs p/n 11-02948 $2,364.00 rg-380e/40l and temperature sensor tsc6a concorde #5-0242 rg valve regulated sealed lead acid battery piaggio p-180 replacement for ni-cad battery stc #sa01653la faapma supplement #74 engine starting reliable power in the event of a generator failure 24v wt 86 lbs p/n 11-02949 $3,023.00 · primary aircraft purpose helicopter series · voltage 24v · rated capacity c1 1 hour · rate in ampere hours:17 · max weight 42 lbs 19.1 kg p/n 11-04738 $2,519.00 508 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice