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ground starting components cable is heavy duty 4 ga copper 15 ft long twin extruded to help prevent tangling and room temperature flexible at 40 degrees below zero fully insulated clamps wont arc or spark and are rated 500 amps have a solid copper jaw and have a flexispring strain relief to prevent cable breakage polarity light warns if clamps are connected incorrectly preventing electrical system damage and personal injury available in two 6141 jumper cable with standard 3-pin lexan styles above female plug equivalent to an2551 on one end and alligator clamps on other end p/n 6141 $188.95 aircraft jumper cables 6142 jumper cable with special piper singlepin plug on one end and alligatorclamps on other end p/n 6142 $219.00 used on #6141 and #6142 jumper cables above p/n 11-06202 $37.75 replacement pair of 500 amp clamps these portable power supplies are an excellent way to power your avionics on the ground while you train or practice in the cockpit especially helpful in learning how to operate glass cockpit avionics and panel mount gps units to use the portable power supply plug the cord into an ac wall outlet and then connect the 3-pin plug into the external power receptacle on your aircraft furnished with cessna style 3-pin plug manufactured in u.s.a features ·charge control constant current charge to a constant voltage then to a float standby ·current limiting ·fully automatic 3 stage charger can be left on the battery in maintaining/float mode ·can be set for any type lead acid battery including conventional maintenance free deep cycle gelled-type valve regulated batteries ·continuous 100 duty cycle ·low voltage start will start charging a deeply discharged battery with terminal voltage less than 4 volts ·reverse polarity and short circuit proof ·aluminum caset · includes battery clip adapter 12v port power supply 3 pin plug p/n 11-05084 $214.95 12v port power supply piper p/n 11-05085 $194.95 24v port power supply 3 pin plug p/n 11-05086 $308.00 24v port power supply piper p/n 11-05087 $238.95 portable power supply cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv mates with 11041 socket electrical conductors and connections are designed for maximum efficiency and long life with ground return terminal single pole brass female contact with spring-grip tension provides solid engagement with the socket cable clamp holds wires firmly in place diecast housing accepts up to 0awg cable p/n 11-03159 $22.75 piper type plug self-grounding socket single pole diecast housing spring-loaded door solid brass contact 3/8 9.5mm diameter with insulated tip to prevent short circuits rubber boot protects terminals and connections accepts up to 0awg cable fits 2 50.8mm diameter hole flange holes 21/64 8.6mm diameter 2 15/16 74.6mm on centers mates with 11042 plug p/n 11-00500 $24.85 piper type socket the bycan rb-14/28-25 red baron apu is designed to operate avionics equipment in private and commercial aircraft it will output 14 or 28 volts dc at up to 25 amperes the voltage is filtered to eliminate hum and is regulated against input ac line voltage changes the output dc voltage and current are displayed on front panel meters the dc is also protected by a circuit breaker the rb-14/28-25 plugs directly into the apu receptacle on the aircraft it comes equipped with either the standard three-prong connector or the piper coaxial connector both connectors can be supplied optionally at a slight extra cost dc cable length is 8 the ac line cord is normally 8 in length but special lengths up to 50 are available the housing is steel powder coated in red for optimum flight line safety rubber feet and handle are included features · ac line voltage 115v 60 hz · ac current drain 7 amperes max · dc output 14 or 28 volts up to 25 amperes · weight 35 lbs 16 kg maximum · size 10 x 8 x 8 25 x 20 x 20 cm · warranty two years from date of purchase · regulation 13.75v ± 1.5v 27.5v ± 2.5v standard connector p/n 11-02142 $675.00 piper connector p/n 11-02143 $718.00 the bycan ba-14/2850 aircraft ramp power supply and battery charger is a multi purpose aircraft flight line service and maintenance tool the unit has a filtered 14 28 volt dc power supply with up to 50 amperes capability for tests of aircraft electrical systems and a secondary mode for recharging run-down batteries this ramp or hangar accessory is an absolute must for avionics service gear and flap actuator exercising and other electrical system service the ba-14/2850 plugs directly into the aircraft apu connector and is tied to the electrical system when the master switch is activated selection of output voltage is by a front panel switch which is protected by a switch guard closing the guard forces the switch to the 14 volt position the battery charging mode is selectable by a front panel switch the charging process is fully automatic when the charge is in progress a red led is illuminated this is replaced by a green led when the aircraft battery is fully charged the on/off switch on the unit also resets the unit piper cessna plugs 110v 2 adapters p/n 11-06390 $1,495.00 cessna plug 220v 1 adapter for europe p/n 11-06391 $1,595.00 cessna plug 220v 1 adapter p/n 11-06392 $1,495.00 the 2860a gpu represents a dramatic departure in ground power design for aircraft owners maintenance facilities and aircraft manufacturers its lightweight easily portable design utilizes the latest high-efficiency switching-mode power technology to provide massive amounts of stable noise-free dc power from a standard 120-volt ac receptacle features · output 28 vdc 60-amps continuous · stable noise-free dc power safe for today s advanced cockpit systems · digital output meters for both voltage and amperes with overload warning · includes detachable output cable with an2551 compatible connector · compact lightweight design utilizes 6 highly efficient digital switching-mode power modules for greater reliability · built-in cable management with cord winder bumpers specifications · designed for horizontal or vertical operation · input 105-125 volts ac 50-60 hz up to 20 amperes ·output 28 0.5 volts dc 60 amperes continuous ·weight 23.8 lbs 10.8 kg including output cable · dimensions 7.25 h x 14.6 w x 13.75 d 18.1 cm x 27.6 cm x 34.9 cm · one year limited warranty p/n 11-09684 $1,095.00 red baron auxilliary power unit apu the blue angel aircraft power supply external power receptacle this external power receptacle is designed to mount in a hole in the skin of aircraft hole is then covered with hinged access door not included mates with an2551 type plugs model 4621b p/n an2552-3a $69.95 the plug jump is a very portable unit which can be carried in the aircraft at all times because it is so lightweight it can be used to start the aircraft from an ordinary car using standard jumper cables it comes in two models the universal model is used for cessna beechcraft etc 3 pin plug and the piper model is a single pin the plug and jump is a simple conduit of power from any external power source to the aircraft it is not a battery in and of itself the plug n jump can be used for either 28v or 14v systems universal model 11-00971 $74.50 piper model 11-00972 $79.50 plug jump aviation ground power unit 2860a battery solenoid applicable to all homebuilts continuous duty 12v and 24v not for certified aircraft features high current capacity control isolated or grounded coils enclosed in dust-resistant case longer steel encasement permits lower heat rise and more sensitive operation on type 71 111-226 12v p/n 11-03161 $24.75 111-226 24v p/n 11-05799 $28.75 master relay starter solenoid for 12v intermittent duty adequate current capacity for most engines p/n 11-03162 $9.85 starter relay aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 519