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power supplies ­ voltage converters abattery-based emergency power unit designed to give you at least an hour of auxiliary power when you need it the most paired with the new rca 2600 digital horizon the esp can provide up to 6 hours of backup power can be easily mounted behind the instrument panel and can power your new r.c allen instrument or retrofit your existing attitude gyro in an emergency comes complete with a wire harness and panelmounted status light recharges itself during flight and does not drain the aircraft battery when aircraft power is off the esp utilizes a long lasting lithium polymer battery 14v p/n 10-04645 $707.00 28v p/n 10-04646 $648.00 rc allen esp lone star aviation s 70 amp filter attenuates emi-rfi noise generated from alternator generator systems gear motors blowers for a/c systems and other higher current noise sources the 70 amp filter also can be used to filter the aircraft s avionics buss to filter rf nav gps as well as other navigational equipment the filter is faa pma for certificated aircraft as well as for experimental aircraft p/n 11-04849 $219.75 lone star aviation s 100 amp filter feed thru fail safe design attenuates both low and high frequency 10hz to 30 mhz of emi-rfi noise generated from the aircraft s alternator systems to the aircraft s dc buss this filter 100 amp fail safe design is used by oem aircraft manufacturers to attenuate 100 of the on board noise before it penetrates the aircraft s dc buss the filter is faa pma pending for certificated aircraft but can be used on experimental aircraft p/n 11-04850 $349.95 the eliminator is a low pass double lc pi type filter designed to suppress both low and high frequency line noise the filter may be connected at the source of the noise or on the input of the effected component p/n 11-08055 $148.95 lonestar filter 70 amp cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv lonestar filter 100 amp in the event of aircraft power failure the md835 automatically supplies 24.5 vdc power for critical or standby equipment 4.5 amp-hour battery with friendly lithium nanophosphatetm cell chemistry lightweight 4.8 lbs ­ 8 lbs less than legacy lead acid designs input voltage 24­32 vdc 5v module connector available direct replacement for ps-835/ps-855 or forward-fit installations minimal scheduled maintenance required 2-year capacity check 10-year replacement life dimensions approx 3.1 h x 12.6 l x 2.3 w mounts in standard ¼ atr rack maintains full charge by recharging during normal flight operations remote mounted self-test switch required faa tso c179 certified part 23 aml stc pending qualified to rtca/do-160f and rtca/do-311 designed and built in the usa one year limited warranty md835 p/n 11-08713 $3,195.00 5v module connector p/n 10-04776 $995.00 true blue power® md835 emergency power supply lonestar the eliminator dc-to-ac static inverter produces 115 volts at 60 hz for 500 watts of wall outlet power from an aircraft s 28 vdc input smaller and lighter than traditional inverters the md50 has the same connector and footprint of legacy designs plus overload and short-circuit protection up to 150 percent of the rated load supplies power for various cabin accessories such as laptops cell phones and ipods compact design remote on/off feature 500va rated output power 85-90 efficiency input voltage 20-36 vdc input current 20a at 28 vdc input output voltage 115 vac frequency 60 hz ± 1 single phase true sine wave output overload and short-circuit protection up to 150 of rated load rated from -65 f°to +160°f 55°c to +71°c faa tso-c73 certified and rtca do-160f qualified designed and built in the usa usa two year limited warranty p/n 11-09613 $2,773.00 true blue power® md50 static inverter the lone star aviation usb 2 amp power converter plug ls03-05021 is the updated model of the ls03-05020 it s the same small size but with even more power for onboard charging of ipads iphone ipods cell phones and most things that use usb power to charge this model is recommended for ipad owners as it has enough power to charge during heavy use p/n 11-10454 $49.95 lonestar usb power convertor plug true blue power® dc/ac inverter this classic dc to ac solid state peanut inverter provides a reliable source of 26 volt 400 hz ac power versatile compact and lightweight it is ideal for use with stormscope bootstrap and multifunction display installations specifications input 28vdc 0.75 amp md26-28 14vdc .150 amp md26-14 output 26 vac,400 hz single phase power adapter usb socket just plug the usb socket into your cigarette lighter power adapter and get 5 volt usb power out perfect for charging cell phones ipads ipods gps pda laptop and many consumer electronic devices this is a kit that comes with a faa-tso approved cigarette lighter power adapter and plug-in usb 5v converter 12v aircraft if your aircraft runs on 12v you will not need any extra equipment to operate 12v equipment with your power adpater and it comes with a rubber cap marked as dc12v 28v aircraft please note the usb plug is able to convert 28v input into 5v usb output without additional equipment however in order to power most 12 volt consumer electronic devices you will need a converter to get 12v output p/n 11-10394 $149.95 lonestar 2 amp power adapter usb kit for ipad 10 volt-amperes md26-14v inverter p/n md26-14 $449.00 md26-28v inverter p/n11-07062 $458.00 simultaneously provides one primary power output and three lighting power outputs pitot/static ports or optional electrical input provides ability to work in automatic mode without pilot intervention arms at beginning of flight activates instantly upon power loss recharges during flight turns off after flight utilizes sealed lead-acid cells for reliability and cold weather performance lighting outputs can power led or incandescent lighting at 5 14 or 28 vdc remote mini-annunciation switch with automatic dimming controls test and manual operations quality mil-spec connectors included field replaceable battery modules amp-hours of power at 18v 2.5 ah total system weight 5.0 lbs designed and built in the usa one year limited warranty p/n 10-04770 $2,298.00 morningstar s superior series switching provides many advantages compared to shunt controllers series regulation reduces fet heating and lowers voltage stress on the power fet s a series configuration also improves protection against lightning surges and reduces switching noise the series design improves charging accuracy in pwm series switching becomes self-correcting for temperature and system voltage drops p/n 11-04618 $70.50 mid-continent instruments md420-1 emergency power supply designed to eliminate onboard ground loop noise problems in an easy to use module plugs in between your portable device and your aircrafts audio system was designed with a low frequency isolation audio transformers that isolates normal audio from unbalanced ac noise interference incorporates rca 2.5mm and 3.5mm connectors that ensures compatibility with numerous consumer devices currently used in modern aircraft easy plug and play installation approval types form 337 portable device 1 year limited warranty ultra small footprint custom configurations portable device p/n 11-09493 $89.95 lonestar ground loop filter ss-6 charge controller lone star aviation s new 12v step-up converter is the smallest 3 x5 x 2 most efficient 93-95 and the most versatile step-up aircraft converter in our industry today rtca/do 160d tested to operate 28v nac/com radio equipment such as kx 155 kx 165 ky 196a ky 196b and motorola vhf transceivers on 12v aircraft additional 28v electronic devices are hsi cameras audio panels battery backup systems etc faa approved under tso-c71 now approved ls0305002b-ms features ultra-small size 2.5 x 4.5 x 2.0 93-95 efficiency rating light weight 275 grams 0.606 lbs optional connector ms 3102 receptacle potentiometer for output adjustments universal mounting led status indicators operating temp -55c to +70c circuit protection ov uv sc sp rp oc regulation load .5 ripple input/output 20-25mvp-p transient response time .5 ms easy installation faa tso-c71 approved pending step-up 14v dc to 28v dc converter p/n 11-02888 $449.95 step-down 24vdc to 12vdc converter p/n 11-03309 $249.95 connector kit 5 pin db style p/n 11-06001 $49.95 lone star voltage converters aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 521