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voltage converters power panels ameri-king ak550 power booster cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the ameri-king ak-550 is a faa tso d approved regulated dc to dc power booster converter it transforms an unregulated input from a 12 vdc to a regulated +28 vdc output to a bootstrap mode it may be installed in a pressurized area controlled or non-controlled temperature at altitudes up to 55,000 feet it s locations include electrical avionic equipment rack behind or beneath aircraft panel or cabin pressure bulkhead installation is extremely simple all necessary accessories are provided including mating ms connector plug and ms cable clamp 11-00064 $328.95 11-09316 $595.00 11-01453 $734.00 11-01454 $1,392.00 ak-550-6c 6 amp ga applications p/n ak-550-6 6 amp p/n ak-550-12 12 amp p/n ak-550-24 24 amp p/n ameri-king dc dc converter the ameri-king ak551 is a faa tso d approved regulated dc to dc power reducer converter it transforms an unregulated input from a 24vdc battery to a regulated +13.8 vdc output in a reducer mode applications include critical communication navigation digital equipment am/fm/cd receivers it may be installed in pressurized or non pressurized area controlled or noncontrolled temperature at altitude up to 55,000 feet it s locations include electrical/avionic equipment rack behind or beneath aircraft panel or cabin pressure bulkhead mating connector plug is provided ak-551-9 9 amp p/n 11-00066 $189.95 ak-551-18 18 amp p/n 11-01455 $316.95 ak-551-40m 40 amp p/n 11-01456 $950.00 exp tray ex-110 he exp bus mounting tray is the ultimate in quick build time savings the tray comes pre-punched and pre-assembled with rocker switches prewired to the pc board all the builder needs to do is to cut a single rectangular hole in the panel connect the battery alternator and all of the load wires to the proper terminals on the exp bus2 pc board mounted in the chassis 14v dc systems not recommended for 28v aircraft replaces all but one circuit breaker in most homebuilt aircraft and includes the master switch master relay and the avionics master switch the avionics output bus provides six protected circuits and automatically shuts off when the starter is engaged three master bus outputs operate items such as panel lights gyros and engine instruments switched outputs include the alternator field beacon strobe output nav light output aux fuel pump output two landing light outputs and two spares all outputs are overload protected eliminating the need for fuses or circuit breakers and saving the labor of installing and wiring them up p/n 11-00430 $418.00 exp 2v he expbus ii is a lifesaver when wiring up your homebuilt project the expbus ii is a complete electrical system on a special high current printed circuit board 14v dc systems exp-2v not recommended for 28v aircraft for a small p/n 11-00431 additional charge we can configure your board with any size 1 to 11 amps breakers in any position size 7.8 long by 3 deep by 1.9 tall weight 0.8 lbs p/n 11-00431 $299.00 ind 2 annunciators for each solid state breaker on the exp bus over and undervoltage warning lights ammeter display instrument light dimmer circuit single ribbon cable installation to exp bus ind-2 the indicator module is an accessory for the exp p/n 11-00432 bus dc load center this optional accessory provides several enhancements to the basic load center all mounted in a small panel mount module 4.6 inches long and 2 inches wide the module extends 2 inches in depth behind the panel the module provides an annunciator output for each fused output on the load center which illuminates if the circuit is tripped it also provides over and under voltage annunciators an amp-meter indicator and a light dimmer circuit for the instrument lights p/n 11-00432 $134.95 brkt 2 mounting brackets to simplify mounting the pc board in the aircraft put things where you want them to be free shipping on this item p/n 11-00433 $21.95 exp 110 tray unlit x battery back up p/n 11-08430 $469.95 an instrument panel mounted warning light which provides an indication of abnormal buss voltage a flashing light indicates a buss voltage greater than 15.5vdc a steady light indicates a buss voltage below 12.5 volts dc the weight of the device is 4.5 oz and operating voltage is 9 to 20 volts dc operating current exclusive of lamp load is 0.1 amps lamp load .02 amps maximum p/n 07-06830 $89.75 advanced regulator/rectifier circuit provides steady 13.8 volt output regardless of load maximum output 220 watts 16 amps 10v signal pulse output for digital or maxpac® tachs accepts ac input from 15 to 100 volts can be used with ac strobe features extremely clean filtered dc output electronics designed to deliver 16 amps producing 220 watts efficiency no consumer or dummy load required for proper operation a beautiful and rugged lightweight package weighs just 16 ounces and is 3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch protection from the environment complete epoxy encapsulation to insure all-season operation ease of installation crimp type ring terminals and wiring schematics provided with every unit p/n 11-03168 $57.75 · powers radios intercoms music players and all digital gear · eliminates all the electrical noise from your system · provides fully-regulated power at your choice of voltage adjustable · protects gear from all forms of power spikes noise and over-voltage · prevents in-flight problems including flaky operation and failures · replaces most outboard power adaptors from other manufacturers · may be used in multi-unit installations specs:· voltage out 9.6-15.3v adjustable regulated within 1 · voltage in 12-16v · current out 1.0a continuous 3.0a intermittent · size 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches · weight 4.4 oz note smoothie is a sophisticated noise filter and secondary voltage regulator it does not replace the primary regulator used to power mechanical systems and charge the aircraft battery p/n 11-05792 $148.50 prices subject to change without notice exp bus products high/low voltage warning indicator key west regulator 11-04330 dc-dc converter device to reduce voltage from 28v to 12v allowing the user to operate 12v items in a 28/24v airplane the device is fully electronic no passive elements generating heat it is fully protected and fused a green led indicates normal and abnormal conditions overload the unit is enclosed in a small precision machined aluminum box with integrated heatsink input is via a fused lighter plug and output is via a female light receptacle size 1.3 x 1.3 x 2.3 weight approx 5.0 oz 3 amp.28-12v dc-dc converter p/n 11-04330 $41.50 10 amp.28-12v dc-dc converter p/n 11-04331 $89.75 y-coupler ­ heavy duty device that allows user to split the output of their cigarette lighter outlet in their airplane or to be used in conjunction with one of the above cockpit voltage converters running multiple items of one converter this device is fuse protected 6.0a 02yc y-coupler p/n 11-00401 $11.75 inverter ­ a device to produce alternating current out of a direct current source this device will generate 110v ac from a 28/24v dc source load limit is 150w continuous 200w peak plug it in to your airplane lighter receptacle and have a household 110v ac outlet this device is fuse and electronically protected against overload over temperature over and under voltage dims 1.77 x 2.87 x 6.06 wt 12.77 oz 110i 28-110v inverter p/n 11-00402 $86.75 deluxe cockpit voltage converter smoothie brickwall noise filter 522 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823