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electronic accessories strobes a small electronic device that can be connected to either the landing gear throttle warning switch or the flap up light or switch and the landing gear down light or switch the pilots headphones are connected to the audio circuit in the igwd ii and should an unsafe condition occur a loud pulsing tone is heard in the pilots headphones in the single input mode throttle gear safety switch if the throttle is reduced and the gear is up the igwd ii will sound the two input mode with the flap up light and the landing gear down light connected to the sensing inputs provide added safety by ensuring that the landing gear is down before the flaps are lowered should the flap up light go out before the landing gear down light is on the warning tone will be enabled in addition to the warning tone a warning light output is available for a panel mounted light as well as a test switch input small size 3.2 l x 2.3 w x 1.0 h ·adjustable tone level ·input triggering for throttle switch or landing gear and flap lights or switches ·remote test switch option ·remote warning light ·dc voltage range 12 to 28 vdc ·weight 10 oz ·two year warranty ·not approved for certified aircraft p/n 11-01943 $210.95 intercom gear warning device measuring only 4 high by 2 3/4 diameter it weighs less than 5 ounces special dual xenon flashtube arrangement provides ultra-bright flash visible for over 3000 in daylight much more at dusk and dawn no separate power pack is required all electronics are fully contained in the strobe itself lens is available in clear red or green each strobe draws less than 300ma mounting bracket included buy two for wing-tip installation must be run from 12 volt battery dimensions 4 x 2.75 dia weight 4.5 ounces features · operates on 12vdc 12 lead is hardwired to unit · completely self-contained · water-resistant · ultra-compact · meets far 103 · bright 8 joule flash 40 flashes/minute strobe 12vdc clear p/n 11-07769 $47.95 skysports bright star strobe cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv accessories strobe lens clear p/n 11-07772 $4.75 strobe lens red p/n 11-07770 $4.75 strobe lens green p/n 11-07771 $4.75 the gretz aero ga-tb2 is a very small audio tone generator used to make an audio tone annoucement through your headset advising of a user selected warning function this warning tone can be used to get your attention for one of a variety of events p/n 11-06491 $49.95 the gretz aero ga-am audio mixer is a must have economical item if you have two or more audio sources in your aircraft if you do not want to install a very costly and panel-space-hungry audio panel the ga-am is for you the ga-am is light small and mighty for what it does it can be mounted out of sight behind the panel in any convenient location with no clumsy modules to have to tie up into your wire harness up to nine audio sources can be fed into this device all of the audio sources are wide range adustable for balance to your system there is even a wide range output level adjust to make the ga-am compatable with all intercoms without having to tinker with matching resistors p/n 11-06490 $149.50 gretz aero audio warning tone generator mounted on vertical fin of many cessna and other production aircraft models fully faa-pma approved only 2.5 dia 2.5 high weighs 6 oz unit available with red or clear fresnel dome has 125w quartz bulb draws 10 amps nominal at 12v use 12 or 14 ga wire for hookup kit consists of light assembly and 12v/24v power supply specify bulb voltage and red or clear dome 12v kit clear lens157-0001c p/n 11-05906 $124.95 12v kit red lens p/n 157-0001r $124.95 24v kit clear lens157-0002c p/n 11-05907 $124.95 24v kit red lens p/n 157-0002r $124.95 description flasher red lens clear lens quartz lamp 24 volt/150w quartz lamp 12 volt/125w gasket clamp ring socket plate assembly mounting plate assembly aeroflash resistor 100 w ref no abcddefgh part no 150-0015 111-0001 111-0004 040-0003 040-0028 080-0001 073-0002 073-0021 073-0055 012-7426 price $59.75 $13.50 $12.90 $22.00 $19.50 $7.30 $8.30 $10.95 $25.90 $28.85 miniature aeroflash anti-collision system gretz aero audio mixer helps pilots monitor critical electrical system stc approved features a multi color led display which is easily viewable from a wide angle in the event of an alternator/generator failure the led display indicates the reserve battery capacity the display automatically adjusts to the ambient light for ifr or night operation and also serves as a reminder to turn off the electrical system after flight comes in either 12v or 24v models and includes all necessary hardware and faa documents the display must be set to dot mode for faa approved installations 12 volt digital voltmeter p/n 10-00752 $87.95 24 volt digital voltmeter p/n 10-00753 $87.95 digital voltage monitor a high-intensity anti-collision strobe system producing 10 joules faapma approved mount on top or belly of fuselage or on vertical fin the xenon lamp is designed to produce symmetrical illumination pattern of light 360° around the aircraft and 70° above and below the horizon less than 3 dia 2-1/2 high mounts in 7/8 dia hole and is secured by two screws draws 2 amps nominal at 12v kit includes light remote power supply and 15 ft cable light has clear fresnel lens and strobe tube wts light 6 oz power supply 20 oz hardware not included 12v kit p/n 156-0007 $153.95 24v complete kit p/n 156-0002 $153.95 12v power supply p/n 152-0007 $93.95 24v power supply p/n 152-0010 $93.95 flash tube only p/n 073-0141 $31.40 flash tube ass y p/n 153-0001 $98.50 miniature aeroflash single light strobe aeroflash two-light strobe kit solid state power supply for each wing tip complete with two power supplies two strobe tubes lenses and retainer specify 12-14v or 24-28v faa approved used on grumman aircraft price $329.00 $314.95 $358.95 kits consist of part no 2 152-007 12v power supply 2 153-008 light assy 156-0010 2 152-0010 24v power supply 2 153-0008 light assy 156-0011 2 152-0021 24v power supply explosion proof 2 153156-0011ex 0008 light assy aeroflash nav strobe light kits the cabin power system provides a 12v outlet in the cabin it consists of a voltage regulator unit vru assembly that is connected to a power outlet mounted within the aircraft cabin the vru pictured converts aircraft power to 12v 1.5a at the outlet size 2-7/8 l x 3.5 w x 2-1/8 h wt 5 oz the vru can easily be mounted in a variety of locations in cessna 172 182 206 models it is approved for mounting on top of the map compartment behind the instrument panel stc-pma d for cessna 172,182 206 models system is shipped complete w/flight manual supplement instructions for continued airworthiness and installation manual p/n 11-01894 $345.95 cabin power system these non-pma d remote nav/strobe light kits are excellent for ultralights and homebuilts kit includes one red light assembly one green light assembly and two power supplies single flash 12v kit p/n 156-0039-12v $374.95 single flash 28v kit p/n 156-0039-28v $374.95 double flash 12v kit p/n 11-04762 $396.95 these non-pma d remote nav strobe /position light kits are excellent for ultralights and homebuilts kit includes one red light assembly one green light assembly and two power supplies the nav lights include clear position lights on rear of assemblies single flash 12v kit p/n 156-0049-12v $446.00 single flash 28v kit p/n 156-0049-28v $442.95 double flash 12v kit p/n 11-04763 $464.95 aeroflash nav/strobe/pos light kits aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 555