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kuntzleman strobe ­ aeroleds cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the sc103 strobe is a self contained 12 volt dc operated light designed specifically for ultralight use where an external 12 vdc power source battery is available its physical size is the smallest of any self contained strobe light in its class measuring2 ½ dia at the base and 4 tall using the same xenon flash tube and fresnel lens that is currently being used on its big brother the single magnum smart strobe the brightness has been actual flight tested before sunset and is visible at 3 statute miles far 103 requirement the flash is in a single wink pattern at about 42 per minute power consumption is 500 ma 1/2 amp and it weighs only 7 ½ ounces the sc103 is mounted with a 1/4 x 20 stud located in the center on the bottom of the unit also a stainless steel tang is supplied its rugged construction makes it a great economical stand alone unit p/n 11-04098 $99.85 shock mount designed to be used when mounting the sc103 strobe in an area of high vibration p/n 11-06251 $14.95 kuntzleman self contained 12 vdc strobe lsa and experimental aircraft line of lights made in the usa called the ltr which stands for landing-taxi-recognition the ltr consists of 9 extremely bright leds focused through special lenses this results in a white beam of light that has been measured with a light meter to be 2 1/2 times the brightness of a 55 watt halogen lamp while drawing 1/3 the current and 1 1/2 that of an hid lamp at about the same current powered by 12 to14 volts dc it uses only 1.35 amps of power the ltr dimensions are 3 dia x 1 deep and weighs less than 6 ounces flashing it on off can be accomplished with an led flasher from your local auto parts store you must see the ltr in operation to believe the light output sold with a money back satisfaction guarantee p/n 11-06854 $229.00 the hot box is a complete electrical system intended for use with an electric starter equipped engine the box contains a heavy duty regulator starter solenoid custom length cables labeled terminal strips a fuse panel and many more features hot box with regulator hb p/n 11-05144 $240.00 hot box no regulator hb p/n 11-05145 $208.95 kuntzleman landing/taxi recognition ltr lights the sunray plus is a wing-mounted led light emitting diode landing light with a builtin wig wag feature in addition to its standard operation as a landing/taxi light the sunray plus is a very intense light source that uses 4 high power led s to produce up to 1,000 lumens of light and 30,000 candela using 10 watts of power each sunray plus light uses less than half the power of an equivalent 55 watt halogen light while producing more usable light in a more narrow beam the led light source last up to 50,000 hours of constant operation so you will never have to replace this light once it has been installed it will outlast both halogen and hid lamps the sunray plus is protected against overheating with a built in protection circuit is protected from lightning transients and esd voltage spikes reverse voltage and undervoltage conditions polycarbonate leading edge windows are commonly used with wingmounted landing lights and are typically available for most airplane types from a number of third-party suppliers this light is small enough to fit in the wingtip cutout found in van s rv kits specifications power 17 watts voltage 9-36 vdc lumens 1,000 lens material polycarbonate candela 25,000 beam angle 10 degrees rated life 50,000 hours temperature range -55c to +70c weight 5 oz dimensions 2.7 x 2.7 x 1.7 p/n 11-09348 $289.95 an all led navigation/position strobe designed for the wingtips of an aircraft and exceeds 400 effective candela for the anti-collision light the pulsar is the same size as the traditional forward and rear facing position light with anti-collision the pulsar does not require an external power supply and will retrofit the mounting footprint of traditional legacy lighting specifications voltage range 9-36 vdc length 5.6 current draw at 12vdc 1.7 amp avg 4.5 amps peak width 1.8 power consumption 20 watts avg depth 1.5 strobe power supply built in weight 4 oz strobe synchronization built in heat sink material clear anodized aluminum thermal protection built in lens material polycarbonate nav/position light exceeds 100 candela screw mount 3x 6-32 machine screws strobe exceeds 400 effective candela rated temperature range -55c to +70c p/n 11-09349 $985.00 aeroleds sunray plus landing light aeroleds pulsar nav storbe kuntzleman hot box courtesy lights for cessna aircraft this unique led lighting system operates from a standard 9 volt battery the system is designed to replace one or more inspection panels on the bottom of each wing with a new inspection panel and a battery operated led light this led will provide lighting around the aircraft for loading passengers or assisting in preflight inspections during night time operations the led has been designed and tested specifically for aircraft applications where altitude and temperature fluctuations can destroy certain components of a standard led the unit is also equipped with an indicator to assist the pilot in finding the switch in the dark a timing feature allows the operator to run the light for either 3 or 15 minutes after which time the unit will shut itself off available with your choice of 5 different sized inspection panels stc d for many models of cessna aircraft visit or website for aircraft eligibility list description part no price courtesy light with 5-1/16 inspection panel most common 11-05741 $119.85 courtesy light with 5-11/16 inspection pane 11-05742 $119.85 courtesy light with 6-1/32 inspection pane 11-05743 $119.85 courtesy light with 6-13/64 inspection pane 11-05744 $120.95 courtesy light with 7-9/16 inspection panel 11-05745 $119.85 epl position lights strobes the new led technology allows excellent navigation lights with only approximately 10 of the input power compared with conventional navigation lights the casting in a high-optical plastic makes the epl electronic position light absolutely insensitive against water vibrations and other environmental influence the efficiency of the output is much higher than with conventional electric light bulbs the self-warming of the epl is low and can be determined as safe to avoid overheating the heat balance is controlled electronically as a precaution you must pay attention to ventilation with a cover installed so that no heat accumulation within the casing can appear this may be assumed by suitable constructive measures these lights are manufactured in germany epl wing tip light set1 red 1 green p/n 11-05120 $349.95 epl tail light p/n 11-05121 $229.50 epl wing tail strobe light p/n 11-05122 $358.95 epl ell 4 light set p/n 11-05123 $1,070.00 the led task light features a rain and brake light two separate functions in the same package the led task light module has a high flash rate which is important in attracting attention in low visiblitity conditions this is a three wire unit with wires for brake rain and battery negative it uses low power so minimal that you can power it from a single 9 volt battery low drain on battery and alternator equals more horsepower more valuable horsepower available to win races no resistor to install or break like other led lights specifications 18 super bright white leds solid state led less power than an incandescent bulb which uses 1.8 amps ore more high vibration resistant waterproof made in usa operating voltage range 5vdc to 18vdc dimensions 2.7 x2.5 x0.89 p/n 11-02881 $74.95 led task light module 24v white recessed mount led light fixture recessed mount convenience light 3 bright leds behind a frosted panel recessed mount with hardware dimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x .5 depth #6 mounting holes with snap on cover 12 volt dc or 24 volt dc very low power drain 0.1ma applications mounts flush into foot wells door panels and side panels ideal as a convenience light mp light or chart light 12v white p/n 11-09266 $13.90 12v red p/n 11-09267 $13.90 12v blue p/n 11-09642 $12.90 12v green p/n 11-09643 $12.90 24v white p/n 11-09268 $13.90 24v red p/n 11-09269 $13.90 24v blue p/n 11-09644 $12.90 562 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice