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dimming systems cockpit lights cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the lc-40e comes in an anodized brushed aluminum chassis features extra control knob sensitivity at dim end of the lighting range where it is needed most it is microcontroller controlled and has continuous over voltage current limit fault protection each channel can handle 1.5 amps lc-40e p/n 11-03366 $126.95 linear designed single triple quad outputs faa tso-c71 approved input +14 vdc or 28 vdc one year warranty optional extension of three years 9.6 lbs features · short circuit protection solid state linear design d-sub/miniature amp connector included ameri-king light dimmers description ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 6amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 12amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 12amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 18amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 18amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 24amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-s 1 pot 24amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-d 2 pot 12amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-d 2 pot 12-amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-d 2 pot 24amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-d 2 pot 24amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-q 4 pot 24amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-q 4 pot 24amp 0-28v ak-551-ld-o 8 pot 24amp 0-14v ak-551-ld-o 8 pot 24amp 0-28v part no 11-06228 11-06229 11-06230 11-06231 11-06232 11-06233 11-06234 11-06235 11-06236 11-06237 11-06238 11-06239 11-06240 11-06241 11-06242 price $100.00 $196.95 $196.95 $292.95 $292.95 $364.00 $364.00 $185.00 $185.00 $364.00 $364.00 $364.00 $364.00 $713.00 $713.00 the cla 500 is a multiple circuit solid state cockpit lighting assembly that will accommodate 4 independent dimmer lighting circuits such as instruments sub panels avionics eyebrow overhead flood and post lamps etc the cla 500 unit itself measures 5 l x 4.7 w x 1.5 h wt 0.8 lbs the unit is rated at 14/28vdc input at 2.5 amps max per circuit the cla 500 comes complete with 4 on/off dimmer control switches and connector assembly.the cla 500 carries a full 1 yr factory warranty not tso d p/n 11-0570014v $259.00 p/n 11-0459228v $254.95 val avionics cla 500 cockpit lighting assembly type c4a a multi-purpose light providing narrow spotlight or floodlight beam rotate dial for red or white lens push-button for instant full light adjustable rheostat coiled cord snap-in mounting base makes light portable in cockpit area new mfg most suitable for larger aircraft 12v p/n 11-03921 $129.75 24v p/n 11-03922 $129.50 cockpit lights 11-06003 economical solution for the dimming of aircraft interior lighting this heavy-duty solid state dimming kit by superior panel technology includes a potentiometer with built-in off switch and 115w power transistor mounted to a heat sink the supplied colored mil spec wire and very easy to follow wiring diagram allows the aircraft builder to customize the wiring harness to fit individual needs when compared to rheostats this unit provides more even dimming when a combination of leds incandescent bulbs and electroluminescent lamps such as spt s glow strips are used appropriate for both 14v and 28v systems knob sold separately p/n 11-00846 $67.95 control knob p/n 11-07344 $4.50 solid state light dimming kit mod1 overhead console the mod1 overhead console is mounted to top of cabin or top wing skin with four stainless steel screws into the four standoffs or posts on console all lights are ordered separately weight 3.8 oz p/n 11-06003 $27.65 miniature eyeball cockpit lights lc-40e/lc-40 lighting controllers miniature eyeball cockpit lights a compact low current draw now all led lightweight light for instrument panel chart reading or baggage area illumination the mod1 cockpit light is available in three models soft white w viewing sect l charts red r for total area night vision protection green g 11-07800 well adapted for night vision goggles a ¾ black acrylic ball with ¼ aperture rotates in a rugged 1.5 diameter abs body for full swivel adjustment mounts with three black screws included.originally used on voyager s around the world flight white p/n 11-07800 $18.75 red p/n 11-03141 $18.75 green p/n 11-08480 $18.75 these high quality cockpit lights are engineered to match the eyeball swivel vents on the page on air vents in this catalog simple twist on/off operation provides white beam for cockpit lighting made from 2024t351 aluminum diameter 2.75 has 4 mounting holes 1/8 dia which are spaced 2-3/8 apart on a mounting plate with a thickness of .71 made in usa black no bulb p/n 05-01401 $68.85 gray no bulb p/n 05-01402 $68.85 order 14v or 28v 14v p/n 11-04197 $1.29 bulb separately 28v p/n 11-04172 $3.25 eyeball cockpit lights the a200-ddc intensity controller will support up to ten instruments in a single installation it provides infinitely variable uniform intensity control for all instruments these units are tso qualified with all 200 series instruments and is stc d as a primary replacement instrument component under all flight conditions day/night vfr and ifr dc power source input voltage 6 to 36 vdc power consumption 250ma maximum brightness p/n 10-04809 $110.95 variable intensity lighting controller red blue and green lights independently dimmable with emergency battery that automatically operates in case of total power failure at the same adjustment attached with velco in any position and connected to the power with cigarette lighter cord provided or directly connected to the harness in the vehicle with a fuse of 2 amp in line the combination of the 3 colors creates the perception of white light measurements 2.36 x1.58 x1.22 input power 12 volts to 28 volts warranty one year warranty parts and labor in the factory p/n 11-06482 $189.00 night flight light 568 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice