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pilot lights landing strip lights replace your existing lighting system of post lights or indirect lighting using the latest technological developed in optical enhancements the nulite uses dual incandescent bulbs with a rated life of 10,000 hours in a translucent material designed to look like an internally lighted unit nulites are easily installed by anyone in just minutes and are pre-cut to fit all standard instruments operating on 14 or 28 volts nulite light wedges can be installed over the instrument or between the panel and the instrument one wire is connected to ground and the other to a dimmable buss installation takes about 30 minutes for each unit and does not require any special tooling the instrument is not altered in any way therefore only a log book entry is required faa/pma approved description part no price 14v 2-1/4 11-03851 $43.95 14v 2-1/4 left cutout 11-01257 $43.95 14v 2-1/4 rt cutout 11-04373 $43.95 28v 2-1/4 11-02571 $43.95 28v 2-1/4 left cutout 11-04374 $43.95 28v 2-1/4 rt cutout 11-04375 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 11-02572 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 lt cutout 11-02673 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 altimeter 11-02573 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 for vsi 11-01099 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 for vsi 11-01230 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 rt cutout 11-02574 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 11-03852 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 lt cutout 11-02762 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 altimeter 11-02851 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 rt cutout 11-03853 $43.95 14v 3-1/8 r/l cutout 11-00818 $43.95 28v 3-1/8 r/l cutout 11-01352 $43.95 14v 4 light bar 11-02788 $43.95 28v 4 light bar 11-02789 $43.95 features daytime readability because nulites utilitze an open ring bezel there are no daytime readability issues ease of installation a typical aircraft installation takes approximately 8 hours and can be done in the field by an a&p mechanic color shifting nulites uses nvis white technology that does not shift any color and illuminates what is on the instrument upgrades the panel not the instrument nulite nvg does not alter the instrument in any way and reduces the need for rotables lower cost a nulite nvg conversion cost a third of what traditional filtered conversions cost reduce training time with an open ring bezel there is no need for additional training for daytime operations specifications nvis white long lasting led pulse type dimming circuit 28 volt systems with lower power consumption 40ma average per unit nulites are faa approved and stc s are available .220 thick and tight tolerances of .005 meets all far burn tests nvis radiance per milstd-3009 white light 28v 3-1/8 round p/n 11-08774 $649.95 white light 28v 3-1/8 left cutout p/n 11-08775 $649.95 white light 28v3-1/8 altimeter cutout p/n 11-08776 $649.95 white light 28v left right cutout p/n 11-08777 $649.95 white light 28v 3-1/8 right cutout p/n 11-08778 $649.95 white light 28v 3-1/8 vsi cutout p/n 11-08779 $649.95 white light 28v 2-1/4 round p/n 11-08780 $649.95 white light 28v 2-1/4 left cutout p/n 11-08781 $649.95 white light 28v2-1/4 right cutout p/n 11-08782 $649.95 the lightsaver prevents this massive inrush allowing the filament to draw the rated current even at turn on with no change in typical light output performance the filament life increases up to 10 times due to reducing the stress induced by inrush current this is something the lamp manufacturers don t want you to know after all they are in the business of manufacturing replacement lamps for your aircraft installation is simple description 12 v 100w 24 v 100w 24 v 150w 24 v 250w part no 11-07316 11-07317 11-07318 11-07319 price $39.75 $39.75 $38.75 $39.85 nulite instrument lighting system superior panel technology has developed a brighter more uniform and longer lasting glare shield lighting system the 18 x 1 glow strip electroluminescent lamps provide a beautiful fluorescent-like aviation green or a white light output the ultra-thin lamps 065 including the adhesive backing are very flexible and conform to the curves of the underside of the glare shield the glow strips meet the faa 23.853 burn test inverters are included with the kit a solid state dimmer and battery back-up system is available and recommended see part numbers below the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty against lamp failure green single glow strip 14v p/n 11-00847 $119.50 two glow strips 14v p/n 11-00848 $159.50 two glow strips 28v p/n 11-00849 $159.50 white single glow strip 14v p/n 11-10525 $119.50 two glow strips 14v p/n 11-10528 $159.50 two glow strips 28v p/n 11-10529 $159.50 accessories solid state dimmer p/n 11-00846 $67.95 battpack battery backup 14v bp12v p/n 11-06595 $47.85 battpack battery backup 28v bp24v p/n 11-06596 $57.85 pilot light pro serves two main functions it provides hands free panel lighting as well as map lighting using the latest in led technologies it delivers 19 hours of continuous use pilot light pro is delivered with two aa procell 1500 batteries installed and may also optionally be installed using ships power the internal circuit board will cut off the internal battery source once ships power is turned on loss of ships power will return the unit back to it s battery source leaving you with light to work by in the advent of any problem i.e loss of alternator quick installation installation is quick and easy if using battery only option simply peel and stick using 3m power lock the panel light is fully adjustable see our web site for installation instructions wiring to ship s power will require a licensed a&p and a 337 form field approval may be required by local fisdo blue p/n 11-07819 $124.95 red p/n 11-07836 $124.95 green p/n 11-07837 $124.95 for those who lack mounting space for pilot light pro or simple just want map lights map light pro uses the same aa procell 1500 batteries and yields 24 hours of continuous use p/n 11-07820 $74.95 glow strips glare shield lighting cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el pilot light pro nulite nv6 lighting map light pro landing strip light kits p/n 11-07953 p/n 11-07954 p/n 11-07952 p/n 11-07955 av to ps bv lightsaver an airfield in a suitcase solution a fast-deployed 40 light kit of our landing strip light used for expeditionary improvised or temporary airfields suitable for a 4,000 runway if placed at typical 200 intervals max order multiple kits for longer runways operators liability the system has been designed to be operated under normal visual meteorological conditions for night flying by a pilot with normal vision the system is utilized at the operator s discretion and risk the suppliers accept no liability whatsoever whether implied or explicit for any incidents/accidents that may incur the operator must ensure that trained personnel operate the system and are made fully aware of aviation safety and that the runway remains clear of animals pedestrians and obstructions at all times during landings and takeoffs only competent and currently night rated pilots may use this system use by student pilots training for night rating is prohibited landing strip light kit 40 light basic kit packed in a pelican 1660 wheeled equipment case for ease of storage handling and set up 180 lb 82 kg per kit description part no price landing strip light kit with 40 lights 11-07953 $4,248.00 landing strip light kit jr with 10 lights 11-07954 $925.00 landing strip/runway light not available for sale to european union at this time not 11-07952 $112.00 rohs compliant helicopter landing zone light kit includes a rugged case five strobes with bases pace 11-07955 $593.00 out line instruction manual and safety guides aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 571