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avionics cooling fans troll avionics cooling fans the ice box avionics cooling fan is designed to mount remotely and cool up to 3 radios it is shielded and filtered and uses standard 5/8 cat type hose to direct air from 3 outlet ports thickness of the unit is only 1.4 and it operates on 14 or 28 volts ice box offers a thin profile flexible mounting and very quiet operation 2 yr warranty 12v p/n 11-18350 $163.95 28v p/n 11-18360 $163.95 super ice box same as above except w/5 outlet ports instead of three to cool 2 extra radios 12v p/n 11-18365 $224.95 28v p/n 11-18370 $224.95 cyclone the cyclone-21 is a compact 3 x 3 x 1 aircraft electronics cooling fan that delivers 21 cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment 3-port 12v fan p/n 11-18380 $165.95 3-port 24v fan p/n 11-18381 $165.95 6-port 12v fan p/n 11-05221 $319.95 6-port 24v fan p/n 11-05222 $324.00 5/8 fan tubing p/n 11-00504 $5.50 the ameri-king ak-950f is part of a faa tso d approved.kit gps avionics fan is compact and delivers up to 26.6 cfm cubic feet per minute of forced air cooling to a variety of avionics equipment it features ball bearing for highest reliability and long lasting the ak-950f fan may be behind or beneath aircraft instrument panel or avionics equipment rack or cabin pressure bulkhead the small one port direct mounting fans fld are for internal cooling and there is a second port for external cooling no remote hose is required features include power reverse polarity protection compact size choices of 1 2 3 or 5 hose outputs universal mounting hoses connector kit and hardware included 4-year extended warranty size for 1-3 ports l 5.75 w 5.130 h 2.080 5 ports l 6.75 w 5.130 h 2.080 small f1d port l 2.60 w 2.5 h 2.5 power 14 or 28 vdc description 1-port w/hose 2-ports w/2 hoses 3-ports w/3 hoses 5-ports w/5 hoses 10-ports w 10 hoses small 1 port fld 14v p/n 11-18385 11-18386 11-18387 11-18388 11-05825 11-01418 price $117.00 $133.95 $158.00 $228.00 $448.95 $117.00 28v p/n 11-01416 11-00177 11-01417 11-01106 11-05820 11-01419 price $117.00 $133.95 $158.00 $228.00 $448.95 $117.00 the cyclone-600 is a light weignt highly reliable brushless dc avionics blower that delivers 45-50 cfm of forced air to onboard aircraft electronics the universal mounting system mounts vertical horizontally or at 45 degrees for straight forward installations for all aircraft make and models features new dc brushless motor with faa/pma approval high performance 626zz bearing for extended life high impact phenolic housing laser balanced impeller wheel universal front plate 4,5,6 ports cable harness 36 included benefits over current protection locked rotor protected reverse polarity protected faa/pma approved do160 d tested low noise specifications voltages 12-14 vdc 600ma 24-48 vdc 500ma cfm 45/50 cfm at 6000 rpm dimensions 4.5in h x 3.0in w x 6.25in l description part no price cyclone 600 6 port fan 12-14v 11-05221 $319.95 cyclone 600 6 port fan 24/28v 11-05222 $324.00 cyclone 600 6 port avionics cooling fan cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv ameri-king avionics cooling fans lone star aviation s new 1 port blower is the smallest 1 x 2 x2 most efficient brushless dc motor and the most versatile avionics cooling fan in our industry today this new blower s universal mounting bracket makes it easy to set-up and install on a verity of aircraft install immediately on experimental sport and soon on general aviation business rotor-craft commercial class aircraft as well as land-mobile marine and military vehicles specifications light weight 52 grams 0.115 lbs enclosure aluminum powder coated vdc amperage 12 10.215.8vdc 0.320ma vdc amperage 24 18.2-28.5vdc 0.300ma 1 port 5/8 inch x 1.0 max static pressure h2o 0.64 max air flow 6.7 cfm universal mounting bracket 4 mt h operating temp -55c to +70c faa-pma pending 6-30-08 ultra-small size 2.0h x 1.00w x 2.0l easy installation 4 x 6-32 1 year limited warranty description part no price lonestar 12 vdc blower kit ls03-02040 11-06567 $129.95 lonestar 24 vdc blower kit ls03-02041 11-06568 $129.95 lone star 12/24 vdc blower kit the acf528 is a faa-pma d five port cooling fan that produces cooling air for one to five avionics units supplying up to 20 cubic feet of air per minute at 28 vdc the acf528 can easily cool an entire stack of avionics the acf528 uses a brushless blower motor to provide years of reliable runquiet tm operation specifications operating voltage 28vdc current draw 480ma 850ma startup size 5.13 x 6.77 x 2.1 weight 1.18 lbs certification faa-pma do160c p/n 11-08020 $265.00 sandia acf 528 5 port fan pma d the ak950-ftr rfi dc line filter is the only tso approved rfi filter available the ak950ftr was designed to replace all hisonic rfi filters it replaces hisonic rfi-40 rfi-70 and rfi-100 filters works on 40-100 amp operation working voltage is 30vdc ftr1 designed to reduce noise from alternator or generator ak950-ftr pictured p/n 11-00182 $96.75 ak950-ftr1 p/n 11-00183 $78.75 ameri-king ak950-ftr rfi dc line filter the acf 314 and acf 328 simultaneously cool up to three avionics units operating on 14vdc and 28 vdc respectively the acf 314 and acf 328 supply up to 20 cubic feet of cooling air per minute helping maintain your avionics at a proper operating temperature sandia aerospace cooling fans use high quality brushless blower motors and or runquiettm technology these units are faa pma s and have passed stringent envrionmental testing to ensure years of reliable service specifications · operating voltage 14vdc · current draw 960ma 1.7a at startup · size 5.18 x 5.18 x 2.1 · weight 1.18 lbs p/n 11-06345 $179.85 sandia acf 314 3 port fan the safe 128 is an axial fan that is designed to attach directly to an avionics unit s cooling port providing a nominal 20 cfm no load of cooling air the safe 128 provides an alert output whenever the fan rpm drops below a preset level specifications voltage 28 vdc current draw 100ma nominal 250ma startup size 2.36 x 2.87 x 1.44 weight .25 lb certification pma,do160d with fault detention p/n 11-08019 $185.95 sandia safe 128 axial fan pma d the safe 528 is a five port cooling fan that provides a fault output anytime the fan rpm drops below a predetermined value the safe 528 is ideal for use with flight display systems that require cooling as part of the certification the safe 528 uses a brushless dc motor to provided 20 cubic feet of air with reliable runquiettm operation specifications operating voltage 28vdc current draw 400 ma nominal 550ma stratup size 5.13 x 6.77 x 2.1 weight 1.23 lbs certification faa-pma pending p/n 11-08017 $549.95 sandia safe 528 5 port cooling fan aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 597