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xcom transceivers cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv glider speaker clear sound and easy to understand 5 watts output 8 ohm p/n 11-05676 $46.50 designed from the ground up the xcom offers superior performance under the demanding and noisy conditions experienced in many amateur built aircraft with low power consumption this radio is ideally suited to use in gliders homebuilts and ultralights a full 6-watt carrier and 20 watt pep output ensure that you will be heard above the general chatter in a busy airspace and the vox intercom system with music input will enhance your enjoyment of the flight with expanded receive range from 108 mhz the xcom760 provides noaa weather reception ensuring that you are always aware of impending weather conditions the xcom 760 will also operate down to a 108 mhz so you can receive the vor channels additional safely enhancements such as duel watch allows the pilot to listen to the standby frequency while still monitoring the primary frequency the xcom 760 also has 99 memory channels large volume and channel selector knobs and well spaced buttons this radio is extremely easy to operate even when wearing flight gloves and you can even check the condition of your battery with the built in voltage monitor software update capability and internet downloads mean that you are always provided with the latest features the xcom 760 offers superior quality enhanced features and improved performance over many of the more expensive airband radios without the high cost found in other brands features · new easier to read lcd screen · several software updates · memory scanning of up to 99 memory channels · streamlined software increasing reliability and performance · music/second comm input is now user selectable for another vhf uhf or music input · added sidetone volume adjustment · improved agc controls for close and powerful stations · improved speaker output for glider operations 760 vhf panel mount p/n 11-02206 $1,495.00 side by side standard harness p/n 11-07387 $349.95 xcom vhf transceiver he newest addition to the xcom range is the xcom vhf remote head option interfacing with the xcom vhf this tiny unit provides remote access to all of the capabilities of the xcom vhf radio in one quarter of the space ideal for training situations tandem seat aircraft limited space installations or simply to provide easy access for both pilot and co-pilot this unit duplicates the entire xcom vhf display and provides full access to all functions except power on from the front panel of the radio the connection between the remote head and the xcom vhf radio is via a simple cable allowing all of the controls on either panel to be duplicated on the remote when the master unit is changed the remote head follows and vice versa for example if the pilot in the front seat of the aircraft adjusts the radio to 123.450 then the remote display also adjusts to show 123.450 if the toggle button is pressed on the remote then the frequencies are toggled on both units all of the xcom features apart from powering on can be duplicated with a remote head option the remote head is extremely small being less than 1 1/2 deep 40mm allowing it to be installed in places where the xcom will not fit such as in the very tight confines of the panel in the pitts special p/n 11-04399 $504.00 xcom remote head xcom deluxe kit the xcom deluxe package comes complete with xcom vhf transceiver 2 place wiring harness for easy installation electrolytic capacitor comant 121 tso d aerial and 2.5 meters double shielded coaxial cable and plugs p/n 11-04491 $2,113.00 side by side standard harness p/n 11-07387 $349.95 instructional dvd explaining the complete operation and set-up of the xcom vhf transceiver 30 minutes duration p/n 11-05674 $4.20 xcom instructional dvd win xp designed for the xcom vhf aircraft transceiver but equally suitable for any other radio or instrument with the same 2 1/4 inch mounting hole can also be used in the marine or automotive environment manufactured from 2 mm thick 304-2b grade stainless steel for strength and corrosive resistance two 6.5 mm holes are provided for conveniently mounting switches such as the intercom on/off/isolate and the backlight switch blanking plugs are factory fitted to maintain the appearance if the holes are not used can be installed in any orientation e.g left right top or bottom switches can be mounted horizontally or vertically p/n 11-05678 $73.00 xcom universal stainless steel mounting brackets the power mate regulator is designed to provide a clean dc power source to charge a 12volt battery when connected to a single phase alternator found on rotax and jabiru engines the output voltage is electronically stabilised and preset to a maximum output voltage of 14.5 v 8 amps the power mate has inbuilt overload protection and is supplied with a 15 amp fuse and mounting instructions used on hundreds of aircraft worldwide with fantastic results removing engine electrical noise short circuit proof overheating and over voltage protected water and vibration proof extends battery life p/n 11-05673 $354.95 xcom powermate regulator xcom dual aluminum bracket this water jet cut bracket is ideal for mounting two xcom s side-by-side in a normal aircraft rackmount system cut to the exact size required it will save you time and trouble in fitting a dual xcom system to your aircraft comes mill finish in 2 mm aluminium ready for painting p/n 11-05679 $42.75 switch mode voltage converter with soft shutdown and intelligent control input voltages 15 to 38 volts output 13.2 volts 7 amps compact efficient short circuit protected reverse polarity protected overload protected perfect for warbirds made in the uk lightweight 195 grams 6.8 oz mounting bracket supplied p/n 11-05680 $210.95 xcom voltage converter 15-38v boom microphone more than 1200 made and used all over the world 3 year guarantee p/n 11-05675 $166.95 xcom glider boom microphone seamlessly connect a stereo or mono video camera tape recorder or digital voice recorder into your aircraft headsets and record all communications between the pilot and co-pilot atc and other aircraft perfect for making your own aviation videos with crystal clear narration flight training or many other uses p/n 11-05658 $54.25 xcom stereo video patch cable xcom glider speaker electrolytic capacitor 22 000 uf 25v and absolute requirement to prevent regulator spikes on rotax jabiru and other engines the manufacturer recommend installing the electrolytic capacitor in nearly every installation to help protect your radio and other avionics from overvoltage p/n 11-07992 $69.50 electrolytic capacitor 598 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice