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in-flight cabin entertainment systems the aicd iii is the latest way to listen to your favorite cd/mp3 or radio station in flight designed for aviation has an attractive brushed aluminum bezel to enhance your instrument panel comes with easy install kit to mount directly into your instrument panel features faa/pma approved 24 station presets automatic frequency store seek up/down tuning electronically controlled volume bass/treble/balance 11-33 volts dc 6.25 x 2 x 9.25 inches weighs 3.5 pounds can be connected to sirius satellite receiver or ai-8 changer aux input for an mp3 player remote control aicdiii am/fm cd/mp3/wma us p/n 11-05151 $1,613.00 aicdiii a/fm cd/mp3/wma euro p/n 11-05150 $1,723.00 this digital media player is a self-contained unit which stores and replays pre-recorded audio tracks the audio tracks are encoded in motion picture expert group mpeg level 3 format commonly referred to as mp3 audio files are stored in a removable compact flashtm memory card which is prepared and installed by the user features self-contained unit which stores and replays mp3 music and speech files mp3 files are stored on a standard compact flash card mp3 play lists ipod can be imported one mb one minute of speech or music currently compact flash cards are available up to 4gb up to sixteen languages can be programmed with the ability to play two different languages simultaneously the dmp-100 can be implemented as a cabin briefer audio files can be selected via a single rotary push-button on the front panel optionally the dmp-100 can be connected to a maximum of seven external discrete trigger inputs to select a particular audio/speech file in addition the rs232 data from a gps can be connected to the dmp-100 allowing triggering of audio speech files based on geographical position the dmp-100 provides a single pair of ground-referenced stereo line-level output signals user programmable with avionics innovations exclusive card-prep software supplied with the dmp-100 benefits hours of continuous music and or speech files can be stored on a convenient compact flash card no more changing and maintaining of cd s can be used for entertainment and or cabin briefing single rotary knob with a push-button action for all front panel functions mp3 play lists ipod can be imported user programmable gps can be connected to the dmp-100 to trigger either speech or music automatically when the aircraft is within a specific distance of a certain waypoint faa/pma approved do-160d tested specifications power source 11-33 volts dc ground system negative current draw 250 ma audio output stereo line-level dimensions 5.75 w x 1.875 h x 3.5 d mounting type:dzus-rail mount adapter available for 6.25 racks weight 15 oz ai dmp-100nvg p/n 11-07253 $3,695.00 this new cabin class system will allow you to switch between 4 video 6 audio sources simultaneously from up to 8 seat stations features ·4 video composite inputs ·6 audio inputs adjustable input levels · pa override ·up to 8 passenger control stations · separate volume control at each station · listen or view any source fom any station · activate an external amplifier · custom plating available 4 seats p/n 11-01174 $3,175.00 6 seats p/n 11-01175 $4,422.00 8 seats p/n 11-01176 $5,246.00 avionics innovations aicd iii am/fm/cd/mp3 player remote mounted multi-regional dvd drive which allows you to view dvds from any region around the world the unit also is a cd/mp3 player requires pcu passenger control unit for operation pn 11-04495 specifications operating voltage 11-33 vdc current draw 0.2 amps antenna externally mounted included weight 1.2 lbs dimensions 6.25 lx5 wx1.25 h p/n 11-04496 $4,443.00 ai ­ dvd/cd player cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv avionics innovations dmp-100 passenger control unit with ir remote controls remote-mounted i.c.e components sirius© satellite radio dvd/cd or mp3 player two distinct channels allow some passengers to receive one source while others receive a second source specifications operating voltage 11-33 vdc current draw 0.2 amps weight 0.75 lbs dimensions 125 lx5.5 wx2.00 h p/n 11-04495 $1,350.00 ai­passenger control unit 10 12 15 tft active-matrix lc flat-panel display panel mount only faa/pma approved extra-wide viewing angle high-intensity backlight drawn-aluminum enclosure rounded safety corners seek up/down tuning ntsc input signal 1500 nit 28 volts dc description part number price ai 10 flat panel display 11-07255 $3,995.00 ai 10 flat panel display flip down display 11-07258 $5,195.50 ai 12 flat panel display 11-07256 $4,695.50 ai 15 flat panel display 11-04509 $5,415.00 avionics innovations 10 12 15 inch lcd screen ai ­ 7 wide screen ai a/v video switch system 7 wide-screen format with optional touch screen specifications input signals 1 vga and 2 ntsc resolution 800 x 600 viewing angles right/left/above/below65/65/40/65 brightness 1500 nit operating voltage 18-33 vdc 750 ma weight 2.5 lbs dimensions 5 h x7 wx1.5 d mounting bulkhead headrest or articulating arm standard p/n 11-04499 $1,669.00 with arm p/n 11-04502 $1,850.00 ai ­ satellite radio module avionics innovations cd 8 disc changer · 11-33 vdc · horizontal or vertical mounting · 9x2.75x6.25 changer · 4lbs p/n 11-07254 $649.95 the ai-dvd am/fm stereo disc changer system allows you to view dvd movies or listen to your favorite cds or radio station features · dvd audio dvd video video cd music playback · anti-shock memory · floating mechanism · front rear program capability · 5v high voltage preamp outputs · 18 fm and 6 am presets · full function remote control · auxiliary input ai-dvd 8 disc changer p/n 11-01173 $4,385.00 the ai-amplifier is the perfect companion to all our entertainment products enjoy your favorite music without the extra weight and confinement of headphones specifications faa/pma approved 20 watts per channel maximum low distortion 28 volt 2 channel output 5.75 x 5 x 2 inches weighs 1.5 pounds 28v p/n 11-19504 $1,084.00 ai-dvd 8 disc changer remote mounted sirius© satellite radio module with antenna 120 streams of coast-to-coast digital quality sound including nfl and nascar available 2007 specifications operating voltage 11-33 vdc current draw 0.2 amps antenna externally mounted included weight 1.2 lbs dimensions 6.25 lx5 wx1.25 h p/n 11-04497 $2,495.00 ai amplifier remote mounted video amp with 2 video inputs 6 video outputs 6 individual 12 vdc power supplies at 0.75 amps each specifications ·operating voltage 18-33 vdc · current draw 2.5 amps · wt 1.0 lbs · dims 6.25 lx2 wx1.75 h p/n 11-04498 $1,410.00 ai ­ video amp aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 605