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handheld transceivers retaining the basic features of the very popular ic-r5 the ic-r6 has a new design and new features 100 khz ­ 1309.995 mhz wideband coverage while the ic-r6 receives an ultra wideband frequency range the radio provides superior sensitivity and receiver characteristics that is insusceptible to interference amateur stations am fm short wave broadcasts tv audio and a variety of utility communications can be caught and listened to frequency range depends on version analog tv audio only cannot decode digital tv audio the ic-r6 has 100 channels per second high speed scan capability with the supplied rechargeable ni-mh cells 1400mah × 2 the ic-r6 provides up to 15 hours of continuous receive capability at 50 mw output using external speaker 1300 memory channels with 22 memory banks the vsc opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores un modulated beat noise the ic-r6 can be powered by rechargeable ni-mh cells or with alkaline batteries run the ic-r6 using the ac adapter bc-196s or opt for a cigarette lighter cable cp-18 when used the optional drop-in charger stand bc-194 with the ac adapter or cigarette lighter cable you can easily start charging the ni-mh cells while eliminating the need to connect the power source to the dc power jack of the receiver usable temperature range +14 f to +140 f antenna impedance 50 ohm sma dimensions:58w x86hx29.8d mm weight 7.1 oz united states version p/n 11-08477 $226.95 international version p/n 11-08476 $229.95 the vxa-220 features 5 watts tx power output loud audio 700 mw long life nickel metal hydride battery larger lcd display 250 memory channels with programmable 8 character alpha numeric display submersible design 3 feet for 30 minutes noaa weather receive 10 channels all of this is backed by the manufacturers 3 year parts and labor warranty the vxa-220 uses the same accessories as the popular vxa-300 includes vxa-220 com fnb-83 1400 mah ni-mh battery cd-32 charging cradle cn-3 sma to bnc adapter fba-25a alkaline battery tray atv-10 helical antenna q3000194 e-dc-5b dc cable with 12v cigarette lighter plug pa-48b 110vac overnight charger ct-96 headset adapter cable note the 220v model comes with the pa-48c 220vac overnight charger vxa-220 pro vi 110v p/n 11-05054 $215.00 vxa-220 pro vi 220v p/n 11-07029 $215.00 yaesu cd-32 charger cradle p/n 11-09277 $41.90 the vxa-300 aviator pilot iii is the result of over 45 years of engineering know how the pilot iii features a more powerful audio amplifier than any other handheld airband transceiver and comes supplied with a 1400 mah nickel metal hydride battery pack that provide almost double the battery capacity of icom s ic-a23 or ic-a5 includes vxa-300 5w portable vhf transceiver with vor atv-10 helical antenna q3000194 cn-3 sma to bnc adapter fba-25a alkaline battery tray fnb-83 1400 mah ni-mh battery cd-28 charging cradle e-dc-5b dc cable with 12v cigarette lighter plug pa-48b 110vac overnight charger ct-96 headset adapter cable note the 220v model comes with the pa-48c 220 vac overnight charger part no price 11-02716 $245.00 11-04342 $245.00 vxa-300 pilot iii accessories included description part no price atv-10 rubber duck antenna included 11-04343 $22.00 ct-96 headset adapter for vxa-300,700 710 11-02562 $10.75 nc-88b -110v,12hr charger req cd-28 charging stand 11-09461 $23.85 cd-28 overnight desktop charger cradle requires 11-04346 $9.90 nc-88 wall charger yaesu vertex 220v wall charger for vxa 220 300 710 11-09915 $24.95 fnb-83 7.2v 1400mah ni-mh battery included 11-04347 $33.90 clip-14 swivel belt clip included 11-04340 $7.20 vxa-300 pilot iii accessories optional description part no price cn-3 sma to bnc antenna adapter antenna adapter 11-16957 $9.75 for vxa-150 vxa-210 vxa-300 vxa-700 vxa-710 e-dc-5b 12v cigarette lighter adapter for all yaesu 11-16961 $24.75 standard airband transceivers mh-44b4b speaker mic for vxa-700,300,710 11-02381 $49.95 rubber duck antenna for vxa-100/150/210 11-00827 $14.50 vxa-300 vxa-300/c description icom ic-r6 handheld receiver a first in aviation communications yaesu standard has combined over 50 years experience in amateur radio communications and our expertise in aviation communications to make the world s first air band vor navigation and vhf business band radio receive handheld transceiver includes vxa-710 5w portable multiband transceiver with vor atv-9 helical antenna q3000188 cn-3 sma to bnc adapter fnb-80li 1400 mah ni-mh battery pa-48b 110vac overnight charger ct-96 headset cable note the 220v model comes with the pa-48c 220vac overnight charger yaesu transceiver w 117v charger p/n 11-04337 $297.00 yaesu transceiver w 220v charger p/n 11-04338 $319.00 accessories included description atv-9 dual band rubber duck antenna ct-96 headset adapter nc-72b 120 volt 12 hour charger fnb-80li 7.2v 1300mah li-ion battery accessories optional description swivel belt clip pc programming kit for vxa700 only cn-3 sma to bnc antenna adapter e-dc-5b 12 v cigarette lighter adapter fba-23 alkaline case for vxa-700 710 csc-88 soft case for vxa-700 710 mh-44b4b speaker microphone cd-15a desktop rapid charger 117v 220v wall charger for vxa 220 300 710 vxa-710 spirit airband nav/com transceiver cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv part no 11-02561 11-02562 11-05864 11-02563 part no 11-04340 11-02564 11-16957 11-16961 11-02565 11-02566 11-02381 11-02567 11-09915 price $22.00 $10.75 $24.75 $96.50 price $7.20 $72.00 $9.75 $24.75 $32.50 $19.85 $49.95 $38.75 $24.95 yaesu vxa-220 pro vi yaesu vxa-300 transceiver ar-108 is a full-featured handheld air-band scanner with weather channels the ar-108 is small rugged and compact the features include 10 weather channels 9-digit/24 icon backlit lcd display 99 programmable memory channels selective channel steps scans from either the pre-programmed memory channels or the entire aviation frequency band key lock key beep tone on/off battery power saver powered by 2 aa batteries includes scanner antenna beltclip and manual 1yr warranty p/n 11-18505 $97.50 accessories ar-108 protective case p/n 11-04997 $12.80 ar-108 airband scanner yaesu standard e-dc-6 dc cable plug and wire only p/n 11-08490 $8.50 yaesu standard dc cable plug and wire only yaesu standard fba-25a alkaline battery tray p/n 11-08492 $16.95 yaesu standard alkaline battery tray high-quality push-to-talk switch universal in-line ptt switch w-103 p/n 11-07087 $18.95 the cbe-210 is a dc battery eliminator for icom handheld radios such as the ic-v8 f3gt f4gt f21gm one end plugs into a 12-13.8vdc lighter socket the coiled cord links the lighter plug to the battery housing which clips onto the back of the radio the cbe-210 includes voltage current-limiting circuitry noise filtering circuitry is also built into the housing 5a fuse is located in the cig plug p/n 11-08252 $23.95 push to talk switch cbe-210n battery eliminator aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east 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