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intercoms avcomm ac-2ex portable intercom expandable stereo and portable avcomm s new ac-2ex may possibly be the only intercom you will ever need measuring a mere 5.1 by 2.85 the ac-2ex is designed to produce powerful communications you can depend on the compact design makes it easy to carry in your flight bag a feature pilots who rent aircraft will especially appreciate need 4 positions simply add the ac-2xm module to accommodate additional passengers features · avcomm s expandable portable 2 to 4 place · rugged compact design · two 9v batteries with quick access or 12-28v dc power · stuck mic indicator power-transmit led · for use with mono or stereo headsets · pilot priority ptt · fail safe feature · wt 14.1 oz · full 3 year factory warranty ac-2ex intercom p/n 11-02264 $196.95 aircraft spruce skycom 2 4 place intercoms skycom 200 portable intercoms ­ measure just 2.25 x1.38 x 2.75 features adjustable volume and squelch y-adapter for 2 ptt switches uses 9v battery power the skycom 200 4-place 11-11865 comes with a 2-place intercom and a 5 foot extension cable that connects to another 2-place remote intercom for passengers in the backseats cm wp me skycom 200 2-place intercom p/n 11-11860 $96.50 skycom 200 4-place intercom p/n 11-11865 $118.95 skycom 400 portable intercoms ­ features dual volume controls pilot/crew/pass pilot/co-pilot isolate auxiliary music input 9v battery or cigarette liter operation skycom 400 4-place p/n 11-11875 $149.95 ha ap multicomm is the first complete fully-integrated multi-function intercom radio-interface and power supply system for ultralights and lisght-sport aircraft with it s unparalleled low-noise operation rich sound quality and unique operating features you now finally have the cabin sound you always wanted includes everything you need to get up-and-running prewired and plug-and-play multicomm has multi-pass active and passive filters in the intercom and power supply to take all the noise out while optimising the voice bandpass for maximum speech intelligibility multicomm is unique in providing four distinct operating modes to give you independent control over each individual mic s activation for both intercom and radio in a variety of combinations radio sidetone feeds your transmitted audio back to your headphones confirming that you are transmitting as expected and allowing you to adjust your speech for maximum effectiveness p/n 11-05791 $547.00 multicomm aircraft intercom two place portable/built-in expandable intercom with outstanding clean stereo sound individual squelch circuits and ptt jacks stuck mic warning visual and audio alarm automatic failsafe pilot communication to radio with loss of power to the intercom accessory inputs for stall warning altimeter alert collision avoidance engine monitor etc for built-in use standard cell phone interface no deterioration of sound as battery weakens powered by two 9v batteries auxiliary power input on the side automatically compatible with mono or stereo headsets or a mix optional mounting flanges allow installation in ultralights and lsa anodized aluminum case additional features include mil-spec quality cabling music input for mp3 players cd etc and auto music muting with manual override 3-year warranty dre stero intercom p/n 11-09576 $366.95 dre-205e aux power cord p/n 11-09585 $14.75 dre aux power cord ol style p/n 11-09586 $13.50 dre-205e mounting brackets p/n 11-09577 $12.50 dre d-205e intercom ps engineering s renowned voice activated intercom vox eliminates clipped words and shouting other features include individual volume and squelch controls for the pilot and copilot independent microphone circuits allow individuals who are speaking to be heard and keep background noises shut out music can be added to the intercom for in-flight entertainment automatic muting when the intercom is active or intercom and radio pm 1000ii-series ensures uninterrupted communications ps engineering s softmute gradually returns the music to the original level when conversation stops although monaural the music fidelity is still excellent in most airplanes you won t notice the lack of stereo separation the pm 1000 is an effective 2-place intercom with individual volume and squelch controls while the 4-place pm 1000ii adds a transmit indicator lamp and music muting during radio traffic the pm 1000ii 11-11922 has pilot isolate mode that allows the pilot to concentrate on flying while the passengers enjoy music and conversation the pm 1000ii with crew mode p/n 11-11920 allows for separate intercom for the pilot and copilot positions as well as separate music sources for front and back on all ps engineering intercoms a wire harness must be done by ps engineering or a ps engineering dealer or warranty is void for a quote on 11-11922 pm 1000ii with out crew wire harness on 11-11920 pm 1000ii with crew wire harness or on 11-02553 please call 800-826-3160 specifications height 1.25 inches width 3.0 inches depth 5.50 inches weight 12 ounces power requirement 12-24 vdc warranty 1 year unit is tso d pm1000ii 4-place intercom p/n 11-11922 $309.95 pm1000ii-w/digital recorder p/n 11-11906 $419.95 6-pl for expansion module p/n 11-02555 $399.95 pm1000ii-w internal crew p/n 11-11920 $449.95 pm1000ii-w/crew recorder p/n 11-11908 $479.95 pm1000 2-pl for dual audio panels p/n 11-02553 $429.95 jack kit 4-place p/n 11-11910 $35.00 ps engineering pm 1000ii 4 place mono panel mount intercoms lg ep cs in el av to ps flight data systems ap-60 audio mixer an audio mixer is required any time there is more than one audio source this unit mixes and amplifies six audio inputs mounts behind the instrument panel for example communications radio audio navigation radio audio efis warning audio music player audio traffic warning audio specifications aux audio input compact 2.5 x 3.4 x .6 lightweight 2.1 oz 12-28 volt compatible no special tools required for installation p/n 10-03427 $84.75 nav-data 4 place intercom our four place intercom is packed with features only found in much more expensive units failsafe feature for pilot in the event of power loss pilot isolate switch oprates on one 9 volt battery adjustable squelch mute voice activated vox built in push to talk switch music in record out jacks p/n 13-06088 $106.75 bv aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 641