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rivet tools ­ shears cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv replacement bits p/n 12-01128 #10 $3.35 p/n 12-01129 #21 $2.70 p/n 12-01130 #30 $2.50 p/n 12-01131 #40 $2.55 this quality tool enables the user to quickly and accurately remove rivets and blind fasteners the tool comes complete with drill bits and guides #40 #30 #21 and #10 made in u.s.a p/n 12-00817 $47.95 rivet removal tool used for hand dimpling of skins and small parts and for hand riveting of parts assemblies and spars this tool maintains alignment of the dies to each other and insures proper alignment to the work surface for superior dimpling results over either rivet gun or free-hand dimpling methods features include · 22 deep x 4 tall throat · heavy wall 1 x 2 steel tube arm · heavy wall aluminum channel base · bronze 1/2 i.d guide bushings for shafts · heat treated and centerless ground stainless steel driver shaft 2­ one shaft has flat end for riveting with rivet gun one shaft accepts 0.187 shanks for dimple dies sets ·1.5 extension shaft for dies · adjustable die holder block rivet tool return spring kit now included spring collar and wrench great for one handed dimpling of skins and parts uses rivet dimple and die sets with .187 shank dies and sets sold separately p/n 12-00177 $213.95 drdt-2 aka dash 2 is a welded steel c-frame rivet dimpler replaces the common impact c-frame rivet dimplers of the past with its ample mechanical advantage dimpling is fast easy less fatiguing and safe on the skins with a fully adjustable set holder you can achieve consistent and accurate dimples the drdt-2 incorporates a new low force spring return system that prevents skin damage from the accidental release of the handle without increasing the force required to dimple 22 throat depth allows dimpling of up to 44 wide sheets the relief under the lower frame member provides dimpling access to spars ribs leading edge skins designed and analyzed using state of the art engineering tools the drdt-2 can handle all your dimpling needs on your project the drdt-2 is painted with an industrial powder coat giving one of the toughest finishes available features · weight 60 lbs · size 28 x16 x3 · capacity up to 22 depth · gap 4 · skin thickness up to 0.040 aluminum dimple dies 3/16 shank diameter rivet dimpler p/n 12-00907 $399.00 dimple die rivet set p/n 12-00560 $94.85 dimple die screw set p/n 12-00565 $99.75 hand riveting dimpling tool tired of battling those rivet shanks stuck in the ribs and under other underlying structures after you have drilled the heads off and removed the skin the rivet shank removal pliers will make short work of this unpleasant task and turn a two man job into a one man job a handy patented tool whhich will reduce labor time and costs p/n 12-00745 $65.50 rivet shank removal pliers this air-powered shear cuts straight lines or curves up to 180 inches/minute an ideal shear for any aircraft builder cuts up to 18 gauge mild steel width of cut 7/32 length 8-1/4 wt 2.14 lbs p/n 12-01330 $375.00 power shear this air-powered router is very light weight and features a straight handle and rear exhaust base is 1-1/2 and router guide is included rpm 20,000 router shank 1/4 length 6 wt 1-1/2.12 lbs made in u.s.a p/n 12-01321 $285.95 router drdt-2 rivet dimpler this handy economical tool removes chips and burrs on metal between sheets after rivet holes have been drilled a recommended tool for any aircraft builder involved with sheet metal work.router p/n 12-01304 $6.75 chip chaser 3 pieces for access into the most demanding applications each plier has a full 11 reach medium carbon steel hardened fully polished cushion pvc handles vinyl storage pouch model tp942 p/n 12-00364 $35.75 long reach plier kits the new m8r and m9r compound action snips possess the same outstanding durability as all the other products in the wide wiss® compound action line but feature a right-angle blade that allow greater reach in overhead and other awkward applications and like every other wiss compound action snip both the m8r and m9r have a unique blade edge shaped to allow the material to set deeper and serrated to hold it tight during the cut m8r compound action right angle blade cuts straight to left p/n 12-02007 $24.85 m9r compound action right angle blade cuts straight to right p/n 12-02006 $24.85 wiss angle snips hole duplicators drill bushing type provide an accurate means of drilling duplicate matching holes in overlapping sheets hole to be duplicated is drilled though bushing when pilot is in place $12.75 ea part no pilot drill size part no pilot drill size at532-61 #40 098 at532-63 #21 159 at532-62 #30 129 at532-65 #10 194 lock on drill with set screw regulate hole depth cushion the breakthrough eliminate surface marks reduce drill breakage #40 drill p/n 12-08800 $0.95 #30 drill p/n 12-08900 $0.95 #28 drill p/n 12-09000 $1.77 #21 drill p/n 12-09100 $1.15 #20 drill p/n 12-09200 $0.96 #12 drill p/n 12-09300 $1.47 #10 drill p/n 12-09400 $0.95 1/4 drill p/n 12-09500 $1.39 one of the smallest angle head designs for closequarter drilling operations made in usa features · 2800 rpm · 90º angle head · rear exhaust · 1/4 drilling capacity · 59/64 angle head height · 1/4 28 threaded spindle · 12-5/8 length · 78db p/n 12-00241 $324.50 small body right angle drill drill stops the acat 90 degree right angle drill is a high-precision powerful durable drill 3200 rpm weight 1.8 lbs length 10 1/4 accepts industry standard 1/4 28 threaded bits p/n 12-02859 $247.95 angle drill these air powered pistol drills feature ergonomic design and use .90 h.p motors sound level is a low 84 db while production output remains high with these high quality drills made in u.s.a part no 12-00816 12-00815 12-00813 rpm capacity length weight price 4,500 1/4 6 2 lbs $526.00 1,800 3/8 6-1/2 2.6 lbs $165.95 500 3/8 7-1/2 2.13 lbs $661.00 air drills pistol type 696 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices 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