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baileigh metal tools cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv baileigh s mcb-650 flat bar benders are ruggedly built to bend up to 5/16 x 1-1/4 mild steel or ¼ x 2 mild steel as the maximum capacity this is a fantastic ornamental bender to have for railings fences gates and for hundreds of additional applications this flat bar bender comes standard with 7 die sets from 1 up to 3 for flat metal other solid applications such as wire rod and bar can be bent as well up to 200 degrees specifications · bend capacity 2 x .236 · angle capacity 0 200 deg · shipping dimensions l/w/h 35 10.5 10.5 · shipping weight 53 lbs p/n 13-08988 $189.95 baileigh manual multipurpose bender mcb-650 this coping machine can be vertically mounted in a drill press or for larger pieces it can be horizontally mounted on a weld bench and powered by a portable drill this hole saw tube notcher is made of thick 3/8 inch aluminum with a heavy bronze bushing that is replaceable if ever need be the spindle is made of a ½ hardened shaft for longevity and less vibration this coping machine can notch at angles up to 45 degrees in less than 30 seconds and has a capacity of up to 2 round tube specifications · notch capacity od 2 · spindle size 1/2 · spindle adapter 1/2 ­ 5/8 · shipping size l/w/h 12 7 5 · shipping weight 10 lbs p/n 13-08978 $195.00 baileigh manual hole saw notcher tn-200h baileigh s mss-16 sheet metal shrinker stretcher has a heavy cast iron frame with a deep 8 throat it comes standard with two sets of jaws one for shrinking and one for stretching this is a manually operated machine that has a heavy engagement lever that allows perfect control of the function at hand this sheet metal shrinker stretcher has a mild steel capacity of 16 gauge and an aluminum capacity of 14 gauge no other sheet metal stretcher shrinker on the market has such a generous throat depth with a heavy maximum capacity for such a good price specifications · capacity mild steel 16 ga ·capacity aluminum 14 ga · throat depth 8 p/n 13-08985 $579.95 baileigh mss-16 manual 16ga shrinker stretcher this is the most revolutionary hole saw pipe notcher on the market and is perfect for chassis roll cages and much more this is the only hole saw tubing notcher that is always centered left to right and up and down this coping machine is constructed of heavy steel plate to reduce vibration uses a 1-1/4 thompson® shaft that rides in a sealed needle bearing for longevity of the machine and hole saw the tn-250 tube notchers vise has a powerful screw with a built in hand wheel that opens and closes the unique six radial clamping jaws can notch up to 2-1/2 od and allows for steep angles as the hole saw can pivot up to 230 degrees making it the most versatile notching machine on the market this tubing notcher can easily offset in seconds for off center notches and does not require crazy shims or spacers common on inferior models p/n 13-08981 $579.95 baileigh manual hole saw notcher tn-250 this model is a heavy duty foot operated shrinker stretcher for shrinking or stretching mild steel sheet metal down to 16-gauge 14-gauge aluminum in thickness this is the perfect machine for working metal for auto cycle or airplane body work this machine is ruggedly built and can shrink or stretch metal with ease at full capacity our mss-16f metal shrinker stretcher has a rugged floor stand with foot pedal control to actuate the jaws allowing the hands to be free to properly work the material an ample 6 throat depth allows for hundreds of applications to be worked on compared to smaller throat depth models the rugged base has wheels allowing for mobility in any cramped shop environment this metal stretcher shrinker has quick jaw change over features built in so changing from shrinking metal to stretching metal takes only a couple seconds this machine comes standard with jaws to stretch metal and shrink metal note optional aluminum jaws are available specifications · capacity mild steel 16 ga · throat depth 6 · weight 78 lbs p/n 13-08986 $1,068.00 baileigh mss-16f shrinker stretcher this tubing notcher can notch from 1/2 to 3 tube and 1/2 to 2-1/2 schedule 40 pipe in materials such as aluminum mild steel chromoly and stainless steel the tube notchers vise has a quick release so different notch angles can be set up in a second or two and locked in with a solid taper lock can notch up to 60 degrees as standard but with extended hole saws and the right size od notches up to 75 degrees can be attained the vise is a self centering that is on an acme screw for quick tightening and releasing of the material an offset adjustment is standard for those jobs where more strength is needed like on some hand railing or chassis frame applications the drive carriage on the tn-300 pipe notcher houses an industrial grade motor tied to a direct drive gear reducer that turns the hole saw with ease even at full capacity this tube notchers carriage rides on a solid v-block roller assembly that is coupled to a large drive wheel for pushing the hole saw into the material with limited vibration and ease this simple unique design on this tube notcher makes notching tube and pipe a breeze p/n 13-08983 $2,429.95 baileigh manual hole saw notcher tn-300 the baileigh industrial ph-19 power hammer is the little brother to the mh-19 power hammer the ph-19 can do many of the same functions as the mh-19 shrink stretch dome edge turn bead offset but at a price that fits any budget the ph-19 also accepts all readily available mh-19 tooling specifications · capacity mild steel 16 ga · capacity aluminum 12 ga · throat depth 19 · tooling height adjustment 5 · speed 0 1700 beats/minute · power requirement 120v p/n 12-02646 $8,707.00 baileigh variable speed power hammer baileigh s mss-18 sheet metal shrinker stretcher has one complete shrinker and one complete stretcher both in their own cast iron housings the heavy casting assures a quality function at full capacity which is 18-gauge in mild steel and 16-gauge in aluminum both units are foot operated and come with a heavy steel stand as standard specifications · capacity mild steel 18 ga · capacity aluminum 16 ga · minimum forming diameter 4.5 · stand included p/n 13-08984 $485.00 baileigh mss-18 manual 18ga shrinker stretcher mh-19 power hammer is the most revolutionary metal forming machine on the market in summary you can achieve stretching shrinking planishing and doming with critical adjustments on the fly while in operation this is the ultimate metal shaping and forming power hammer on the market no other machine is as versatile as the mh-19 the mh-19 includes the following tooling to get you up and running quickly at no extra charge 1 set of thumbnail shrink dies 1 flat top die and 1 lower planishing die specifications · capacity mid steel 16 ga · capacity aluminum 12 ga · throat depth 19 · length of stroke .177 .550 adjustable · tooling height adjustment 2 · speed variable 0 1500 beats/minute · power requirement 220v 1 phase · shipping dimensions l/w/h60 60 84 · shipping weight 1600 lbs p/n 12-02645 $20,879.00 baileigh one phase power hammer 716 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice