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de-ice equipment ­ digital thermometers handheld deicing sprayers are aircraft-portable pressure sprayers appropriate for defrosting and light deicing operations they are commercial grade polyurethane controlled-pressure sprayers designed to spray hot sae type i deicing fluid directly on your aircraft to remove frost and light snow ice they are equipped with a 2 piece brass wand flat-fan spray pattern high-capacity interchangeable nozzle tip that sprays 1.2 gpm of deicing fluid at 20 psi they will also accept our optional 120-volt 1100 to 1700 watt electrical immersion heaters to quickly heat the fluid within the sprayer tank to 160 following are the specifications on the handheld deicing sprayers description dimensions part no price 1 gal sprayer 7 dia x 17 h 12-21605 $89.95 2 gal sprayer 8.5 dia x 19.5 h 12-21610 $112.95 3 gal sprayer 9.5 dia x 21 h 12-00499 $139.95 to heat deicing fluid you need to purchase a heater below heaters voltage watts amps application part no price 120 1,100 9.2 12-21605 sprayer 12-02087 $512.00 120 1,400 11.7 12-21610 sprayer 12-02088 $615.00 120 1,700 14.2 12-00499 sprayer 12-02089 $445.00 aircraft deicing gasoline engine powered carts are designed for outdoor deicing operations these carts use either a 5.0 or a 5.5 hp air-cooled gasoline engine providing adjustable fluid flow rates and pressures of up to 6.0 gpm/150 psi and 10.0 gpm/300 psi respectively sufficient to deice all general aviation corporate charter aircraft the standard carts range in capacity from 40 to 110 gallons and all can be equipped with an electric immersion heater to heat the deicing fluid to a maximum of 160° f to help melt frost snow ice from your aircraft s surfaces all carts are supplied complete including steel frame straight pin hitch mainwheels power source pump tank adjustable pressure valve pressure gauge high-pressure hose pistol-grip handgun w extension and adjustable brass nozzle gas powered engines description part no price 40 gallon 3.5 hp gas engine with 2500 watt 12-02083 $2,806.00 heater and pintel ring 60 gallon 3.5 hp gas engine with 2500 watt 12-02084 $3,793.00 heater and pintel ring electric powered engine description part no price 25 gallon 12 volt electric cart with self contain12-02085 $1,285.00 ment kit and pintel ring 60 gallon 12 volt electric cart with self contain12-02086 $1,871.00 ment kit and pintel ring handheld anti-icing and deicing sprayers microtemp digital infared thermometers mt-100 cm wp mt-250 mt-exp digital non-contact infared thermometers are used for hundreds of practical applications and are essential tools for professional automotive and aviation technicians infared thermometers irts are great automotive and race tuning diagnostic tools-and are great for countless diagnostic tasks check track surface temperatures tire temps brake rotors header and exhaust temps air intake temp heating and a/c vents model description part no price -67°f 482°f 55°c 250°c measurement range mt-250 5:1 distance to sight d:s ratio 12-01656 $39.75 super compact size 2.94 x 1.65 x 0.8 temp range -58f 752f 50c mt-exp 12-01657 $59.50 400c laser target pistol grip temp range -27°f 230°f distance to spot ratio d:s 1:1 mt-100 accuracy 2°f response time 12-01994 $26.35 1 second dimensions .75 x 3.25 battery type 2 lr44 me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv deicing carts -improve starting performance -easier removal installation of battery -may prolong life of battery and starter -less expensive to modify existing box than to replace -compatible with our famous low loss cable kits -eliminate extra connection on outside of the battery box -do away with the troublesome braided negative strap experimental p/n 11-02892 $26.25 stc d/pma d p/n 11-02893 $51.90 the right tool for the job prevents damage to battery posts steel frame fits battery wing nuts securely insulated to eliminate shorting sparks or possible explosions foam grip handle eliminates slipping great gift for pilot or mechanic p/n 12-16200 $10.85 nicholson bi-metaloy hacksaw blades last twice as long as high-speed steel and 10 times longer than carbon steel can operate 20 50 faster practically unbreakable nylon flanges in battery box modification kit features · jumbo display with four digit lcd · dual channel k type ports t1/t2 · accepts k/j thermocouples · fast response · hi/lo temperature alarm · temperarture hold · min max avg · clock setting · relative temperature mode · low battery and overload indicators · auto power off · protective rubber housing · instrument displays in °f/°c/kelvin absolute temperature p/n 12-01893 $109.95 wide range dual port digital thermometer battery terminal tool nicholson hacksaw blades diagnose problems faster and more easily with the raytek minitemp mt6 infrared ir thermometer portable ir thermometers have become an indispensable tool for automotive troubleshooting and diagnosis spot cooling system faults identify engine misfires check for proper a/c performance verify catalytic converter operation and much more the laser point sighting on the mt6 unit helps to direct measurements toward the target and the large backlit display shows both the current and maximum readings simultaneously with a protective boot for added durability award winning ergonomic design and raytek quality and accuracy the mt6 model is the perfect introduction to infrared temperature measurements in automotive diagnostics p/n 12-03153 $89.00 minitemp portable infrared thermometer general recommendations for blade selection 14 tooth ­ for cutting heavy cross section and for soft materials where maximum chip clearance is needed p/n 12-19514 $1.94 18 tooth ­ for general shop use where blade is used on several jobs p/n 12-19518 $2.45 24 tooth ­ for cross sections of 1/16 to 1/4 such as pipe angles small drill rod p/n 12-19524 $2.45 32 tooth ­ for cutting stock up to 1/16 thick such as 4130 tubing sheet metal bx p/n 12-19532 $2.45 features of the ir long range professional thermometer include a bright built-in dual laser which provides easy aiming and defines target area amber back-light lcd display programmable hi and low audible temperature alarms and high intensity white led flashlight uses 2 x aaa batteries incl to provide 180 hours of use weight and dimensions 16 ounces with batteries,magnets 8 x 8 x 2.8 inches temp range -76° to 1832°f p/n 12-03152 $259.00 heavy-duty ir dual-laser thermometer aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 717