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tools cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv this wing stand is ideal for aircraft homebuilders or restorers needing to safely store and protect aircraft wings during the project it accommodates virtually all shapes and sizes of wings and is available at a very economical price we ship this wing stand direct to you from the factory freight collect dims 72 l x 44 h x 36 w assembly req each stand holds 2 wings p/n 12-21390 $199.00/ea wing stand for up to .032 aluminum sheet to use the lap joint joggle tool install washers to adjust joggle set-back from edge of sheet start at one end of sheet and pull smoothly along edge to be joggled keep back plate of tool firmly and squarely against edge of sheet for smooth and parallel joggle to break a sheet edge insert sheet just one bearing depth 4 then bend down as desired as tool is pulled along edge adjustments for set-back add or subtract washers for different material thickness loosen bolts spread or close for use on aluminum sheet up to .032 thickness p/n 12-30275 $41.90 lap joint joggle tool aeroroller makes movement of your aircraft or wheeled equipment easy aircraft can be loaded on aeroroller without jack and minimum effort is required to move aircraft when on rollers aeroroller is constructed of industrial 1/4 steel plate heavy duty duraform 360° swivel castor wheels means no flat spots brake castor lock parking location each unit can carry 1000 lbs manufacturer s warranty covers defective parts labor 2-roller set p/n 13-00071 $176.95 3-roller set p/n 13-00072 $209.00 aeroroller-1000 non-contaminating scraper our non-contamination scraper is suitable for all airframe scraping operations it will not contaminate delicate aluminum parts with steel particles which can induce corrosion it is easily resharpened with a mill file and the .060 thick heat treated aluminum blade is easily replaceable features positive wood grip handle p/n 12-30205 $21.60 tennsmith brakes shears hand brake stand versatile economical hand brake designed for straight forming of mild steel in thicknesses of 22 gauge lighter made in the u.s.a by tennsmith bends material up to 48 wide wts brake 280 lbs optional stand 95 lbs ideal for bending materials used in light aircraft construction shipped direct to you from factory in tennessee model s48-22 hand brake p/n 12-20700 $665.00 optional stand p/n 12-20705 $230.95 seat track cleaner maintaining adjustable cockpit seats or passenger seating secured in notched tracks requires removing the dirt and grit that have become embedded in the tracks rex-cut products has developed a thin-profile mounted wheel specially designed to accomplish this job efficiently and safely the seat track cleaners are manufactured using layers of reinforced nonwoven cotton fiber and abrasive grain which are bonded into discs when mounted on a die grinder they are able to fit inside the seat tracks designed for cleaning all the interior surfaces of the track without having to change discs one disc will remove caked on sludge dirt and grit while removing minor burrs and rough edges the seat track cleaners are non-loading on aluminum and leave superior surface finishes available in 54 and 80 grits in aluminum oxide grain mounted on a 1/4 x 1/2 shank 54 grit seat track cleaner pn 12-00955 $7.95 80 grit seat track cleaner pn 12-00952 $7.95 universal hand brake stand tennsmith s heavy duty universal hand brake is a great tool for a wide range of sheet metal binding and forming operations in 12 gauge and lighter mild steel the brake is ideal for both box and pan and straight bending in hold and cold rolled plate stainless steel aluminum and heavy plastic welded steel plate construction for strength and rigidity bends material up to 48 wide wts brake 1330 lbs optional stand 95 lbs shipped truck collect direct to you from factory in tennessee model hbu48-12 hand brake p/n 12-20710 $3,554.00 optional stand p/n 12-20705 $230.95 foot squaring shear tennsmith squaring shears offer precision shearing and rugged construction these shears feature traction ground alloy tool steel blades to prevent material movement during shearing will shear material up to 16 gauge mild steel and up to 20 gauge stainless steel both blades are adjustable and back gauge gives highly accurate readings wts model 36 700 lbs model 53 950 lbs shipped truck collect to you direct from factory in tennessee model 36 shear max cutting width 37 p/n 12-20715 $1,939.00 model 52 max cutting width 52 p/n 12-20720 $2,498.00 blue vinyl hand grip over steel handle reduces sting on technicians hands and provides 100 grip 3 lb slide weight is mounted on 1/2 plated steel shaft broached hex in nose cone locks pulling screw in place ends breakage supplied with two hardened pulling screws and l puller hook fabricated of aircraft quality steel nose cone and shaft threads are 1/2 20 p/n 15-08252 $41.50 slide hammer machinist hook scribe machinist hook scribe new 2-point scriber has hardened ground steel points features a straight point and a 90 degree point length 9 p/n 12-02896 $3.95 tennsmith -these products are shipped truck priced f.o.b mcminnville,tn allow 4-6 weeks for delivery both the 45 degree and pig tail points of the scribe are made of hardened ground steel both ends of the tool unscrew from the body p/n 12-02897 $3.95 pig tail hook scribe 726 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice