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tools cutters cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv brown sharpe taper pin reamers for installation of an385 and an386 aircraft taper pins straight shank straight flute high speed steel no 596 straight flute b&s taper no 1 2 3 4 5 6 diameter small end large end .1974 .3176 .2474 .3781 .3099 .4510 .3474 .5017 .4474 .6145 .4974 .6808 flute length 2-7/8 3-1/8 3-3/8 3-11/16 4 4-3/8 part no 12-01622 12-02704 12-09900 12-10000 12-10100 12-10200 price $43.00 $47.75 $49.75 $49.85 $56.75 $59.65 taper pin reamers ergonomic 45mm rotary cutter features a unique comfortable handle design for both left and right-handed use features include the dualaction safety lock that allows the blade to be locked open for comfort and closed for safety accommodates the olfa straight wave pinking blades the cutter is a rolling razor blade used to cut fabrics into shapes strips and pieces guaranteed forever suggested uses cut fiberglass composite materials delicate cloth fabric paper leather etc rotary cutter p/n 01-00302 $23.50 rb45-1 replacement blade only p/n 01-00300 $6.95 rb45-1 replacement blade pk of 5 p/n 01-00301 $27.75 rotary pinking blade p/n 12-01709 $9.75 good for general quilting sewing and craft projects great for cutting out patterns reduces fraying can be used in industrial applications the olfa stainless steel scissors 7 overall length are rapidly growing in popularity in both consumer and industrial applications extremely high quality stainless steel blades meet perfectly for precision cutting the material being cut is held in place by one blade which is serrated providing positive control ideal for use on such varied materials as paper fabrics plastic rubber aircraft composites p/n 01-00303 $19.00 rotary cutter the tapered pin extractor tool easily inexpensively and without damage removes the tapered pin from the control column universal joint in piper models pa-28 pa-32 pa-34 and pa-44 made of stainless steel with two carbon steel capscrews p/n 12-02933 $86.50 taper pin extractor stainless steel scissors 5 stainless steel scissors are ideal for consumer and industrial applications high quality stainless steel blades meet perfectly for precision cutting the material being cut is held in place by one blade which is slightly serrated providing maximum control scissors so sharp they can cut through electrical wiring plastic aircraft composites kevlar® and more p/n 12-02975 $19.00 5 inch serrated edge scissors our two step stud extractors are the simplest way to remove broken studs and require only 1/8 of the broken stud for removal simply tap stud remover on stud or frozen bolt with a hammer or mallet and then remove stud by attaching a wrench to the hex portion of the remover just hammer on and screw out built to last from case hardened steel stud extractors available in sizes listed below part no 76001-76 76002-76 76003-76 76004-76 76005-76 76006-76 76007-76 size 3/16 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 price ea $41.50 $39.95 $42.85 $44.85 $43.75 $49.75 $64.25 part no size price ea 76008-76 5/8 $67.25 76009-76 3/4 $67.25 76010-76 7/8 $74.50 76011-76 1 $78.75 76012-76 set 3/16-1/2 $212.95 76013-76 set 9/16-1 $351.95 two step stud extractors spotface kit the spotface kit tool makes a flat spot for screws this tool is specifically modified to provide rail cap clearance for use on seat rails cutter comes with 1/8 5/32 3/16 pilots p/n 05-04429 $74.75 self healing rotary cutting mats self-healing double-sided large mat protects and covers work green self-healing professional quality rotary mat double-sided with yellow grid lines on one side for precision cutting solid on opposite for general cutting 1.5mm thick for a variety of applications store flat 24 x 36 p/n 12-02403 $39.75 23 x 70 with clip set rm-clips/2 p/n 12-02404 $79.25 35 x 70 with clip set rm-clips/3 p/n 12-02405 $133.95 l-2 cutter 18mm heavy-duty cutter features a ratchet wheel blade lock heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel highest grade carbon tool steel blade and antislip rubber grip insert guaranteed forever p/n 12-00258 $8.50 nol-1 cutter heavy-duty 18mm handsaver acetone resistant cushion grip with ratchet wheel blade lock and highcarbon tool steel snap-off olfa blade guaranteed forever cutter p/n 12-00257 $8.50 replacement blades 5 pack p/n 12-00261 $4.45 snap it `n trap it cutter 18mm heavy duty cutter features an innovative design for performance and functionality developed for professionals looking for a convenient way to snap-off and securely store their dull blade segment for increased on-the-job productivity features a convenient detachable built-in blade snapper/disposal container in a heavy-duty abs plastic handle cutter p/n 12-02696 $10.95 10 pack blade p/n 12-02697 $7.75 ultramax cutter heavy-duty utility knife cutter is an auto lock cutter includes a stainless steel blade channel with a unique cushion handle provides a comfortable and positive grip p/n 12-02367 $8.65 h-1 cutter 25mm extra heavy-duty cutter features largest blade available ratchet lock to prevent slipping rubber grip insert for positive control and a rope loop to secure cutter to belt or work table cutter p/n 12-00259 $13.75 replacement blades 5 pack p/n 12-00260 $6.60 auto-lock stainless professional knife accomodates both left and right-handed users features locking slide blade stainless steel handle and built-in pocket clip/blade snapper a perfect steel cutter where rust is a concern lifetime guarantee cutter p/n 12-00339 $7.50 replacement blades 10 pack p/n 12-00340 $4.65 extra heavy duty rachet lock cutter 25mm extra heavy-duty cutter features anti-slip cushion handle for exceptional comfort and safety chemical resistant handle for easy cleaning heavy guage stainless steel blade channel holds blade tight ratchet wheel blade lock rope loop high-quality carbon tool steel snap-off blades for sharpness and durability p/n 12-02368 $14.75 extra heavy duty snap-off blade 20 pack snap-off black blades are made from high quality carbon tool steel blade container locks for safety fits most extra heavy-duty handles 7 cutting edges per blade 20 blades per pack p/n 12-02369 $23.75 extra heavy duty ratchet lock cutter anti-slip grip cutting tool features an automatic blade lock cushion grip for maximum comfort and control and a heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight chemical resistant handle for easy cleaning includes a pocket clip for convenience and the premium ultramax® ultra sharp durable snap-off blade p/n 12-02370 $5.75 cutting tools 730 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice