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general specialty tools general s circle cutters produce precision circles in sheet metal brass copper soft steel aluminum plastic wood and composition materials bodies are constructed of heat treated tool steel for durability all circle cutters have replaceable pilot points the replaceable cutter blades are made of high-speed steel for precise and clean cuts circle cutters are adjustable for cutting variable diameter holes a hex wrench is included for diameter and depth adjustments #4 cutter p/n 12-10600 $13.75 extra 3/16 blade p/n 12-10700 $3.75 pilot drills for #4 cutter p/n 12-10800 $3.45 circular hole cutter general s industrial quality steel rules are precision made with etched fine black graduations for easy reading and long life the two finishes available are polished stainless steel or satin chrome front graduated in 10ths and 100ths back in 32nds and 64ths quality 12 inch 30cm flexible stainless steel rule precision made fine black etched graduations 6 long 15/32 wide p/n 616 $5.25 12 long 15/32 wide p/n 1216 $8.95 steel rules cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the screwdriver and hobby kit includes five interchangeable blades and a heavy duty knurled handle loaded with the most popular jeweler s-sized slotted and phillips tips and a scratch awl this modestly priced set is great for model making and other small-scale applications p/n 12-19600 $5.95 jewelers screwdriver kits these industrial grade alnico aluminum/nickel/cobalt magnets are built for heavy duty use and will not naturally demagnetize over time like other magnets they are handy in a plethora of applications and work settings the horseshoe-shaped power alnico magnets are available in 2 distinct sizes with extraordinarily strong pull capacities ranging up to 13 lbs.no 370-1 pocket magnet 3/4 oz approx 1 lb pull p/n 370-1 $5.95 no 370-2 power magnet 2 oz approx 13 lb pull p/n 370-2 $12.95 permanent alnico magnets the swivel head pin vise provides fingertip control of small tools when working with jewelry electronics or models the double-ended collet offers two distinct sizes for holding a variety of drill bits reamers and taps for added control this pin vise has been design with a knurled aluminum body for a sure grip while the swivel head turns smoothly against your palm p/n 92 $9.95 swivel head pin vise #20 wire gauge the wire gage helps you to accurately determine the thickness of american standard wire from 0 to 36 the gage works with all non-ferrous wires metals and rods such as copper brass and aluminum this heavy duty tool is made from hardened and tempered steel and is stamped with wire sizes on the front and their decimal equivalents on the back #20 american standard wire gauge for gauging non-ferrous wire metal like copper brass aluminum etc p/n 12-02384 $22.65 wire sheet metal gauges general s heavy duty steel protractors are trusted by machinists and draftsmen worldwide to deliver crucial measurements with unwavering accuracy the 6 adjustable arm is ideal for setting bevels taking measurements and transferring angles ultra-fine etched graduations read from 0 to 180 degrees in forward and reverse directions and will not wear or rub off made of ground stainless steel for precision and durability p/n 17 $13.75 steel protractors #21 u.s standard sheet metal gauge the sheet metal gage is for gauging uncoated sheet plate iron and steel based on weights in ounces per square foot gauge numbers are in u.s standard numbers 0-36 325 007 made of hardened steel with a satin finish for easy reading decimal equivalents on the back side measures 3-1/4 in diameter p/n 21 $22.25 although small in stature these 4 slide calipers deliver the same accuracy and precision as some of our larger models the rugged stainless steel construction coupled with a compact design makes these slide calipers a great addition to any workbench or toolbox this item provides inside and outside readings in both 1/16 and 1/32 graduations in addition there is a decimal equivalents chart on the caliper s back side for help in making measurement calculations.16ths 32nds p/n 729 $11.75 16ths mm p/n 12-01633 $12.25 just dial the size and avoid damaging wire especially when used repetitively spring opening jaws can be locked in closed position to protect cutting edges made of tool steel equipped with vinyl cushion grip handles individually carded p/n 69 $9.75 pocket calipers if you re looking for a quality yet economic awl then check out our screwdriver handle scratch awl featuring a 3-5/8 steel blade and a durable plastic handle this scratch awl makes a great addition to any workbench of toolbox p/n 12-01873 $5.95 the utility automatic center punch is our most economical model offering a lightweight aluminum body and a hardened steel point the punch is great for use on various metals and woods and is impact adjustable p/n 12-01874 $11.85 screwdriver handle scratch awl wire strippers cutters utility automatic center punch blades are made of tempered steel of exacting tolerances each blade has its size etched in both decimals of an inch and millimeters nickel plated case has knurled locking nut no 230 has 26 3x1/2 in ieaves of the following sizes .0015 .002 .0025 .003 .004 .005 .006 .007 .008 .009 .010 .011 .012 .013 .014 .015 .016 .017 .018 .019 .020 .021 .022 .023 .024 and .025 in p/n 230 $7.75 general s revolving punch plier is a convenient spring tension self-opening tool for punching round holes in leather plastic rubber canvas cardboard and similar materials the snap ring pliers are used for the installation or removal of exterior and interior snap rings revolving turret with six hardened steel punches 5/64 3/32 7/64 1/8 5/32 and 3/16 p/n 72 $9.90 the thread repair files help breathe life back into bolts screws or fittings that have been damaged due to cross-threading or corrosion made of high carbon steel the repair files offer eight different thread pitches in addition the thread repair files can also be used as a screw pitch gage p/n 12-01880 $77.50 feeler gages general s adjustable trammels accurately measure and mark distances that are too great for conventional compasses and dividers trammels will accurately transfer measurements scribe arcs and lay out circles points can be replaced with pencils ballpoint pens crayons or soap stone sticks for marking various materials p/n 520 $34.75 trammel points revolving punch 6 inch electronic digital caliper general s drill gages help you to quickly and accurately identify the sizes of stray drill bits in your workshop these gages can be extremely useful with older unmarked bits or ones that are too small for markings each heat treated heavy steel gage is machined to close tolerance for spot-on accuracy the bit sizes and decimal equivalents are permanently etched to the face to provide years of dependable use part no no 12-00518 13 12-00519 14 12-00378 15 description number size drills 61 to 80 fractional size drills 1/16 ­ 1/2 x 64ths number size drills 1 to 60 price $15.75 $12.75 $13.25 drill gauges aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 corona ca · 877 4-spruce 731