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clamps ­ shears nibblers cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv wiss no 20w heavy-duty shears ideal for cutting fiberglass cloth and all fabrics hot drop-forged steel right hand shears p/n 01-00397 $32.95 left hand shears p/n 01-00398 $32.50 industrial fabric shears kett portable power shears these orange handled pinking shears keep your projects from unraveling at the seams ergonomic handles give comfort and control extended lower blade to help lift fabric while cutting adds functional pinking edge to prevent fabric fraying tested to ensure clean cutting even through multiple layers of cloth to the tip p/n 12-02942 $7.65 fiskars 9 pinking shears although kevlar has many advantages over conventional fiberglass weaves it is very difficult to cut special scissors have been developed to facilitate cutting these scissors have a wear -resistant coating which is metallurgically bonded to the steel substrate the coating will not chip or peel off and can be sharpened model wr-10e-4 shears p/n 01-00341 72.50 offset kevlar cutting shears electric model k-200 ­ extra-powerful 115v 50/60 cycle ac/dc motor heavy-duty bearings die-cast aluminum cutting head tool is ul and csa approved 2300rpm maximum cutting speed 180 inches/minute wt 5 lbs over-all length 11.75 ampere rating 2.2 amps p/n 12-01137 $218.95 electric model k-442 ­ kett s all-purpose 16 gauge power sheers cut up to 16 gauge mild steel cleanly and easily without burring or buckling the material these lightweight shears designed for durability feature a variable speed motor and fill the gap between kett s light duty and heavy duty power shears p/n 12-01153 $257.95 pneumatic model p-500 ­ equipped with air-metering trigger for variable-speed cutting so that initially the blade can be operated slowly to prevent chattering at start of cut 2600rpm maximum cutting speed 180 per min wt 3 lbs over-all length 9 p/n 12-01158 $199.85 economy kevlar scissors gingher® scissors cut kevlar exceptionally well lightweight extremely sharp and comfortable these 2 1/2 oz scissors are perfect for use during the layup soak in acetone for easy clean-up we recommend saving one pair for only cutting kelvar® and keep ing a second pair for general use p/n 01-00342 $44.65 high torque 2300 spm motor lets you easily cut 18 gauge mild steel or up to 20 gauge stainless at over 150 minute the swivel head gives you precise control as you make straight or contour cuts the double-cut shearing action leaves a clean burr free edge and won t warp or bend the piece extended run time nicad battery recharges quickly and there s room for a spare and the charger unit in the handy carrying case length 12-3/4 weight 7 lbs the kit includes the kb-301 power shear kb-302 14.4 volt nicad high performance battery kb-303 battery charger and kb-304 carrying case model no kb-301-k kb-302 kb-303 kb-304 description cordless shear kit #300 14.4 volt nicad battery one hour battery charger carrying case part no 12-00117 12-00118 12-00119 12-00121 price $314.95 $61.25 $62.00 $26.30 kett kb-301 cordless 18ga shear from the makers of vise-grip tools comes the amazing new quick-grip bar clamp the unique pistol-grip handle lets woodworkers hold the clamp and adjust jaw pressure with just one hand one finger unlocks the quick-release trigger features include positive locking action to hold work tight strong lightweight high-tech construction instant adjustable clamping pressure large pliable pads that won t mar work and a variety of jaw openings it will single-handedly change the way you think about bar clamps jaw opening size mm 12-03910 6 150 12-03920 2 305 12-03930 18 455 part no price $21.50 $29.75 $35.75 jaw opening price size mm 12-03940 24 610 $35.95 12-03950 36 915 $35.75 part no quick grip bar clamps cuts 14 gauge mild steel and most grades of stainless to 16 gauge cuts over 150 inches minute leaving a clean flat sheet ready to fabricate distortions are absorbed in an easily disposed of waste curl leaving the sheet cool and free of burn chips and burrs the cutting blades are finest high speed steel also cuts sheet metal stainless and plastics p/n 12-00676 $229.95 cuts profile and flat materials up to 18 gauge spiral duct wire mesh and many other materials can cut tight curves at a radius of three inches the blades are made of high quality steel heat treated and precision ground the motor is variable speed up to 2500 rpm and cuts up to 28 feet per minute features · 5.0 amp pistol grip · replaceable a-2 tool steel shear blades.· these snips cuts c.r mild steel 18 gauge and lighter wire mesh to 18 gauge spiral pipe metal studs and corrugated metal right hand p/n 12-02507 $259.85 left hand p/n 12-02509 $259.85 the mini-electric cordless cutter is perfect for all-purpose cutting needs it slices through all fabric paper and leather materials easily it features a cordless rechargeable system and can also operate with ac power the shear is a lightweight and easy-to-use industrial cutting tool great for cutting materials like kevlar® carbon fiber glass fiber zylon® and other composite materials up to 1/8 thick kit includes all-purpose blade ac adapter rechargeable dc battery charger power cord shoe base head p/n 12-02525 $145.95 kett kd440 14ga power shears kett kd-446r profile shears adel hand nibbling tool cuts sheet metal like punch and die cuts holes to any size and shape start with 7/16 hole then nibble to size required capacity 18 ga steel wt 8 oz p/n 12-10400 $28.65 replacement punch p/n 12-10500 $14.75 mini-cutters electric shears these special pliers allow for greatly simplified installation of single or multiple adel type cushioned clamps the pliers securely hold the aligned clamps in position allowing for easy installation of securing hardware each kit includes special plier alignment awl and simple instructions p/n 12-02017 $34.75 precision slots on this spring steel tool slide onto and capture #8 or #10 screw threads while assembling adel type clamps use two tools to butterfly one clamp on top of another p/n 12-02588 $12.65 cushioned cable clamp adel clamp installation pliers adel clamp keeper the usatco cordless electric kevlar scissor kit cuts aramid fibers kevlar and other tough materials lightweight and maneuverable with superior ergonomic design requires much less effort than cutting manually short rapid strokes for intricate work this can be operated with cord and adapter for unlimited cutting time p/n 12-02630 $149.95 cordless electric kevlar scissor kit 738 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice