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safety wire twisters saf-t-bloks cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv three-in-one tool pliers twisters and cutters used on wire sizes .060 or less grips wire into 30° slip proof angle one-hand operation squeeze press button and it locks squeeze again and it unlocks made in usa with manual return description part no price standard nose 9 long 12-00915 $56.50 diagonal nose 9 long 12-02019 $68.95 tapered nose 6 long 12-00917 $57.85 diagonal nose 6 long 12-00914 $62.50 with automatic return 9 long 12-00916 $59.95 milbar is the world s leading brand of wire twister tools and kits designed for the professional mechanic milbar forgings are made from high carbon alloy steel and are controlled throughout the manufacturing process to exacting engineering specifications each tool passes a series of rigorous quality assurance tests which ensure function and reliability under the most demanding environments black oxide finish types and styles wire twisters come in 6 diagonal configuration the 25w model incorporate a cushion throat to catch clipped wire ends preventing fod foreign object damage the spring return feature automatically retracts the twist rod to ease and speed the work 25w-nom size 6 p/n12-01631 $71.85 26w-nom size 9 p/n 12-02018 $76.50 milbar safety wire twisters milbar wire twisters model 25w 26w this handy kit enables you to safety wire any nuts or bolts on an airframe or engine just place the special washers under the bolt or nut bend up the small flanges to hold the bolt or nut in place and then use the tab of the washer to attach the wire to a solid point so the bolt cannot move this kit works on the same principle as drilled bolts do and is very handy for those flying with an engine that does not have safety wired nuts and bolts excellent for use on 2 stroke engines package of spare washers includes 6 ea of 6 8 10 mm sizes safety wire starter kit p/n 12-16625 $18.75 package of 18 spare washers p/n 12-16626 $6.75 safety wire starter kit since the introduction of saf-t-bloks in 1981 they ve helped thousands of mechanics by taking the headaches and hassle out of drilling safety wire holes in bolts and nuts this easy to use saf-t-blok holds the bolt steady after you thread it in to the required depth you then drill the hole through the center with no risk of misalignment saf-t-blok is available in 4 sizes description part no price standard 6 thread size 1/4 5/16 3/8 uss sae 12-15345 $28.70 metric 5 thread size 6x1 8x10 8x1.25 10x1.25 10x1.5 12-15346 $28.80 aero 5 thread size 8-32,10-32 .25x20 .25x28 5/16 x 24 12-15347 $28.70 aero saf-t-bloks these top quality twisting lock pliers with automatic return are economically priced and extremely durable features a sharp cutting edge and will twist up to .060 dia safety wire length 6 9 foreign made 6 p/n 12-01472 $19.90 9 p/n 12-01473 $19.75 economy safety wire twisters designed to enable safety wire holes to be drilled through the head of bolts or through nuts across the diagonal designed to accept up to 3/4 dia nut easy to use nut saf-t-blok requires that the nut or bolt be placed into the v groove tighten down the holding screw drill deburr p/n 12-15349 $31.50 nut saf-t-bloks these top quality twisting lock pliers with automatic return are reversible economically priced and extremely durable features a sharp cutting edge and will twist up to .060 dia safety wire 6-inch p/n 12-02828 $48.75 9-inch p/n 12-02829 $49.85 economy reversible safety wire twisters new from mte industries the allen saft-blok2 design for all socket head cap screws metric and sae with an added plus can be used as a tubing drill guide as with all the saf-t-bloks this takes the headache and hassle out of drilling safety wire holes p/n 12-02407 $29.95 allen ii saf-t-blok standard contains 6 safety wire twister and 19 chrome adjustable safety twister tool p/n 12-01680 $99.95 safety wire twister kit m300 the most versatile kit available contains three different safetytwist® pliers to cover almost any application 9 automatic 1w393 6 mini 9w and a 19 deep reach twister 13w includes three 1/4 lb spools of stainless steel safety wire 020 .032 .041 durable plastic storage case kit weight 4 lbs p/n 12-02020 $173.95 milbar 105w professional wiring kit these kits include professional safety wiring kit for all applications contains 9 automatic standard twister 6 safety wire twister made of hardened alloy steel-black oxide finish plus 3 1/4 lb spools of annealed stainless steel safety wire sizes 020 032 041 model 100 also includes 19 chrome adjustable safety wire twister for cavity and deep access applications model 200 p/n 12-16650 $93.75 model 100 p/n 12-00336 $129.00 safety wire kits · 04-134sr safety wire twister · 04-134sr6 safety wire twister mini · 43-025 stainless steel aircraft safety wire · 43-032 stainless steel aircraft safety wire · 43-041 stainless steel aircraft safety wire· kit box 13 p/n 12-02350 $64.75 safety wire twister kit this new tool attachment provides quick and precise twisting of safety wire using skill or black decker type cordless screwdrivers just attach the adapter to the screwdriver insert wire and you will have a neat tight easy wire twist works perfectly in a wide variety of applications particularly twists in tight spaces available exclusively from aircraft spruce specialty co p/n 12-20800 $21.95 power twist adapter an excellent tool for different access situations this twister provides a deep reach and access to close quarters made in u.s.a p/n 13w $35.85 specialty twister easy one-hand operation reaches into tight places makes a fast neat twist shatterproof plastic handle p/n 12-01072 $16.50 safety wire tool this tool provides a fast simple way to drill bolt heads with virtually no broken drill bits the tool is made of 6061t6 hard anodized aluminum for durability fits 3/16 to 5/8 dia bolts and works on hex head bolts header bolts 12 point countersink and allen head cap screws includes drill bushings and two cobalt drills made in u.s.a p/n 12-16600 $59.95 safety wire drilling jig 742 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice