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weather stations ­ flashlights uses frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit data wirelessly up to 1000 300 m console/receiver integrated sensor suite and mounting hardware integrated sensor suite includes rain collector temperature and humidity sensors anemometer 40 12 m anemometer cable and solar panel sensor suite is solar powered ac-power adapter included for console or use with three c batteries not included wireless range is up to 1000 outdoors line of sight typical range through walls 200 to 400 add wireless repeaters for distances up to 1.7 miles not available in eu europe vantage pro2 u.s p/n 13-05532 $595.00 vantage pro2 plus with uv solar radiation .p/n 13-05586 $892.00 mounting tripod p/n 13-04569 67.25 mag-ledtm technology known for their obsession with precision engineering craftsmanship and commitment to perfection was not satisfied with the performance of a regular led as a usable light source they set their sights on producing a light source that would not only incorporate longer battery life but would also have the kind of durability reliability and performance maglite® flashlights are known for with an emphasis on uncompromising performance mag-ledtm technology is the result of that quest led mini maglight 2-cell aa black p/n 13-04722 $18.95 led mini maglight 2-cell aa w/holster grey pewter p/n 13-04917 $18.75 led maglight 2 cell d hang pack black p/n 13-04724 $24.50 led maglight 2 cell d hang pack grey pewter p/n 13-04880 $34.95 led maglight 3 cell d hang pack black p/n 13-04725 $26.50 led maglight 3 cell d hang pack grey pewter p/n 13-04881 $28.50 wireless vantage pro2 weather station this airclassicstm flashlight has both white and red lenses for preflight and night flying extra krypton bulb stored within is water-tight corrosion resistant and features a clicking on/off for maximum battery life focuses from spot to flood light black machined aluminum with asa wings logo two aa batteries and pr-1 bulb included flashlight p/n 13-01067 $15.75 bulb p/n 13-02320 $4.85 bend to any configuration and illuminate hard-to-reach areas where conventional lighting cannot go the incredibly brilliant light beam penetrates anywhere a must for electronics automotive maintenance repairs locksmiths industrial hobbies around the house and more the only complete line of professional quality high intensity flexible light tools available in 3 lengths and 3 different lamps to choose from made in usa and come with batteries installed part no 12-15005 12-15150 12-10250 part no 12-15020 12-12110 description mini pro pro removable shaft length flex shaft 6 15.75 9.5 length overall 11.5 24 15.75 dia 5/32 5/32 batt 2-aaa 3-aa 2-aa bulb 12100 12110 12100 price $18.75 $36.75 $19.95 price $6.75 $8.50 flightlighttm pilot flashlight cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv bend-a-light maglite led flashlights description 12100 replacement lamp 12110 krypton lamp bulb life 4 hours 20 hours accessories pack includes pocket clip lanyard wrist strap with key ring anti-roll device red clear and blue lenses p/n 13-04727 $3.68 mounting brackets fit d-cell only mount your mag-lite® flashlight on a wall in a vehicle boat airplane or home lens holder anti-roll device this item both retains a colored lens and helps prevent the flashlight from rolling off irregular surfaces note the lens holder and lenses may also be used on c cell mag-lite® flashlights p/n 13-04886 $7.30 maglite d cell accessory pack extra bright led available with red green white or blue light handy pocket clip and rotating arm rotating light arm allows you to place the light where you need it push-button on-off switch with convenient 7 minute auto-off feature over 40 hours of light using replaceable lithium watch batteries included fits easily into shirt or uniform pocket blue led quiqlite p/n 13-02719 $15.85 green led quiqlite p/n 13-02728 $15.95 red led quiqlite p/n 13-02729 $10.95 white led quiqlite p/n 13-02730 $15.95 the best hands free flashlights available bright lightweight led flashlight that clips to a regular cap water resistant great for night flying weighs only 1.24 ounces 3 led bulbs with 10,000 hour burn time 4 lithium coin cell batteries for approximately 24 hours of life g1 original caplight 13-03723 $12.95 g1 stalker caplight 13-03724 $12.95 battery for caplight 13-03726 $4.85 will assist in ensuring your safety every time you strain test your fuel prior to flight at night it s safe easy to use the sure check fuel light when used with your fuel test tube will light up all the water and debris that might be present the case is made of durable aluminum weighs only 2.2 ounces is 3 long and uses a 12 volt battery to power a high intensity white led light build the casing is sealed with a strong neoprene rubber seal to keep any fuel from leaking into the case color red made in usa p/n 13-04207 $17.95 aviator s quiqlite mastervision cap light mini maglight aa black p/n 13-04913 $10.95 maglight 2 cell d black p/n 13-04915 18.75 maglight 3 cell d black p/n 13-04916 $18.95 maglite flashlights features a rear push-button tail cap switch coupled with five selectable modes plus variable strobe rates and intensity level memory recall rugged machined aluminum construction anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance water and shock resistant sealed at both ends with high-grade rubber o-rings and lip seals overall length 4.8 barrel diameter 1 head diameter 1 batteries required 3 aaa size alkaline included black p/n 13-07270 $32.95 red p/n 13-07271 $32.95 grey p/n 13-07272 $32.95 blue p/n 13-07274 $32.95 maglite xl100 led flashlight sure check fuel light features compact pocket sized design every day carry adjustable led beam spotto-flood durable rugged machined aluminum case anodized for corrosion resistance and durability intelligent energy source management continuously monitors the balance between high brightness and efficient power usage allowing for prolonged battery life powered by three 3 aaa alkaline batteries included individually serial numbered color part no price black 13-08982 $27.85 red 13-08989 $27.85 gray 13-08990 $27.85 silver 13-08991 $27.85 blue 13-08992 $27.85 maglite xl50 led flashlight black safe-light super bright flashlights lightweight and palm-size yet powerful with ultra-long battery life9v battery included emergency strobe plus other essential safety modes constant glow power-save high beam l.e.d power-save mode also available with blue green or red led white led p/n 13-04151 $14.85 blue led p/n 13-04152 $14.85 green led p/n 13-04153 $14.85 red led p/n 13-04154 $14.85 ideal for the flight bag where space and convenience are priority the flashlight has both white and green bulbs making this an effective tool for preflight night flying and chart reading asa wings logo imprinted in silver typical battery life is a solid 10 hours p/n 13-06426 $29.50 asa led flightlight aircraft spruce west prices subject to change without notice aircraft spruce east 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