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cockpit coolers fuel gauges ­ wire markers cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the pump is powered by an ultra-efficient high speed dc brushless motor and can produce up to 3.5 inches of water pressure at 14.3 cfm in the 12vdc units and 4.5 inches of water pressure at 20.5 cfm in the 24vdc units this pressure delivers cool dry airflow through 1.25 diameter featherweight epe hoses to the front edge of passenger seats or directly under your shirt making microenvironmental cooling possible for up to four people portable and easy to place in your aircraft the b310 never has to be removed once strapped in there is no mechanical or electrical installation the b310 is classified as a carry-on device as it requires no permanent attachment to the airframe or electrical system you simply strap the b310 to the airframe in your baggage compartment or onto an empty seat using the secure handles that are built onto the unit in addition to safety strapping the unit and cover avoids the potential of spilling ice in your aircraft during turbulent flight once you strap down the unit you have the option of leaving the entire unit permanently strapped in just pick up ice on the way to your aircraft remove the cover and drop the ice in physical dimensions b310 case turbine 26 high x 14 wide x 14 deep 10.1 lbs water drain basin 6 high x 14 wide x 14 deep 2.3 lbs hoses 3.63 ounces each extend to 8 but can use an adaptor to lengthen to 16 seat slide 4.8 oz electrical 12vdc=3.9 amps 24vdc-2.6 amps maximum ice load 25 lbs rough crushed ice or 35 lbs fine crushed ice peanut crush air flow below 70f 75 to 90 minutes in 110 f cabin depending on humidity lasts longer in cooler cabins 12v p/n 13-05074 $865.95 24v p/n 13-05075 $865.95 the crosswind portable air conditioning cooler is based on a 38 quart polystyrene cooler box which is powered through the craft s cigarette lighter receptacle or other on-board 12volt receptacle all pumps and blowers in the coolers are marinegrade proven hardware devices features · electrical connections are marine grade and sealed in waterproof epoxy · the supplied power cord is detachable from the unit and can be kept in the cooler box when not in use · 24 volt power can be converted to 12 volt easily with a portable convertor that attaches to the 24 volt outlet if necessary p/n 13-11233 $499.00 the patented portable air conditioner is made for cooling small enclosed spaces using ice water use your go cool to cool down your aircraft s cabin before boarding and enjoy an air conditioned cabin while waiting on a hot tarmac before take-off and after landing cooling your aircraft s cabin couldn t be easier with the extra drainage tubing included you never have to remove go cool from your aircraft the battery pack available fall 2009 can be removed and recharged as needed or purchase two battery packs and change them out as needed no other unit on the market can match the cooling power durability reliability affordability or convenience of the patented go cool features uses ice and water adjustable thermostat fan speed draws less than two amps 17.3 w x 20 l x 24 h 12v 1.6 amp includes 6 feet of drainage tubing and two power cords electrical vehicle lighter holds 4 one gallon jugs 9 two liter bottles or 40 lbs of bagged iced optional filters rechargeable battery pack and dust allergy filters coming soon p/n 13-07018 $425.00 pol-air b310 portable air chiller system these direct fuel level indicators are quality made of acrylic pvc tube with an aluminum scale they are available calibrated to individual tanks or uncalibrated for custom calibration to home built tanks these indicators allow an accurate check of on board fuel level indicators and eliminate the guess work description fuel level indicator c-150/c-152 fuel level indicator c-150 long 19 fuel level indicator c-170 c-172 fuel level indicator c-172 34g fuel level indicator 1958 c182 32 gal fuel level indicator c-182 42g fuel level indicator c-210 45g fuel level indicator pa-24 30g fuel level indicator 7kcab fuel level indicator pa-28 home built universal fuel level indicator ck rod part no 12-21200 12-21205 12-21210 12-21215 12-21225 12-21230 12-21240 12-21245 12-21250 12-21255 12-21260 price $15.95 $16.95 $15.95 $16.95 $16.95 $15.95 $15.95 $16.95 $16.95 $15.95 $16.95 direct fuel level indicators the fuelhawk is just 11 long clear lightweight and unbreakable it s easy to use and gives an instant readout in gallons usable no more guessing these handy devices offer the answers to these very important questions 1.how many gallons of usable fuel are remaining in the tank 2.how much fuel can be added without going over gross weight 3 are the aircraft fuel gauges working accurate part no application 13-00443 cessna 152 standard 12 gal tanks 13-00442 cessna 172 standard 19 gal tanks 13-01468 new cessna 172 skyhawk 26.5 gal 13-01469 new cessna 182 skylane 43.5 gal 13-00441 cessna 182lr 42 gal long range tanks 13-00439 universal for any aircraft w/graph calibration chart 13-00949 universal xl fuel gauge 16 long 13-11189 universal gauge 26 price $8.75 $9.85 $9.85 $9.85 $10.75 $9.95 $15.95 $16.75 fuel hawk fuel gauges crosswind cooler 12 volt go cool portable air conditioner tana wire markers are large fiberglass balls which can be attached to power lines to warn aircraft of the location of the wires they meet faa specifications feature easy installation and universal attachment withstand the elements for over 10 years require no maintenance do not slip chafe oscillate or cause electrolysis or vibration stocked in 9 12 and 24 sizes larger sizes available on request color international orange stocked in tana marker style jx 12 diameter with tape p/n 13-00057 $115.95 20 diameter with tape p/n 13-00058 $164.95 24 diameter with tape p/n 13-00059 $258.95 12 diameter w/o tape p/n 13-00054 $96.50 20 diameter w/o tape p/n 13-00055 $119.95 24 diameter w/o tape p/n 13-00056 $224.95 tana wire markers cps-s standard mounting marker the standard power line marker is made of abs plastic fits wires up to 1 using two neoprene bushings wire markers csp-ezs recessed mounting area csp-ezc recessed mounting area w clamp the ez line of markers is made of abs plastic is new improved with a larger recessed area around the four bolts making it easier to install with linemen gloves the ez-s still uses two neoprene bushings fits wires up to 1 the csp-ezc comes with an aluminum clamp with stainless steel bolts fits wires up to 1 both of these styles use 1 nuts csp-sar standard marker with armor rod this marker is equipped with two sets of armor rod set into a bracket can be bolted to the inside or outside of the marker all markers can be made to fit larger diameter wires diam 9 inch 12 inch csp-s part no price csp-ezs part no price csp-ezc part no price csp-sar part no price go cool 8 hour rechargeable battery pack the 8-hour rechargeable battery pack is perfect for the user who needs true portability using this battery pack with the go cool means you no longer have to be confined to an electrical outlet or vehicle lighter receptacle the battery pack makes it ideal for outdoor use those unexpected power outages and more p/n 13-07449 $164.95 13-06725 $61.95 13-06741 $91.95 13-06748 $103.95 13-06727 $76.95 13-06742 $103.95 13-06749 $125.95 20 inch 13-06731 $91.95 13-06728 $103.95 13-06743 $140.95 13-06750 $166.95 24 inch 13-06737 $170.95 13-06729 $188.95 13-06744 $218.95 13-06751 $240.95 30 inch 13-06738 $205.95 36 inch 13-06739 $269.95 13-06745 $266.95 13-06752 $294.95 13-06746 $421.95 13-06753 $443.95 856 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice