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aviation videos dvds cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv this dvd will walk you through each step to successfully license your experimental amateur homebuilt aircraft the actual faa forms required are displayed on screen and where to obtain them and how to fill them out p/n 13-03609 $29.95 how to license your homebuilt aircraft explains and demonstrates the common procedures tools and components required for the basic wiring of a homebuilt aircraft demonstrations of crimping soldering wire selection and wiring design with simple schematics that are applicable to a homebuilt electrical system video length is 1 hour and 20 minutes p/n13-03578 $29.95 homebuilt help electrical wiring tutorial dvd an excellent way to determine if building a homebuilt aircraft from scratch is right for you you will obtain a full understanding of the trials tribulations joys and successes that this type of building process entails you can t watch these guys at work and not learn something that might change the way you think about the process and people that build their own planes from scratch approximately 3.5 hours in length and is divided into 10 video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy the dvd set includes web links to plans for building your own sheet metal brake and other tools used in this video you can print the plans on your own printer p/n 13-04185 $38.95 this double disk dvd is the first in a series of videos being developed to cover the entire build process for the van s rv-12 aircraft kit it covers the complete empennage/tailcone kit as supplied by van s aircraft it is a great starting place to begin your project ­ there are no prerequisite assemblies that need to be completed before starting all in the exact sequence of building as specified by the construction manual approximately 2.5 hours in length and is divided into various video chapters to make navigation and review of desired sections fast and easy they are completing production on the subsequent volumes of the rv-12 build that are also sequenced to the sub-kits as provided by van s aircraft p/n 13-09590 $49.00 scratch building basics for metal aircraft rv-12 empennage tailcone dvd potter who is an a&p i/a commercial pilot and parachute rigger has worked in the aircraft maintenance field for 25 years the dvd focuses on modern techniques and tools that are available to a new generation of builders some topics covered include setting-up shop shop safety purchasing tools and steel building and leveling your jig table lay-out and jigging cutting and fitting welding with an emphasis on tig completing the fuselage box bending-in the sides fitting the tail post vertical jigging bending and flattening tubing building fittings builders groups and support this 1 hour and 18 minute dvd takes you step-by-step through the entire building process p/n 13-06833 $44.99 an excellent 2 hour video in which sam james takes you in detail through the finishing priming and painting of his rv-4 with the dupont veriprime and chromabase systems this video is not as finely produced as some others but the vast quantity of practical information it contains more than makes up for it takes you through the complete process of working an metal wing a fiberglass wheel pant and detailed custom design on a horizontal stabilizer run time 120 min by sam james p/n 13-06567 $24.95 targeted to the beginning student of pop-riveted metal kit plane construction ideal for the person who is contemplating the undertaking of a metal kit plane project takes you thru the actual construction of a zenith rudder from start to finish while it can be used to supplement the construction guide supplied by the manufacturer with this rudder a ch701 or ch601 it is actually intended to demonstrate to the beginning builder just what tasks and skills are required general metal building procedures are explained and demonstrated p/n 13-03369 $28.95 completing a homebuilt requires you to calculate and document the weight balance figures for your plane and present them to the inspector and for many homebuilders this task is confusing and complicated however this video makes this task simple and easy to understand the video makes it easy for you to understand the concepts required to perform your own weight and balance analysis on your aircraft and then document the findings for the inspection process p/n 13-04184 $32.95 the dvd has 3 hours of video on canard aircraft only truly a one of a kind dvd it covers the cozy mkiv longez berkut eracer staggerez bateleur defiant longez jet and a custom longez want to know what it s like to build a cozy aircraft or see what it looks like to do a high speed fly-by from the cockpit then you ll want to see this dvd you ll get lot s of encouragement from every builder for you to continue on your journey to complete your canard aircraft 60 minutes of air to air shots high speed fly-bys take offs and landings with all the natural sounds as they fly right over head at more than 200 miles per hour p/n 13-04260 $42.50 airframe construction techniques aircraft painting 101 dvd all five of our how-to videos on a convenient 2 dvd set a total of 190 minutes of the most complete guide for using composite materials available anywhere the complete fiberglass and composite library contains the basics of fiberglass a step-by-step guide to molding fiberglass advanced moldmaking and plug construction vacuum bagging and sandwich core construction and the art of moldless composites p/n 13-06551 $161.95 complete composite fiberglass library on dvd metalworking 101 instructional dvd weight balance 101 for homebuilt you can now see and understand what procedures are involved with the 150 and 300 hour inspection/rebuild services alan points out the places carbon accumulates where the common areas of wear occur and other signs indicating the possibility of potential failures the specialized rotax engine tools are demonstrated as to their function in removing various internal components installation and maintenance tricks are also demonstrated and explained for the purpose of heading off future engine failures that can lead to disaster and more p/n 13-03370 $34.95 deep inside your rotax instructional dvd canard aircraft dvd this presentation explains the most important details of preparing and installing th epopular rotax 912 family of four stroke engines in your experimental homebuilt aircraft this reliable high performance engine will only perform safely if installed properly as specified by the rotax installation guide the important details in this guide are often misunderstood or even ignored completely resulting in catastrophic engine failures and dangerous flying situations dvd running time 1.5 hours p/n 13-04183 $35.95 rotax 912 installation tips techniques mark townsend of canzac aviation takes you step-by-step from the planning stages through the actual fabrication procedures and wiring for a combination glass/conventional instrument panel for an experimental aircraft 80-minute dvd p/n 13-04969 $23.95 this instructional video has 2 major sections the first section contains an overview and demonstration of the tools and techniques that are required for building an rv aircraft these specialized building techniques center around riveting with solid rivets essential for the rv aircraft many specialized tools are required for this type of construction and are discussed and demonstrated techniques that are shown include dimpling countersinking deburring drilling back riveting and pop riveting a full discussion of the types of rivets that are used along with their important characteristics is included in this first section of the video the tools for measuring proper rivet setting rivet gauges are shown and demonstrated some of the tools that are featured include hand squeezer pneumatic rivet gun flush and universal rivet sets dimple dies back rivet sets scotch-brite polishing wheel and deburring tools p/n 13-04791 $27.95 building a glass panel for homebuilt aircraft rv rudder workshop de-mystify the overhaul procedures on selected continental lycoming engines videos begin with a dismantled engine show the crankshaft being mounted on a stand and then proceed through complete assembly these videos effectively present the step-by-step procedures of reassembly description dvd p/n price cont 0-200 rebuild 13-03208 $29.95 lyc 0-320 rebuild 13-04465 $29.95 lyc 0-360 rebuild 13-03210 $29.95 lyc l0-360 rebuild 13-03209 $29.95 skyward tech aircraft engine rebuilding 892 aircraft spruce west corona ca · 877 4-spruce aircraft spruce east peachtree city ga · 877 477-7823 prices subject to change without notice