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electrical batteryminder® aviation battery charger/maintainers schauer® aviation battery chargers jac0512/jac0524 24041-aa-s3 12248/24041 the aviation batteryminder was rated 1 by aviation consumer they are designed exclusively for use with faa and/or pma approved batteries manufactured by concorde gill and enersys • fully automatic 3 stage • rejects damaged battery charging • spark-proof • patented random sweep • optima/agm/lower temp desulphation mode • polarity reversal indicator • built-in battery condition • short circuit and reverse indicators polarity • automatic temp compensation • auto-reset thermal breaker part volt amps description price 128cec1-aa-s2 244cec1-aa-s2 12 24 2/4/8 2/4/8 for use with gill/nonlt/7000 series $229.95 $229.95 128cec1-aa-s3 244cec1-aa-s3 12 24 2/4/8 2/4/8 gil lt/7000 series odyssey and hawker $229.95 $229.95 128cec1-aa-s5 244cec1-aa-s5 12 24 2/4/8 2/4/8 all concorde 12v aviation agm absorbed glass mat batteries $229.95 $229.95 jac0212/jac224 schauer’s intelligent charger design follows the battery impedance to the end of the charge cycle for all battery types thus ensuring a full charge with virtually no danger of overcharging or cooking the battery • charge control constant current charge to a constant voltage then float standby • fully automatic 3 stage charger can be left on the battery in maintaining mode • for any type lead-acid battery including conventional maintenance free deep cycle gelled-type valve regulated batteries • finishing voltage 2.28v per cell float 2.4v per cell finishing • will start charging a deeply discharged battery with less than 4 volts • current limiting and short circuit proof • reverse polarity protection except 2 amp models part amps volts features price jac0212 jac0512 2 5 12 12 with battery clips with ring terminals $29.95 $79.95 jac0224 jac0524 2 5 24 24 with battery clips with ring terminals $29.95 $79.95 quick charge aircraft auxiliary power unit/battery charger designed to supply filtered dc bus power through standard apu receptacle in private and commercial aircraft up to 25 or 50 amp is available for operating avionics and flight control systems when the master switch is activated can also charge the battery through the plug at a 10 amp rate output is current and voltage limited for added safety dc current and voltage are displayed on panel meters part dc amps dc volts ac power price apu14v/25a apu28v/25a apu28v/50a 25 25 50 12 24 24 117v 60hz 3 amps 117v 60hz 6 amps 117v 60hz 12 amps $645.95 $725.95 $875.95 100 800-248-0638 plug and jump ground power plug 11808 11807 the plug jump is a very light weight portable unit it can be used to start your aircraft using standard jumper cables and a car the plug and jump comes in two models the universal model for cessna beechcraft etc 3 pin plug and the single pin model for the piper it is not a battery in itself but a simple conduit of power from any external power source to the aircraft the plug jump can be used for either 28 or 14 v systems 11807 3 pin unit cessna 79.95 11808 single pin unit piper 95.95 aircraft tool supply